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1 Year with Threadripper, Thoughts From An Early Adopter

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Check prices: Threadripper 2990WX: https://amzn.to/2OIjRlQ Threadripper CPUs: https://amzn.to/2LTZaFP MSI MEG X399 Creation: https://amzn.to/2vmrM0a Asus ROG Zenith Extreme: https://amzn.to/2MowhOa Asrock X399 Professional Gaming: https://amzn.to/2OgpoiE Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/hardwareunboxed Threadripper 2990WX (32-core) Unboxing, Pricing & Availability FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/hardwareunboxed Facebook - http://facebook.com/hardwareunboxed Google Plus - http://goo.gl/xx14Uj Instagram - https://goo.gl/8lhprr Music By: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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Text Comments (742)
Lisa Adler (12 days ago)
Intel's quality control is better
AriBenDavid (6 days ago)
A top Intel official told me he thinks they pay too much attention to quality (wasting money.)
gabe yogi (7 days ago)
@lisa [email protected] okay, just tell me about amd athlon 64 and server grade opteron?
DT's Digital Den (8 days ago)
@Phoenix You mentioned: "AMD pro series has 3 year lifespan under 30c. They will work after 3 years, but with certain performance degradation." Can you provide sources for this? You also mentioned: "... Intel's 10 year life span...." Same ask, can you provide sources?
movax20h (1 day ago)
For my stuff even 64GB bearly is sufficient. Ever week I will find something that require more memory.
file1man (1 day ago)
The Foxconn 1950x socket install problem was scary on my Asus extreme mobo. So hard to install that I may not upgrade to next years gen 3 ripper CPU, expecting a $1000 gen3 price in 2019 or 2020. And, yes, my 1950x with 1080ti, overclocked, Asus extreme mobo, ek water kit struggles to keep 62 fps in far cry 5 or witcher 3 , all ultra setting, when a lot of action is on screen, 1080p 144 mhz monitor. Go looking, and will will find all most no gaming fps benchmarks for the 1950x ripper. Yes it is a render machine not intended for high fps gaming. But consistent 60 fps gaming without lag sub easy for the ripper 1950x. Instead, lag & low fps make gaming on the 1950x painful. Gaming on my 5 yr old Intel 5820, 1080p monitor, 1080 gtx sli has no lag, higher fps. And that damn Foxconn is like a CPU install from 1990, pushing hard, mobo bending, hoping the CPU will survive the install
Davide Perini (3 days ago)
sad to see that thread ripper isn't that good for gaming. I like a lot of cores for VM but I even like gaming on the PC so TR is not that good for me.
Christopher Fortineux (3 days ago)
There is no issue using a 1950x system for gaming. This sounds like a local problem with your system. I have had absolutely zero issues. I have not even used gaming mode etc on my system. I also do not have memory issues. Maybe there is a new bios for your board.
no u (4 days ago)
Hi, Could we have a pcpartpicker of the pc behind you in the video ? Maybe there is one already, im new to the Chanel.
wcg66 (4 days ago)
I just built a Ryzen 7 2700x and X470 system. It went very smoothly. I think RAM compatibility is better and switching to the appropriate XMP was easy. I've since loaded up all my games on Windows 10, pretty good so far.
Piotr Lubin (5 days ago)
Hello, we have asus zenith extreme x399+Ripper+ 2990wx what setters ddr4 3200-3400mhz 4x16gb or 8x16gb 44mm checked and working recommend ?? Thank you very much for your answer
Mark Rodda (6 days ago)
MSI's BIOS updates were terrible until AGESA 1002. Each update was a genuine step back until 1002 for me. Also worth pointing out that Samsung B-die has worked at rated speeds since day one.
Elstan McFrolicker (6 days ago)
Why is the Sacred Blue-Red Battle not mentioned in any religious text, but there are multiple stories about milking a goat
AriBenDavid (6 days ago)
CPUs have always slowed down with added memory load. Fully buffered DIMM modules are more expensive but do not degrade in speed when more memory is added.
dr. whet farts (6 days ago)
amd is wonky. performance is hit and miss. mostly miss.
vaso opel (7 days ago)
question. what kind of programs actually use all of those cores?
CMDR Sweeper (7 days ago)
My answer? Nope! Threadripper 1950X, gotten at launch a year ago.
Antonio 1941 (7 days ago)
2666MHz speed limitation when populating all 8 DIMM's is not a bug. It is a limitation of CPU's memory controller. Similar limitation was on FX cpu's where when populating all 4 DIMM's max speed was 1666MHz. Fuck it it is what it is
Hardware Unboxed (7 days ago)
It's obviously an IMC limitation.
