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China and Africa: Partnering for Growth

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Over the past two decades, China has become an important partner in Africa’s growth and development. The World Bank is working to further this relationship in order to help Africa close infrastructure gaps, reform its energy sector and boost growth and prosperity so that millions of people lift themselves out of poverty and realize their opportunities for a better life.
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Kaovei Everson (14 days ago)
Give thanks to China for making a better world
chengzhi pang (14 days ago)
Mind Freeze 4 U (16 days ago)
China any day over colinizers ✌🏼✌🏼😉
胡杨 (24 days ago)
China is developing with African brothers.together.We Chinese will thanks African people forever. Because you have been surpport China so much.
Mind Freeze 4 U (16 days ago)
胡杨 Thank you 👏🏼👏🏼😊
Curtis Majors (1 month ago)
The continent of Africa is being taking over by the Chinese. The Chinese will own most of the countries in Africa. Blacks all over the world are very passive therefore they will be destroyed by outside forces.
Rudy Alfonsus (1 month ago)
i dont know how africa is going to be. and i dont know how the cooperation of africa and china are going to be. but no matter where it is going, if it pissed the westerns , maybe they are going to the right path
胡杨 (24 days ago)
China is developing with African brothers.together.We Chinese will thanks African people forever. Because you have been surpport China so much.
Kenley Freeman (2 months ago)
China's hegemony is in ascension. Nobody can stop it. As a superpower, their help is always concrete - they average African sees it...& as the saying goes, 'seeing is believing.'
Ras (2 months ago)
Because they don’t mind our development.
trapmusic money (4 months ago)
Thank you chines beautiful people
Eric Lee (4 months ago)
seeing the people of Africa happy with the Chinese makes me happy
Dragon's Armory (4 months ago)
Love for Africa
胡杨 (24 days ago)
China is developing with African brothers.together.We Chinese will thanks African people forever. Because you have been surpport China so much.
ABHISHEK conqueror (5 months ago)
China and US are two biggest economy power in the world right now both are powerful country ( the difference between them US try to control China offer's well openly China is building Africa they know Africa poltienal bcoz China never put there money without having long term plan 😉
Ted Bishop (6 months ago)
The sub-Saharan Africans are hunter/gatherers. They are in the early stages of becoming extinct. They are predicted to be about all gone by 2100 AD. The soil is so rich in equatorial Africa that one acre there will produce 6 times as much food as the best acre in N. America. The native Africans never farmed it. The Chinese will put it all to the plow as soon as they take control from the natives. It will become the bread basket of the world.
qjtvaddict (25 days ago)
Afro God x white women are just stupid gold digging cunts
Mwafrika Mkenya (3 months ago)
You are so stupid. 80% of Africans are farmers, 19% pastrolists and 1% hunters and gatherers
Rock yah (4 months ago)
Ted Bishop I think u must be one of the European wasted sperm Just keep quite if u don't know what topic people are talking about Africa is going to follow China by around 2050 in population Maybe u don't what's mean by extinct It's the European who are going extinct because they are not producing majority are gay,and marrying their pets e.g. dogs So they are the one will soon disappear from the planet
Afro God x (6 months ago)
Ted Bishop they haven't even been cure for ids besides whites are dying out bcuz their women get more abortions have less baby's than others and are more and more having kids outside their race
matthew mann (6 months ago)
Sub Saharan Africa had a chance to be prosperous out of the Iron Ages had they done what East Asians And Ashkenazi Jews did used European technology and upgraded it
Mind Freeze 4 U (16 days ago)
matthew mann Not true. You en slaved us. Good try
727,968,667,890 views (7 months ago)
go go ethiopia we love you
amazingdany (7 months ago)
China "invades" Africa with billion dollar loans, necessary infrastructure and jobs in exchange of resources that the continent has in almost unlimited quantities. Everybody knows that. Not one shot fired, no slavery, forced labour, nothing. Although I read that China's way of doing business can be extreme. But the USA don't like that they're losing their top-boss position on the continent so they deployed their useless-can't-win-shit military across Africa to stop Chinese progression ("we're here to stop terrorism").
Rock yah (4 months ago)
amazingdany Thank you That's why I still say we are not yet safe until U.S.military leave our continent because U.S.says they are here to stop terrorist How can some one stop what they started it doesn't make sense We just hope another superpower take off U.S.from that power I think the world might be at peace
Davius Lepremier (8 months ago)
胡杨 (24 days ago)
China is developing with African brothers.together.We Chinese will thanks African people forever. Because you have been surpport China so much.
