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10 Best Places to Live in Australia

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► Please Remember to Subscribe! ► https://goo.gl/P5ZUPk ► Follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/el5pYm ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/XflDvj ----------------------------------------­----- 10 Best Places to Live in Australia. Australia is perhaps the most unique continent and country on planet Earth, with its immensely indigenous population and eco-system, stemming back to tens of thousands of years ago. With cultures unique to the continent, such as Aboriginal, Melanesian and Torres Strait Islander cultures, Australia offers a world of experience that can’t be gained in any other civilization. With climates ranging from tropical, to desert, to grassland, to more temperate regions in the south, Australia is a geographically diverse continent with mass appeal in terms of education, job opportunity, art and entertainment, and overall quality of life. Here are just some of the 10 best places to live in Australia, from the largest cities to the smallest rural gems. 1: Melbourne, Victoria 2: Mackay, Queensland 3: Wodonga, Victoria 4: Wagga Wagga, New South Wales 5: Brisbane, Queensland 6: Adelaide, South Australia 7: Sydney, New South Wales 8: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 9: Gold Coast, Queensland 10: Perth, Western Australia ----------------------------------------­----- Music: NCS https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Alan Walker - Spectre [NCS Release] Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release] ----------------------------------------­----- We do NOT own all the materials as well as footages used in this video. Please contact [email protected] for copyright matters! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (1176)
Craig Bellion (3 days ago)
Anyone ever heard darkhackerguru @ yahoo com
Wagga Wagga. :v
Syria is much nicer haha
Simon Vance (10 days ago)
Someone voted Adelaide 'one of the top 10 cities in the world'. Depends what you like. There are some good things about it depending on what's important to you. It does have good beaches with free unlimited parking I'll say that. If you have a family, don't really want to travel much and are ok with boring scenery adelaide could be for you. There are some nice people there, but a LOT of immature, aggressive petrol head idiots as well, as in, that kind of behavior is considered 'normal' there. If you want a city that sounds like a 24 hour racetrack move to adelaide. At the same time the energy kind of has a sleepy, 'dead' vibe to it - like people are asleep, narrow minded and unconscious. For some people that's exactly why they love it. Personally when I think of adelaide the words 'Satan's playground' come to mind. I know a lot of people who moved away and are glad they did. My vote for one of the best places to live in australia would probably be the Gold Coast or northern NSW.
Daniel Huynh (10 days ago)
Melbourne is the best city to live in the world right now
hazmat 2 (10 days ago)
You have to learn how to walk upside down first
Paddy (11 days ago)
Narayanan Nalapad (11 days ago)
Melbourne Mel.....! 2018 (L/s)
William Reid (13 days ago)
Gold Coast is amazing if you want sun ☀️ fun Beaches and Roller Coasters!!
Suvash Sooriah (14 days ago)
Nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.was that siri?
soeren cz (14 days ago)
terrible voice.
Danishe Ch (15 days ago)
I love country
Danishe Ch (15 days ago)
Good City
Toos Henderikx (16 days ago)
Zou weer terug willen**!!!
Toos Henderikx (16 days ago)
Hallo Luitjes,Heb er7 jaar gewoont eerst in westen, daarna naar Adelaide.
Harshu Rawat (16 days ago)
Good city is Australia💐💐💐💐💐🎂👍
Adi Pratama (17 days ago)
Gayashan Perera (19 days ago)
Amazing beauty country.......I ever love
Wan Aida (19 days ago)
i go to the Australia i not fine that your say
Gyaltsen Bhutia (19 days ago)
Can you make video on West Covina
Tanish Choudhry (22 days ago)
I live here only
MÈ TV (24 days ago)
Helo all friend. video very great. have you ever wanted to cross sub?????????????
