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RX 580 Vs. GTX 1060 | Core i5-8400 | 12 Games Tested

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RX 580 Vs. GTX 1060 | Core i5-8400 | 12 Games Tested In this Video I'll Show You Gaming Benchmarks of amd RX 580 8GB and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB (Both Paired with Core i5-8400 System Specs : Core i5-8400 @ Stock MSI Z370 Pro Mobo 16GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz 2TB HDD Gigabyte RX 580 8GB Aorus XTR (Adrenalin Edition 18.6.1) Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1 Gaming (GeForce Graphic driver 398.36) 1080p Gaming Test : Vampyr 2018 Far Cry 5 Warhammer Vermintide 2 Kingdom Come Delivarence Fortnite Battle Royal Wolfenstein 2 Assassin's Creed Origin s Middle-Earth : Shadow of War Rise of the Tomb Raider Grand Theft Auto 5 Rainbow Six Siege Also Watch- Core i5-8400 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/kjuFhB Core i3-8350K Overclocked Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/LXxpdo GTX 1070 Ti Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/rmLg9T Ryzen 1200 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/g3BFXj Coffee Lake CPU Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/4nY8vm Core i3-8100 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/mdJ6Ub GT 1030 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/PgPZJY ALL Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/njtyMF Requested Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/4idZne if You Requested any Benchmarks or Comparison before... Please Check Requested Benchmarks Playlist - https://goo.gl/4idZne Thanks For Support and Watching My Video... Please Subscribe my Channel For More updates News.... Twitter - twitter.com/njtech0 facebook - fb.me/njtech0 Email - [email protected] Intro:Watch_Dogs Intro by TwiFeedo #RX580 #Gtx1060 #i5
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Text Comments (1367)
blazingUnknown (5 months ago)
[Results] Far Cry 5 - 0:10 [0:54] Warhammer Vermintide 2 - 1:00 [1:45] Vampyr 2018 - 1:51 [2:35] Assassin's Creed Origins - 2:42 [3:25] Kingdom Come Delivarence - 3:32 [4:16] Fortnite Battle Royal - 4:23 [5:06] Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - 5:13 [5:57] Wolfenstein 2 - 6:04 [6:48] Rise of the Tomb Raider - 6:54 [7:38] Grand Theft Auto 5 - 7:45 [8:28] Rainbow Six Siege - 8:35 [9:19] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 9:26 [10:09] Temperature - [10:16] Power Consumption - [10:23]
Adodoes (1 month ago)
+Dank Doub i guess nvidia has great optimization and can do just fine without much vram. Probably not too future proof tho. Hopefully the new AMD 7nm GPUs are gonna be much better optimised and obviously pack more cores amd higher clocks.
Adodoes (1 month ago)
+Dank Doub but 2060 compeltely destroys the rx590 on 1440p. I thought it wasn't something but rtx 2060 is really impressive
Dank Doub (1 month ago)
+Adodoes For example Far Cry 5 with dlc's in 1440p requires around 10-11g's of vram.
Dank Doub (1 month ago)
+Adodoes Yeah RTX 2060 is a great card for the price. But if you play higher than 1080p resolution, 6gb of vram is not enough for AAA titles.
Adodoes (1 month ago)
+Dank Doub oh damn i didn't know that. My next pc is probably gonna be all amd. Although the rtx 2060 seems like a pretty good deal.
MAZERITH (3 hours ago)
There like basically the same
Jeremy Nieuwoudt (8 days ago)
Thanks for the comparison. Appreciate your efforts.
Byzantine 1381 (11 days ago)
I was wondering which one to buy . And three days ago I got MSI GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X . I must say that I'm really satisfied and much more than I expected ! Every game goes on 2.5K ( 2560x1440 ) on Ultra without stuttering , temps are 65° or lower in load with fans working on 40-60% !!!
Esteban Pastelito (12 days ago)
and prototype 2? JAJAJAJA
4173 (12 days ago)
gtx 1060 6g 255 euro you can find msi gaming red dragon variant if you search long enough rx 580 8g 240 euro only msi armour variant it's only visual preference but still worth considering
Tamer Abd El Salam (14 days ago)
why no gpu temp on the vidio ?