Alan Xu (7 days ago)
there are many uses of that much ram, ram-disk for cache video editing disk is one, once you use it, you will know ram isnt just enough enough.
Gameplay and Talk (8 days ago)
The price difference compared to Intel's similar offering made the original Threadripper a no-brainer. Nice to see it's worked out for you well over the last year.
Russel Renz Nerosa (8 days ago)
Pause @ 1:05. That's the smug face you make when you don't give shit about the price.
Russel Renz Nerosa (8 days ago)
Actually, I wanna become my own boss but that's far from today.
Russel Renz Nerosa (8 days ago)
I'm jobless. It's funny you mentioned that. But I hope you're seeing the future now, Steve.
Hardware Unboxed (8 days ago)
Stick to ya day job mate.
John Milton (8 days ago)
How the heck can anyone afford a 2990wx
Tahmid Rashid (8 days ago)
What games did you play?
crzyces1 (8 days ago)
Steve, I could use the extra 32GB, so I'll just message you my address. I'm in the states, so I'll deposit the money for the shipping in your PayPal. Cool? Thanks bud.
Ken Shaw (8 days ago)
I'm the IT guy at a small video production company. Not long after TR came out we gave one to all of our video editors and graphic artists. They couldn't be happier and our productivity numbers are through the roof compared to 2016.The question is would it be worth while to upgrade again? 32c/64t is pretty eyepopping but will Premier even use that many threads? if Blender or Daz do that might be reason to give TR2 to our Graphic Artists because that remains a bottleneck in the business.
12Burton24 (8 days ago)
Did you found a big bag with a lot of dollars inside somewhere at the goldcoast 😋 to buy such an expensive cpu
Leandro laporta (8 days ago)
Same here with memory compatibility, best to use 16gig sticks and populate half of the sockets, it will work perfectly, dunno about the new TR2, we will see, but I still will do the same just to be sure won't have any issues, looking forward to see your TR2 build.
Sean Adams (8 days ago)
Hey @HardwareUnboxed - would you be willing to do a video on using a chiller instead of a standard water loop for your desktop usage? That will definately help with overclocking & noise - something like the EisZeit from AlphaCool?
Leslie Satenstein (9 days ago)
I much appreciate this posting. Thank you. I am a low budget person for a new desktop. Decision was desktop or car replacement. Since a car is essential, I guess my upgrade will be done slowly, very slowly.
Scott Jones (9 days ago)
I work on mostly dual cpu systems. But we always use NUMA. That's how a processor can utilize the other processors memory banks. I'd imagine it would be the same with the multi ccx setup AMD uses.
Martin M (9 days ago)
I've had Threadripper 1950x and it's a massive one trick pony, good for workloads but not suitable when you're running 2+ GPU's and gaming, there are some severe framedrops and you could see the CPU load drop for a brief second, it got on my nerves finally and so I sold it.
Joe Andrews (9 days ago)
First world problems, too lazy to go to my dedicated gaming rig.
Joe Andrews (9 days ago)
Hardware Unboxed you’re all good, I get reminded a lot when I watch techtubers of how lucky we are to live in the US. Also super funny way in how you addressed having a separate gaming rig.
Hardware Unboxed (9 days ago)
It would be difficult for me to have third world problems, beyond dealing with dippy comments ;)
Kewlzter TC (9 days ago)
TR-1920X on sale for $250.00.
aksting (10 days ago)
The fans, on the right, are twitching like crazy.
Evanx373 (10 days ago)
i have the 2700x. love it.
dr. whet farts (6 days ago)
you like slow?
Sean Bernard (10 days ago)
Does anyone of a computer review channel that focuses on 3d modeling rendering and computers I'd love to hear things from their perspectives
epicmetalness (10 days ago)
Waikari Boy (11 days ago)
would you recommend buying 1950x CPU now, would like to build a new machine for light gaming, lots of virtual machine labs for study and work. for me its the memory and cores. i would look at min 64gb (16gb dimms)
Travis Lee (11 days ago)
Hey Steve, why didn't you just use 16gb sticks?
Hardware Unboxed (11 days ago)
I didn't want to leverage my house. Plus they hate dual-rank even more.
Odious Ritual (11 days ago)
Nice how's that 8-core 1950X treating you?
Hardware Unboxed (11 days ago)
I don't get it.
Israel Rivera (11 days ago)
I paired the same Msi MB with G Skill F4-2933C14Q2-64GFX and I can hit 2933 with no problems on bios version 7B09v17. Which G skill kit do you have?
