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Green Entrepreneurs Who Will Spark Your Imagination

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They are green and local — It’s a new generation of Kenyan entrepreneurs in Africa with big dreams of sustainable energy and the drive to see their innovative technologies in homes, farms, schools and industries throughout the continent. These local companies are getting guidance and support from the World Bank's Climate Technology Program (CTP) and its global network of Climate Innovation Centers. CTP is an initiative powered by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australian Aid), Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA), Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When you hear their stories, you might get a little inspired too. Tell us below what you think innovative entrepreneurs need most using #CleanTech #EndPoverty. Find more information at http://www.infoDev.org/climate | http://www.kenyacic.org/
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Kijana Hodari (1 year ago)
How can i get their contacts
Kimenyi Pacifique (2 years ago)
what is recipe for sucessful achievement?
cynthia ann (2 years ago)
Kariuki Waweru (2 years ago)
Well done KCIC - yes indeed, the future for sustainable energy for Africa is here!!!

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