Mwafrika Mkenya (3 months ago)
Davius Lepremier No Africans themselves will make Africa great again
Smith John (10 months ago)
Africa and China are friend. Do you know what friend is? True friend is the one who is willing to help you, even the one is in poor situation. You can see Tanzam Railway built between 1970 to 1975. Chinese people is very very poor at that time but Chinese government gave a hand to Africa, lending money to Africa without interest rate in a long long pay back period and transferred the technology to Africa. Before that, Africa ask many western countries for helping but NO ANY western countries help and finance capital to Africa for this project. They think Africa cannot pay back the money. China is a true friend. Pakistan and China also underwent the invasion from India but Pakistan and China can help each other without considering herself poor situation. That is friend.
Reaction Time™ (10 months ago)
Smith John Chinese and Africa are true friends Africa will be the richest and developed continent
南宫观云 (1 year ago)
A good international relationship can bring wealth and prosperity to both sides. And the relationship between China and Africa is a perfect example.
ethan ka (1 year ago)
Euro Peeings burned our YuanMingYuan. Thank you and we will remember that
Mo Gur (1 year ago)
I'm African and I have so much respect for my Chinese brothers
胡杨 (24 days ago)
Because we are brothers forever.
Judith majesty (1 year ago)
no one ever talks abt what China gets for what they are doing? I'm willing to bet that improving transportation, communication etc is small compared to the commodify aspect and production that Africa will provide to benefit the Chinese market.. this is another way of money going out of Africa and not staying in to enable long-term development, self suffiency and self-governance
胡杨 (24 days ago)
China is developing with African brothers.together.We Chinese will thanks African people forever. Because you have been surpport China so much.
张飞 (4 months ago)
Rock yah (4 months ago)
Judith majesty Then u call the British,German,Roman,franch to come back and take it like before for free that's what u like I think
Nic Phan (9 months ago)
Judith majesty stop hating.
Reggie Williams (1 year ago)
I like this relationship
lichwind (1 year ago)
Chinese don't believe the Civilisation that slaughtered hundred millions of native Americans and enslave countless Africans. These people looted around the world wealth, so they can enjoy their democracy within their nation, cos every pirate get their fair share, that is how western democracy was born. 10% Roma empire citizens created the great Civilisation by using 90% slaves they looted. Bloody truth of the history. As for now, for poor countries, where you get the capital for your modernisation without rob other countries? Only Chinese Civilisation provided an alternative answer, and it is an extremely difficult process by working extremely hard and sacrifice individual benefit so the nation can industrialise and modernise. Africans now are taking an easy way, because Chinese are using their hard earned capitals to invest in Africa, hence it triggered the rivalry of India and other nations to invest in Africa to compete with china. For me, those western ideologies are just a plague that sicken the rest of the world, these ideologies formed a new type of weapon to drain developing countries' resources through "financial colonisation". They pay developing countries paper (or money if you like to call it) and then these paper value shrinks during "financial crisis", 2008, your US dollars value lost at least 25%, ( of course they don't want you to know, so they used a lot of difficult words so nobody can understand what they are talking about) and if the us Bankers will it, the us Bankers can make it even worse. Bankers don't care your life, they don't even care American citizens' life. Africans shall realise that, the true wealth are those buildings, roads, trains, machines. And these are infrastructures, they cannot move and they possess intrinsic values.
张飞 (4 months ago)
A Artisan (1 year ago)
You just watch, when the illgotten wealth of the west dries up and they are unable to finance their lofty virtues like 'democracy' they will resort to their old tactics of conquest and subjugation.
Himanshu Singh (1 year ago)
You are very smart. Money only to spend out, into the kind, is the money
万物 (1 year ago)
Himanshu Singh (1 year ago)
Chinese (And Indians also) take African resources and in return do development. Whites take African resources and in return torture and kill it's people.
Sorb (1 year ago)
The only way to end racism is helping African countries, not with social activism who actually increase the racism.
常修 (1 year ago)
Aferica of course will be a rich peace and prosperous place, to become this ,they need to learn so many things.
Rock yah (4 months ago)
常修 No U.S.will burn it down again
William Solia (1 year ago)
'China, we will make Africa great'
Mwafrika Mkenya (3 months ago)
Wrong Africans will make Africa great again
Himanshu Singh (1 year ago)
Chinese take African resources and in return do development. Whites take African resources and in return torture and kill it's people.
iHateDentists (1 year ago)
Yeah, And Africa charges heavily on those exports. Regardless, its China's help in mega infrastructure projects that is really helping Africa. Unlike wha=at happened with Europeans, China is actually giving back to Africa. Sure China is profiting more, of course. But atleast Africa is profiting as well.
emmanuel Kodjo (1 year ago)
China came to Africa may be 10 , 15 years and has done what Europe has failed to do in over 100 years....Long live China-Africa relationship..