Hirato Kirata (11 days ago)
I've gotten a Threadripper myself. I've kept it in NUMA node so far, and just explicitly bound things to a NUMA node (memory and cores) if throughput was important. What I do find peculiar is that my GPU is common to the SECOND NUMA node. The only issue I've really had is colloquially known as the "PCI reset issue" - it looks like the new BIOSes with AGESA fix it (finally!).
chbrules (11 days ago)
I run 4x8GB DDR4-3200 14cas and OC'ed my 1900X to 4.0GHz. It's cooled on air. It's a wonderful setup. I will be upgrading next year when the 2950X prices drop!
CountCarbsNotCals (11 days ago)
Cool video and really interesting.
Crit Fish (11 days ago)
Hello from Kansas City 👋
Jacob Kelly (11 days ago)
Should have used dual ranked sticks, my G.Skill DDR4-3866 16GB DIMM's are working fine in a 4x16GB arrangement, with speeds set to 3200mhz 14-14-14-34
Timothy Isenhart (11 days ago)
I have a question. I have the Threadripper 1950X and I am currently using the NZXT Kraken X62 to cool it. I know there are better coolers out there, but the best liquid cooler is the Enermax Liqtech TR4 360 and I really don't trust Enermax. I do not want to do a custom loop because of my fear of leakage and maintenance. I am looking at air cooling and trying to figure out if I should go for the Coolermaster MA621P TR4 Twin Tower or the Noctua NH-U14s TR4-SP3. There are no reviews comparing the two. I have used Noctua in the past and they are great but they are also hideous to look at. What are your thoughts?
Takeshi7 (11 days ago)
I still really hate the way you do Price/Performance charts. Your Performance axis is backwards (lower performance is better). Maybe change the axis name to Completion Time instead of Performance
josh885 (11 days ago)
if you run 16gb dimms instead of 8 so you dont' have to populate all the slots you might get 2933mhz and 64gb, On my R7 1700 system I run 2 16gb dimms spec'd for 3200mhz at 2933 cl14 no problem. Wont do 3200 though. But might be a better compromise.
freeman239 (11 days ago)
Can I haz your old threadripper :)))))
freeman239 (11 days ago)
I believe I speak for many here: F*ck Intel. :)
Pablo Tassinari (11 days ago)
I dont have any problem with my threadripper 1950X and my Asus X399-A Board, the memory I have is a Corsair 32 GB @ 3 GHz. the thing I noticed the BIOS upgrade make a Little faster. for me was an excellent expirience
stageselectca (11 days ago)
if you mostly use it for video encoding, how about the lack of internal graphics vs 8700k for adobe premiere exporting? RE: hardwarecanucks videos on that?
Ed. B. (11 days ago)
High prices are always absurd, no need to defend this...
I'm on a 1950x with 128gb of ram, I had the same cold boot issue for months, most of the time when coming back from sleep, and when restarting. It dissapeared when I went to 2400mhz for the ram. I has a similar issue with other Ryzen systems using all memory slots. But I don't have the heart to dump 64gb .
Malc180s (11 days ago)
The problem with all the people who buy these computers is they don't actually use them. They're too busy doing a half arsed little video job for free, then running some utterly irrelevant benchmark software.
DynamicDiode (11 days ago)
I always love your videos mate
Jon Son (11 days ago)
So I was looking for xeon 8180 cinebench results and look at what I stumbled upon....https://www.cpu-monkey.com/de/cpu-intel_xeon_platinum_8180-820 I wonder if tehse 2990WX rumbers are legit already
arescet (11 days ago)
I hope you do a comparison between the 1st and 2nd gen 16core threadrippers. Especially now that the 1st gen had a recent price drop, i think people will be more interested in them.
Narwaro (11 days ago)
From the perspective of someone who routinely plays with big servers and clusters, someone stating "I removed 32GB of RAM" sounds like "oh I did replace that one broken RAM stick in the small server".
xpusostomos (11 days ago)
Back in my day, 2 cores was only for the data centre.
ventusluca (11 days ago)
Why is there an empty waterblock standing in Steve's PC?
i4y (11 days ago)
Are we gonna see a 1950X giveaway soon Steve? great video as always m8.
zycane (11 days ago)
Would getting 4x 16GB kit instead of 8x 8Gb kit not solve the problem too? Or would the problem still pertain itself?
PS4 Custom Gamer (11 days ago)
Not as good as my renderfarm with 9 quad cores
detore (12 days ago)
Just to be clear, if you had used 4 * 16GB dimms, you would have had better performance while still keeping your 64GB of ram? It was just having the 8 sticks that TR didn't like? Not the amount of ram?