shazaly zainal (24 days ago)
g'day mate from Malaysia
dd duvall (26 days ago)
Computer narration……………👎🏼🔪💥⚓️💩
Kieu Oanh Bigo Show (26 days ago)
Interresing thanks
Malcom Canning (26 days ago)
bring lots off money. .you won't get a job
GaMEs LovEr (27 days ago)
Label The term Océanie was invented almost in 1812 by the geographer Conrad Malt-Brun. The word Océanie is derived from the Greek word ὠκεανό) and kekeanós, ie, the ocean. History The first human arrival of Oceania was between 40,000 and 125,000 years ago from South-East Asia: they were divided into the present Babuans and native Australians. The first of the Austronesian peoples, originally from Asia, extended eastwards to the island of Resurrection. The discovery of Oceania by the Europeans In the early 16th century, Spain, led by traveler Ferdinando Magellan, made a first voyage around the world, discovering the Mariana Islands and the other islands of Oceania. In the 1640s, Apple Tasman visited Northwest Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Tonga and the Fiji Islands. In the 18th century James Cook discovered the Pacific islands and the eastern coast of Australia. In 1789 there was a rebellion against the British Royal Navy's Admiral William Bligh, causing the escape of many Royal Navy and Pitcairn Islanders, which later became a British colony. In 1931, Jules Dumont d'Orville divided the islands in the Pacific Ocean into Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, alongside Australia, forming the traditional and rolling division. Natural geography Oceania was originally formed as Pacific land, extending from the Strait of Malacca to the coast of Asia. It comprises four regions: Polynesia Micronesia Malaysia (now called the Malay archipelago) Melanesia (now called Australasia) [11] It includes parts of three geological continents, Eurasia, Australia, and Zeeland, as well as non-continental volcanic islands in the Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean and Pacific. The borders of Oceania are as follows: Sumatra of the West Bonin Islands from the northwest Hawaiian Islands from the northeast Island of Resurrection and Salas and Gómez [English] from the east Macquarie Island from the south, Taiwan, Japan's Ryukyu and the Allocian Islands are excluded from the Asian margin. [12] [13] The countries located in Oceania but not included in the geopolitical Oceania are Indonesia and Malaysia (through the Malaysian Borneo [English]), Brunei, the Philippines and East Timor. The islands are geographically geographically a politically inalienable part of Japan (Bunin), Hawaii (United States) and the Island of Resurrection (Chile). The lands on the Sunda plate are excludes [English], and New Guinea is part of the Australian continent. Biogeography Oceania is biogeographically used as synonym for the Australian Ecological Kingdom (Wakia and Australasia) or the Pacific Ecological Kingdom (Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and either New Zealand [9] or the mainland of New Guinea [10]). For Ecogeography Oceania is one of Earth's eight major ecological kingdoms. The Ecological Kingdom of Oceania includes all Micronesia, Fiji, and all Polynesia except New Zealand, which, along with New Guinea, Melanesia and Australia, separate the separate Australian environmental kingdom. The Malay archipelago is part of the Indo-Kingdomal Kingdom. The remote Oceania is also part of the western island of Melanesia, which has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years, while Oceania has recently been settled. [14] Greater cities The largest cities in Oceania are mainly located in Australia, the most populated country on the continent, this is their order: Sydney: 4.4 million people (Australia) Melbourne: 3.5 million (Australia) Brisbane: 1.8 million (Australia) Perth: 1.4 million people (Australia) Adelaide: 1.1 million (Australia) Auckland: 1.1 million (New Zealand) Honolulu: 900,000 people (Hawaii) Gold Coast: 550,000 people (Australia)
Emo Muzz (27 days ago)
For the cost of a nice lunch they could have hired one of those hu-mans to read this script. An added bonus would have been if they could have found one from that Terra Australis Incognita place. Just say'n.
Train Guy (28 days ago)
I’m living in Brisbane
I love you Melbourne!
Jared Hebert (29 days ago)
I want to watch this but that voice won't let me
Troy Alcosaba (1 month ago)
I love Australia from Philippines 💖
Drew Broff (1 month ago)
Me: this summer im going to Australia Friend: where are you staying Me: Wagga Wagga
しげたつばさ (1 month ago)
It’s amazing
Shiv Shankar (1 month ago)
from india nice country 😊😊😊☺
Ben Chesterman (1 month ago)
Millennail can afford a new m3 , c63s in America , in Australia you cant afford these cars
Ben Chesterman (1 month ago)
Very high income tax , high consumption tax eats into your savings to save up to afford a home or a dream car
Vito ning (1 month ago)
Australia really good,I love it!
キャノン80d (1 month ago)
I just could not concentrate watching it when FADED started, cause it is one of my favorite songs. FROM JAPAN!
Thao (1 month ago)
Thank you “ World Top 10 “ for sharing this post. God Bless.
Ishara Udith (1 month ago)
i love Australia i wish i would come but i will never for me.... i am sorry guys
Tan Tai Nguyen (1 month ago)
it so beautiful
Dieu Phung (1 month ago)
I love Australia and everyone lovely
Jon o (1 month ago)
Intersting video, here's one for all you Aussies and people in the know, if you were a young family ( kids at school already) and you had an unlimited budget, no worries about jobs due to financial security where would you choose to live and why, also just saying Sydney is cop out, I need it borrowing down to a suburb. Thanks
RuthlessHarmony # (1 month ago)
Hobart is the best
Ravi Gadekar (1 month ago)
I love Australia Can I come Australia
mikael guardian (1 month ago)
Far better than here in the philippines or anywhere else. Australia hmmm great country.
