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Understanding shapefiles in ArcMap: Tips and Tricks

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Describes the basics of working with shapefiles within ESRI's ArcMap and ArcCatalog using ArcGIS 9.3.1. Lecture review tutorial videos from Hunter College and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC) GIS in Public Health (PH 770.07), and (MPH-0005).
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Carlson Tsang (5 years ago)
Chris Goranson (5 years ago)
Hi Carlson, There are a number of really great sources for GIS data - one of my favorites is NYC's Open Data (do a search - you should find the site). There are a number of standard GIS datasets available as well as datasets with lat / lon information. Good luck!
Carlson Tsang (5 years ago)
i want to practice my gis skills but i don't have any data to work with. Do you know where I can access free data for practice purposes?

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