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The Early Australian Prospectors Part 1

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This Video takes an informed look at the Gold Rushes and early prospecting in Australia. The Video covers the first Gold Rushes of the 1850's and how other discoveries unfolded around the country. It tells the story through 'old film look' recreations, presentors and paintings from the era.
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Andrew Graham (2 months ago)
hello people from 9R
HamburgerMan (4 months ago)
can someone please help me he has a gun
PatTDP (5 months ago)
How much was the license?
GRAPHON BURGER (5 months ago)
GRAPHON BURGER (5 months ago)
Is this R or G because it's scary
PatTDP (5 months ago)
I have watched this as a person under teen when it was released
Bo Brook (5 months ago)
R is for pirates rrrrrrrrrrr
MrMcMoist , (5 months ago)
Smelly ass
MrMcMoist , (5 months ago)
U dumb
Joshua Oliver (6 months ago)
Go to 22:34
Bo Brook (6 months ago)
This is 🤬
MrMcMoist , (5 months ago)
Bo u r smelly
Bo Brook (6 months ago)
I hope it’s dead
Bo Brook (6 months ago)
I love this old horse
epic gamer😎 (7 months ago)
T-pose fellas
Joshua Oliver (7 months ago)
My name is Todd pose but you can call me T-pose k
Gezz West (1 year ago)
i should have been aborted
Grace Bentley (1 year ago)
Charles Westhoff (1 year ago)
Tom Philp (1 year ago)
Tom Philp (1 year ago)
Charles Westhoff Hi
AxiS_ God001 (1 year ago)
Hi jack if you are reading this =D
Jack Dawson (1 year ago)
AxiS_ God001 (1 year ago)
Jack Dawson Why did you respond to this comment if you are not reading this???
Jack Dawson (1 year ago)
Zac Blampied no
metallic rock (1 year ago)
anyone want to buy gem quality clear topaz? posted au wide $50 per 100 crt.
Josipa Pavlovic (1 year ago)
awesome video im studing the gold rush!!!!!!!
Collision _ (2 years ago)
12:50 "Hey what's up guys it scarce here"
Instinxt (2 years ago)
Pause at 10:11 your welcome
Gamers Doing Stuff (2 years ago)
It's rated pg not able to watch it
Gamers Doing Stuff (2 years ago)
Collision _ (2 years ago)
Tempo hey son want some gold? There sure are a few gold diggers
Tane Mathews-O'Brien (2 years ago)
Tempo good bye
Collision _ (2 years ago)
Just need to know if this is G rated or not. Might not be able to watch it 😶
Joshua Oliver (6 months ago)
Who cares
Commander Cow (1 year ago)
Zane T Did mummy say no?
Instinxt (2 years ago)
Rick Harrison Who is that
Gamers Doing Stuff (2 years ago)
ZT Gaming gold diggerz 😬😬😬
Gamers Doing Stuff (2 years ago)
ZT Gaming it's pg mate not able to watch it
Truth Hitman (2 years ago)
NOTHING but thieves, robbers and murders !
Kyle (3 years ago)
This was the most shit video I have ever seen in my life it bored the fuck out of me
Richard Gray (2 years ago)
Kingz 2k
+Kyle Walker I take it you loved episode 2 as much as the first.
Gaming 4Days (4 years ago)
great for gold recherché
daniel seddon (4 years ago)
I want that big nugget as my door stop lol
Jack Derp (4 years ago)
ok this is for leeming senior high for S.O.S.  Notes: edward hardgraves first person to find a paying gold field. thus starting the first gold rush. then the government made a tax for 30 shillings. 50 miles north of Batherst some dude cam in with a load of gold about 1200 ounces of gold. lister and tom brothers argued that they were the real O.G's (not true) but edward fought for 40 years for the street cred for the forst gold field that was worth something. but edward still got his name in history. prospecter regen in 1852 found the balaratch gold feilds. sorry Mr N but had to get off da computer      
Mortus Evil (4 years ago)
this is fukkin stupid
boland191 (4 years ago)
GANDALF 420 (5 years ago)
sophie taylor (5 years ago)
its G my teacher told me to watch this so its must be G
sophie taylor (5 years ago)
wow this video is so useful my teacher told us to watch this for homework this week and take notes and i have like 1000 and i normally only only have like 2 so thx for this vid Graeme Beck <3 them
Debsdoesyoutoobe (5 years ago)
Can someone let me know the viewing rating for this video. I too would like to show it to my students but as I work in a Primary School I need to know if it is G rated, Pg rated or higher. Thanks
かわいい (5 years ago)
I think there is an error at 10:00 - should be Stallwell not Stanwell...??
csdb4 (6 years ago)
This is a really informative video that I would like to use with my students. I'm just wondering about copyright issues if I download it into a school's website.

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