Vincent Vermeer (8 days ago)
You are too ignorant to realise that you are being exploited too. You should watch more CNN, BBC, MSNBC, read NYT, WaPo and not fake news.
qjtvaddict (25 days ago)
CASEY PEPAN north yes south and east not so Much
qjtvaddict (25 days ago)
Himanshu Singh actually Europe usually has armies to deal with terrorism whilst China builds infrastructure or rebuilds African countries
Ras (2 months ago)
emmanuel Kodjo: because they don’t mind African development.
Diamond Eyes (1 year ago)
I love this. The globalist will soon be forced to move into Africa after being thrown out of the west. Good luck, Africa.
neil nelson (11 months ago)
dude i started too see a well developed road 5 years ago because of china and yet we have been friends with the west since for centuries and only 10 percent of development came from the west...i live in kenya and i travel over 2000km from one province to another with my latest Mercedes in excellent roads
james gandolfini (1 year ago)
they are easy to find since they are all white lol. they will stick out.
Rob Green (1 year ago)
This makes me soo Happy yet Soooo Scared at the same time. All for partnership for trade and development but I deeply fear Chinese neo colonialism and in africa, as evident with the mass migration of Chinese workers moving and staying in africa.
Florrian DONG (8 months ago)
Tired AF: Are you of Chinese heritage? You really know why China is making progress. It is hard working Chinese ppl who are willing to sacrifice to build a modern nation.
Tired AF (10 months ago)
Millions of Africans choose to live in Europe and live on welfare rather than Africa, why are they fleeing from poverty and not building their own country, if Africans hate mass migration, what are they doing coming to Europe in the millions EVERY YEAR? We are in an age of globalisation, you can go anywhere in under 10 hours, you can live anywhere if you have visa and papers, if you have skills you can even make a good living. If you don't want Chinese there to enjoy their own labour, then maybe you should have built Africa yourself. You also speak of language, what is so hard about learning a language, I can speak 3 when i was 16, now I can speak 4 and learning my 5th, I don't think I'm being enslaved by 5 countries. Chinese also learn English but they never bow their heads to the west so what is up with that argument? By the way, China was dirt poor, impoverished and had to survive on tree barks just 45 years ago, you really think any western nation helped them on anything? All the key technologies like railway and air plane and rocket engineering, medicines, car manufacturing, space exploration, quantum physics, to even the drill at tunnelling machine, Chinese built them from scrap, and everything are kept secret to the Chinese, because they see China as a threat, even today they won't allow china on their space station, so China have to build their own space station, now China is giving you all the tech and bypassing all the western blockade on technology, this is how you treat Chinese. Then i say China should leave Africans to themselves, this trade is so one sided in favour of Africans it is a joke, maybe Africans can invent all those things by themselves. China built the railway and give to the Africans for one day and the Africans already had lost count on how many tickets they just sold and how much money they made, they don't even have the most basic system on accounting, if they count to 500 they just lose count, not even an accounting table to write on, that is how backward Africa is, and they still pick and choose. I think when the Chinese leave we will see Africa fall back to where it was. Good luck inventing your own satellite and 10 nano meter microchip processor and semiconductors. Africa is all the way at the bottom in terms of economy and they are in no position to pick and choose, it is the moment Africa wake up and accept reality and learn from the Chinese modestly and eagerly, even China is learning like crazy from every country possible and from every source they can get, yet Africans are already picking and choosing, no wonder China is a miracle and Africa is always slow, China feel ashamed and humiliated and angry of the poor state of China that it was, they would do anything, and sacrifice everything to make China great again, how come Africans just flee away to Europe.
麦田的守望者 (1 year ago)
Rob Green but do you speak English originally?
Rob Green (1 year ago)
I do not fear communication, I fear/oppose subjugation and I am very happy about the cooperation between Africa and Asia. They can both benefit from each other in order to counter western domination. What I don't like are the institutions set up by mainly China that work to change the mind set and attitude of the people to a dependent and colonized culture. Now I know some or even many of the  educated and business dealing African people will need to learn Chinese language and proper if they want to build a deeper relationship in trade and development. However I would very much like that to be where it stops.
Judgement Day (1 year ago)
I see one dislike and I suspect it being some EUROPEAN
P TT (1 month ago)
lol... Africa will rise as a strong force. Trust from China.
ClydeWebb RoastedMe (2 months ago)
don't forget the world bank
John Smith (4 months ago)
May be salty Indians too...
King Jr (6 months ago)
bandwagon22 lol
bandwagon22 (6 months ago)
5 workers of CIA and 1 of MI6
AlexandraJohnsson (1 year ago)
China is making moves! <3
Himanshu Singh (1 year ago)
Chinese take African resources and in return do development. Whites take African resources and in return torture and kill it's people.
CONANS Group Factory (1 year ago)
it`s realy
CONANS Group Factory (1 year ago)
you never know the ture.
ben ham (1 year ago)
fantastic ! Viva china ,...

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