Peizxcv (12 days ago)
Haven't been able to find your channel for 6 months. Hopefully I won't lost your channel again.
Hardware Unboxed (12 days ago)
Google: Hardware Unboxed :D Welcome back though.
Bezzegh Adam (12 days ago)
Singlethread performance still sucks and will likely suck in the future as well. We keep hearing this "things will be optimized for 500 cores soon" since the Phenom1 days.
harry singh (12 days ago)
I knw why ur stuck to 32gigs Cus its all GLUEEEEEEE..... lol
Raymond Bergg (12 days ago)
I had the opposite bfield1 crashed all the time whereas bfront ran perfectly. I haven't re-visited recently to see if it has improved.
trigolis (12 days ago)
Hated Intel and been using AMD for quite the longest time and don't regret it one bit at all!
How about with 16gb dimms? rather than with 8gb Would that not also solve the problem now that 16gb are also easy to get hold of
Jason Paul (12 days ago)
Bet that regret hit real hard today when the price dropped to a quarter of what it cost back then
David Wilcox (12 days ago)
crazy toi think you can buy a 64 thread AMD CPU for the price of a 20 thread Intel CPU, Intel gots ta lay off dat crack. remember Intel, crack is whack.
FAHRENHEIT .D ELIO (12 days ago)
Yeah, unless they were a sponsored youtuber ala Linus getting free samples galore; Skylake-X has been a great idiot trap. The IPC killing mesh interface of Skylake-X along with insane delid and cooling needs to get the base clocks to a point where it pushes past Threadripper in gaming is an exercise in masochism. See if these idiots are up for another round of being Intel's gimp.
Rick Bhattacharya (12 days ago)
Anyone please help . I brought a R5 2600 and a 120 mm aio . I wanna OC the CPU to 4.1 or 4.0 GHz is MSI b450 tomahawk good enough for this kind of load ?? I will mostly game on the PC and edit videos 1080p 60fps at weeks ( 15 min length videos )
Erenzilable (12 days ago)
Right. If only Russia was more amd-friendly. When people want editing pc with i5 (older, 4c4t ones) I try to offer r5 1600/2600. They still refuse thinking amd is overheating and consumes buckets of power while providing less performance than i5 7400 or smth
twinblade98 (12 days ago)
A CPU that wets your pants
joseph devlin (12 days ago)
You must have forgot to buy the loot boxes I heard that’s how you get battlefront to work properly ea put the game working behind a paywall
Lucian Andries (12 days ago)
Umm, you explained the memory issue wrong. It doesn't have memory incompatibility, as every memory works by default. It's just, that ''default'', that is the issue... Meaning, it's very difficult to run memories at higher clock speeds, than the ones the motherboard markets. Meaning, overclocking RAM is very difficult even on B-die memories... :(
Lucian Andries (12 days ago)
Really? It's not that I have not heard about this, it's that I personally did not have this issue in my entire life... And I built a few systems for myself. Still, what I said in the op is true too. Overclocking RAM sucks even with new Zen+... At least on the first X370 mobos, which I have. :(
Hardware Unboxed (12 days ago)
Nope that's incorrect. Heaps of people have had problems getting their system to boot with non-qualified memory, how have you not heard about this?
hoofed (12 days ago)
I have an almost identical setup, assembled after watching your review. Initially I had problems with memory speed too but got that sorted out quickly. It’s been great ever since. Thanks, Steve.
paratus04 (12 days ago)
@Hardware Unboxed. I’ve got the same MSI X399 Board, 32GB of Trident Z 3200 RAM but with a 1900X. In testing memory speeds from 2133 to 3333 on a couple of different benchmarks: (CPUZ, CINEBENCH R15, Handbrake Encode, 3D Mark Firestrike and Time spy) I found the best I got on the non game benchmarks was only 4% improvement from 2133-3333. For Firestrike I did see a 7% improvement. By and large an OC gave better returns. My only real problem with the rig these days is the Enermax Liqtech TR4 cooler. The performance is degrading as it looks like a large number of them have corrosion issues. Under Prime 95 while new XFR maintained 3.8-3.9 GHz. Now it’s down to 3.1. Idle temps have increased 15C. I’ve got a Noctua cooler coming this weekend. So fair warning
something1random23 (12 days ago)
Knowing the problem with populating all of the DIMM slots, why didn't you use four 16 GB DIMMs instead?