Byzantine 1381 (15 days ago)
So 256 bit and 8 GB VRam vs 192 bit and 6 GB is worth of money ! AMD is just a little hotter in load than Nvidia but not matter !
Bencherif Soufiane (15 days ago)
i'll take gtx 1060 and i'm willing to do that bcz i need only 60fps gaming bcz my monitor is only 60hz also i like gtx bcz its low temp and less power cosume unlike rx 580 it temperature makes me fricking out
Bor Mitrović (15 days ago)
In my country the 1060 is 50€ more than the rx 580
Indara Palacios (17 days ago)
rx 580 paliza gtx 1060 jajaja.
Forever4you (18 days ago)
1060 is better less power consumption with less temperature and many famous games better fps but vram disadvantage
Forever4you (18 days ago)
dont go on 1060 or 580 you just go 1660ti
Mohamed Habibi (18 days ago)
If i have to chose between gtx 1060 6 gb for 225 and rx 580 8 gb wich should i buy. Its not about the money
Game Watcher (19 days ago)
I'm planning on getting one of these by the end of the month. Not sure what one to get, they both look even. I been on a gtx750 for a long time so I never played a game in high fps.
Chad NotChat (18 days ago)
Finding an RX580 second hand or even brand new will probably be the better choice if you aren't interested in shadowplay and all of those..
Geronimo (19 days ago)
Please add to the tests of the game ARK, Rust !!! thank
leeyu21 (20 days ago)
did you just stole B is for build's intro?
Rojafla Fandub's (20 days ago)
depende como optimizan.
Jens Ravesteijn (21 days ago)
Good video! Would've liked it even more if you made the FPS a bit larger for better visibility
Phenom69ll (25 days ago)
Rx 580 is a deal for 190 bucks. I'll be wasting the wattage energy in 3 years of a cost of a 1060 (300bucks) and I don't game all the time.
Reo (26 days ago)
RX 580 is much more compatible with DirectX12 game While GTX 1060 is DirectX11 Which mean it depend on which game title you play.
David Jones (1 month ago)
1060 isn't stock right?
B_-R_-AT ! (1 month ago)
From india here ...bought 1060 6gb about a year back for 30k ...the mini variant (Zotac) had CHEAP build quality- ran HOT ...ditched it ...paid 18k for rx 580 (sapphire ) this year ….MUCH better build quality runs snappier without stutter (Fallout 4) with i5-9600k max temp 62-63deg.…will stick to it till I have a 4k upgrade of my 1080p TV... Advice : if ya wanna pay more now , get a 1080ti Founders Edition , OEM ones are costlier ..RTX is a gimmick only at this point ..and RTX on literally HALVES the FPS ..
El JoJo's (1 month ago)
AMD is way cheaper in Argentina, RX580 8GB wins
Dark Videos (27 days ago)
+Kevin Gasparian jajaja buenisimo
Kevin Gasparian (27 days ago)
qué te haces el inglés? forro
Dark Videos (1 month ago)
Si, creo que sale diez mil pesos
mo thana (1 month ago)
Rx 2000mhz 1060 4000mhz
Ankit Saha (1 month ago)
Why are AMDs shadows so beautiful
clorox leech (1 month ago)
Um... sound? Okay nvm the second game is normal
Lorik Tv (1 month ago)
AMD ? 2019 & GTX 1070 = PC GAMES ✓✓✓✓✓
Reaper (1 month ago)
The 580 is cheaper than the 1060 in Denmark.
Mago (1 month ago)
Reaper same in norway
Vinsu Karma (1 month ago)
you can buy the rx 580 for under 200€ in Spain. So AMD wins.
Safety Doggo (1 month ago)
Power consumption? You assume I let myself be limited by such irrelevant limitations? X)
Pablo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
what brand gtx 1060 tho
Hashirama Senju (1 month ago)
Lower temp + lower power consumption = winner
TH3_DOOM_ SLAY3R (1 month ago)
Rx 580 270$ gtx 1060 370$ (canadian)
Luke 2905 (1 month ago)
Yes the video I’ve been looking for thank you I was wondering if I should get two RX 590 or like a 2060 or a 1060
theo rex (27 days ago)
Why do you need 2? Are you planning to use them both simultaneously. It won't be so good. Better go for 2070, 1080 or 2080 instead.