Marialuisa Ronzoni (1 month ago)
I am fan italian of Jane badler live on Australia
Harley Quinn fan (1 month ago)
I’m from Australia and you should go to Brisbane because in Sydney and Melbourne...and more are full with people unlike Brisbane
Harley Quinn fan (1 month ago)
My uncle went to Perth and he went to a restraint and it had dog on the list you can eat dog
Harley Quinn fan (1 month ago)
Mackey hahahahha my mum is born in mackay
Marcia Straiotto (1 month ago)
Linda mesmo
Moni Semwal (1 month ago)
Mam plzz tell me agricultural industry job in Australia and salery
Tine Usijima (1 month ago)
i want to get job in australia im from philipines
manoj samal (1 month ago)
Australia and Australia cricket is best
bryan Jaeck (1 month ago)
Poor list, mainly just big cites with urban problems.......
mrblurblur2003 (1 month ago)
Oztroylia ia stoopit country
jappie jappo (1 month ago)
You need to get an honorary white authorization to stay in Australia. Only Chinese can get it.
med amine (1 month ago)
thank you yes is verry verry places live in australia
Dylan Zhang (1 month ago)
There is LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO IN CANBERRA UNLESS your a sad sack with a yearlong pass to Questacon, or a 6th grader
Darrion Gray (1 month ago)
First of all Sydney is the most Populated city in Australia because I live there and I have been to others like Canberra, Gold Coast And Melbourne So I Know That Sydney is the most
Akhtar Hussain (1 month ago)
Australia is wonder full country.
JB Kharka (1 month ago)
My first dream is to go Australia
crispy (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but why is wodonga number 3
Mil Harris (1 month ago)
Someone invite me to this beautiful country
Dany Az Souza (1 month ago)
Just amazing country.😍❤️
Sabitri Nath (1 month ago)
wawww. so beautiful place Australia
Kenyah McIntosh-Brown (2 months ago)
Me, a Perth native: quietly waiting to make sure they mention Perth Creepy video lady: Perth, Western Australia Me: Excellent
Sunny Singh (2 months ago)
Nice place
Emily Vangesen (2 months ago)
when you use google translate as a voice over
kmkamrul Kader (2 months ago)
I'm learning about the Australia but it's not that hard... ❤''s-Parsha from Bangladesh
Albert Chehade (2 months ago)
A computer narrator? Really? Have humans become extinct? See what I mean? The computer says 'dessert' when it means to say 'desert' A child could narrate this better than that thing that sounds like siri.
Inspiring Puppies (2 months ago)
OK I'm Australian and Wodonga is in the middle of nowhere live in Sydney instead.
Abbas Shaykh (2 months ago)
I love australia
AussieTerrior Gaming (2 months ago)
But... Melbourne is the ONLY city in Victoria
Clo Clouds (2 months ago)
can someone teach this robot to say at least AUSTRALIA right?
Clo Clouds (2 months ago)
This is Siri. Can't pronounce the cities right!!!!
bu Almamari (2 months ago)
u people i want to cm over there
sabir khan (2 months ago)
nice country
applejuice (2 months ago)
u got so many of ur facts wrong siri wannabe
Mil Harris (2 months ago)
Someone please invite me to this beautiful country
Pineapple Girl (2 months ago)
This person needs speech therapy classes
Xxkartoffel breixX (2 months ago)
Perth perth perth bi*** I know it I love siri
Call me KTB (2 months ago)
WHERE IS TASMANIA? It has great places to visit, and the cleanest air (apparently, at least in Australia). I have lived there my whole life so I know.
Sean D (2 months ago)
Hahahaha, adelaide is good for job opportunities? right...
s m imtiaz (2 months ago)
Australia is so beautiful. My respect & love to Australia. God bless You.
Rusdi Minato (2 months ago)
Your australian visa is refusal? Or you are a immigrant? You want to refugee? Why you should going to australia? Because illegal immigrant can have a citizen australia if they want refugee and you can work with 25 Aud for 1 hour sallary its very much And you can buy your food on 15Aud We have a boat to go australia You want this? Please contact us Many job in australia for you
Avneet sandhu (2 months ago)
HI IS UNISA in Adelaide a good university?
Craig Plummer (2 months ago)
Melborne is overrated queensland is the best state
Charlotte Austen (2 months ago)
Yay where I live is one!
Charlotte Austen (2 months ago)
You pronounced most of these wrong... And where’s Australia squad?
Kim Jong Un (2 months ago)
I will nuke
Hữu Trọng Lê (2 months ago)
Đất nước tuyệt vời
Nuk Munnit (2 months ago)
Kenberrer is considered to be the largest city on the entire continent but I like Wagger Wagger more. And yes we do have a lot of dessert.
It really is very beautiful
Hethan Mesquita (2 months ago)
I will go aydney
Sophie K ROBERTS (2 months ago)
I 💚 australia
FINLAND VIDEOS (2 months ago)
Good Video
Paul Commerford (3 months ago)
Why go to the trouble and expense of preparing a video like this where most of the place pronunciations are wrong? The music is also horrible; enough to induce a nightmare or an epileptic fit. With respect, its a nice idea but you should have asked an Australian to help with the place names as a minimum. Why not get a human to narrate it for you?

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