KMPuter Tech Supplies (12 days ago)
how about running 16gb sticks 3200Mhz. Its expensive but you can have it all this way
xjet (12 days ago)
Switch from Premiere to Davinci Resolve and *really* start using all those cores! Plus you're not forced to pay Adobe a monthly stipend for the rest of your working life. And it's AUSTRALIAN made! :-)
hughjazz44 (12 days ago)
Glad to see Steve actually uses Threadripper. Most tech tubers talk about how great Threadripper is, but then go build an i9 system instead.
Roberto (12 days ago)
It's funny to see how enthusiasts tend to recommend/buy AMD while clueless users buy Intel no matter what.
Nicky Jeanty (12 days ago)
Can someone help me out here it would be very appreciated..So yesterday I was setting up my very first PC, after flashing it with a USB I selected Windows 10 Pro without a key and everything was fine until I forgot about buying a USB WiFi adapter..So I unplugged everything and set up the PC near my router to connect it with an Ethernet plug, EVERYTHING was going well until all the sudden after booting to Windows the monitor started flickering like every 2 seconds oh so, I went into the BIOS and everything was fine it didn't flicker went into safe mode no flickers I did this thing where I had to right click start button/ msconfig and service to disable these two things (Windows Error Reporting and Problemd Report and solutions) but the problem still persisted. Tried it many times but same thing would happen when ever the PC boots to Windows, but the thing is this didn't happen the first time it booted to Windows and so I was frustrated and confused to why, I know the problem is within Windows 10 I just don't know how to fix it SO PLEASE HELP
davidwilliams.com.au (12 days ago)
Steve RE: Memory on TR I have 4 x 16GB dual rank Hynix M-Die 3000Mhz running at 3200Mhz. The Ryzen DRAM Calc was super helpful getting it there. Have a look see- https://www.overclock.net/forum/13-amd-general/1640919-ryzen-dram-calculator-1-1-0-beta-2-overclocking-dram-am4.html
Chris Callaghan (12 days ago)
I ran 4x16gb at 3200 since day 1 on threadripper. The key was the number of slots, not the total size. FWIW, it was gskill ripjaws V, CL15. The mobo was asrock taichi x399.
Demicore (12 days ago)
When I hover my cursor over the video the speed of the fans in the background seems to be altered. This bugs me to no end. I must dedicate my life to investigate the reason for this anomaly.
nisachar00 (12 days ago)
Would be great to see real workload benchmarks for the 2990wx. Planning to get it myself.
Mopantsu (12 days ago)
AMD are clearing out TR1 stock. 1920X for $249 http://wccftech.com/amds-12-core-threadripper-1920x-gets-insane-price-cut-down-to-249
3polygons (12 days ago)
Extremely useful video for us working with the machine for graphic fields. Huge thanks.
Cool Moo5e (12 days ago)
AMD just needs to add a little more IPC then they may become top dog again.
dr. whet farts (6 days ago)
alot more ipc and clockspeed.
AdmireFiestaGuild (12 days ago)
There is an bios update for the MSI X399 Carbon that seems to update the AESGA (or something like that) of Threadripper plattform improving memory performance. Not tested yet myself but maybe u'll get your 64 gigs of ram running with that.
Patriot 03 (12 days ago)
Another way this is a big win for AMD is because of the people who did upgrade, who now enjoy glorious 16 cores 32 threads (New version twice that!) will NEVER upgrade to something with fewer cores Unless Intel can 5x their IPC any time soon. Imagine how fast 32 cores 64 threads must be for 3D Rendering. Probably 2x 1080ti/Vega64. If Game devs finally start using more cores then the amount of work that can be done on a CPU will increase exponentially and ideally CPU limitations would be for the most part eliminated with that much power.
Matthew Warren (12 days ago)
so if i used 4 16gb sticks and would that resolve the memory issue and give me the capacity and speed back?
xB-DeathKnell (12 days ago)
No ragrets.
R.J. Sharkey (12 days ago)
so, do you have better luck with 4 16GB DIMMS instead of 8 * 8? Considering making the move with gen 2...likely to a 2950X (I don't need more than 16 cores)
R.J. Sharkey (10 days ago)
bought a 1920X for dirt cheap....$530 canadian. Literally cheaper than the RAM or MB to run it.
Appleton Mccool (12 days ago)
Your channel has guided me well in my quest for more FPS and general PC advice, keep up the great and valuable work. If either of you shaves the above is no longer valid.
qrogueuk (12 days ago)
Does 4X16GB sticks still run at 3200?
lexzbuddy (12 days ago)
I can only dream of having such a beast

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