The Laptop Gamrr (1 month ago)
Here in Australia 1060 are like $300 and I can buy a 580 for $250. For similar frames, 580 is the best bang for your buck
Dank Doub (1 month ago)
RX 580 is a clear winner here. -Better colors, color algorithms -No performance drop with HDR -2GB more vram -Cheaper, newer, same performance.
Lemmy face (1 month ago)
Rydeons use less power and are better over all
ROFL (1 month ago)
No xD Radeons use more Watts :D
Sythe (1 month ago)
Ummm no they dont , try to actually look at the numbers above the fps counter , radeon is power hugry but has more vram , gtx has less power consumption but also less vram , its 50 50 if you ask me
Dough Boy (1 month ago)
Your cpu is a little *H O T* there
serious Dopamine (1 month ago)
They both seem extremely similar performance wise. Would the 8gb 580 be better for playing physic based games like (beamng.drive)?
serious Dopamine (1 month ago)
+Jort Boute that makes sense.
Jort Boute (1 month ago)
I would think physic depends more on cpu power instead of GPU power, they will probably be around the same performance. Altough The rx 580 8gb is same price or even lower than gtx 1060 6gb but it's mostly preference.
DynamiteDirk (1 month ago)
The cheapest 8GB RX580 goes for $297 in my country and the cheapest 6GB GTX1060 goes for $375, so I guess you could say that the RX580 wins in terms of bang to buck ratio and also that extra 2GB of VRam is really nice to have which just sweetens the deal even more. Greetings from South Africa.
Alpeer (1 month ago)
i got a 1060gb 6gb for 170€ in my country >:-)
Jamie_Games (1 month ago)
Please can someone tell me the best one for my money im looking to get on second hand as im upgrading from my gtx 1050ti so which would be the best choice for me in my country both of these graphics cards are about the same price second hand (they are about £160 upwards) but i just want to know which one would be best for me. Thanks
Dariusz N (1 month ago)
The unconditional winner is RX, in which the game as in Wolfenstein is 20-30 fps difference? The RX 580 accepts the bios of the RX 590 after undervolting, the card works asking the GTX 1060, and it costs less and that's a lot because ordering from Ebay the new is over $ 80 difference.
If gtx 1060 had 8gb vram it would be very better at ultra setting
Liquid TM (1 month ago)
Ivan Pedro (1 month ago)
SOHighSOSavage (1 month ago)
Radeon 3 5 and 7 incoming :)
misavn (1 month ago)
I'm fan of amd
FACUNDOX197 (1 month ago)
1060 still better
Ernest Sava (1 month ago)
well the 1060 is like the rx 580 because it has 500 more mhz but for futute buy rx 580
mattymantv 224 (1 month ago)
this is Nvidia or what
Gameplay icu 2 (1 month ago)
GTX has lowe VRAM only 2GB VRAM different actually if the game has optimized good and nice
Skyrocket (1 month ago)
Not running a RX 580 on DirectX 12 FeelsWeirdMan. That being said it still outperforms. That also being said the 1060 is still a fantastic card.
theP1nker'sKILL _ (1 month ago)
Rx 580: 230$ GTX 1060: 300$
Dipesh Bomea (1 month ago)
Nividia pulled out sli from 1060.. then crossfiring a 580 is a vice decision.!!!!!😎😎...what you guys think about my idea?
HazE ODess (1 month ago)
Thanks for this 👍👌
imOniN (1 month ago)
THIS IS FAKE gtx1060 isbetter then RX580 because i have gtx1060 and my brother have RX 580 AND my gtx is better
RyanEtniez (1 month ago)
Maybe its because your brother 4gb ram and i5 and yours is 8gb ram and i7
Alper Esmer (1 month ago)
siktir deli
Lorenzo H (1 month ago)
For a proper comparison, you can only change ONE component, that being the GPU. If there is anything different, such as CPU, RAM or even other active programs, the results aren’t accurate. I highly doubt you two have the exact same PCs besides GPU, so your comparison is invalid.
FamedTaco (1 month ago)
DiarniU do you have the exact same parts other than the gpu? Like ram or cpu.
ChiefSaladRunaway (1 month ago)
Yeah, but the 580 is supposed to be a direct competitor to the GTX 1070, as the list of vs should go like this. RX 560 vs GTX 1050 ti. RX 570 vs GTX 1060. RX 580 vs GTX 1070. RX 590 vs GTX 1080 RX VEGA 56 vs RTX 2060 RX VEGA 64 vs RTX 2070 RX VEGA Edition vs RTX 2080...
ChiefSaladRunaway (1 month ago)
So it should go more like this then?: 560 vs 1050 ti 570 and 580 vs 1060 590 vs 1070 The VEGA series vs 1080?!!
ChiefSaladRunaway (1 month ago)
+Alexander Astuhuaman. Okay...
Alexander Astuhuaman (1 month ago)
Vega came out to compete with gtx 1080 you are wrong
John Lennon (1 month ago)
nvidia 120 watt vs amd 185 watt
GOD 7X (1 month ago)
I got used rx 580 with 2 years warranty at 210$
IkHebGeenNaam (1 month ago)
Idk where you live but in the netherlands you can get a rx 580 8GB for 210$ New.
Overclocked and higher priced 1060 loses.
ShiNOje XD (2 months ago)
Core clock 1425 vs 1974 ...... RX580 is better than 1060
BeyerT1 (2 months ago)
Currently the used prices of RX580 8GB is identical to GTX1060 3GB, and about 20% less than GTX1060 6GB, so the RX580 is better value if you can get the 8GB version over the 3GB 1060. I wouldn't get the 4GB 580 though.
Allarian (2 months ago)
Honestly, for the very similar performance with the price cost showing the RX 580 to be cheaper than the 1060 in the UK, I'd go with the RX 580. Only thing I don't like is the higher wattage.
Gustav Gurke (2 months ago)
I love my 580 but I'm gonna sell it and buy a 1060 because Radeon+Linux sucks.
1060 better u get fortnite free bundle 😂👌
mohamed rakha oh yeah yeah
mohamed rakha (2 months ago)
You forgot oh yeah yeah yeah
Lipbaga (2 months ago)
Despite the fact that I'm an AMD fan I'm really disappointed of the RX 580. The RX 480 was the slightly slower competitor of the GTX 1060 and should age better than the Nvidia card because of DX12, Vulkan and 8GB VRAM regarding to many experts. After some time AMD released the 580 which is about on par with the 1060. On top of that the AMD graphicscard uses more power (stock) than the GTX 1060 which is older. The only advantage is the slightly lower price and Freesync which saves you about 100-150€ if you buy a Freesync monitor. But if you compensate the buying price and monitorcosts after some years depending on your gaming behaviour, the AMD Card is going to be the " worse" card because of the much higher power consumption :( Even the GTX 1070 has a lower TDP despite the much better performance. I'm disappointed of the 580 even though it's not a bad card. I guess it's a complaint because I'm not rich or care about the costs after the purchase :D
Fernando Lobo (2 months ago)
Devia ter botado a Radeon RX 480 8GB DDR5...
Silvestre Cantalice (2 months ago)
Por que minha placa 580 fica travada em 60 fps?
Fernando Araújo (2 months ago)
É pra ficar em 60
Fernando Araújo (2 months ago)
Não é uma coisa ruim cara
Fernando Araújo (2 months ago)
Pq o vsync tá ligado
Kian Kian (2 months ago)
haha peasants,i am gonna make i5-8400 rx 560 32gb ram 4x8, mhaahaha
Hellis Saar (2 months ago)
can i run rx 580 8gb with this motherboard asrock H110M-DGS%20R3.0 ?
Realistic Adit (2 months ago)
Milan (2 months ago)
580 350euro 1060 280 in Serbia
Deki (2 months ago)
verovatno mislis na onu od 3gb
Milan (2 months ago)
+Deki u gigatronu
Deki (2 months ago)
gde to
uğuR (2 months ago)
I love my 1060 .
Ryan Cohen (2 months ago)
Just the video I was looking for! Was thinking about getting i5-8400 and RX 580 just wasn't sure but now I am!
xalledatreuM (2 months ago)
rx 580 for 180€... ill take it
Andrea Sestini (2 months ago)
Is best i7 7700 or i5 8400?
Korean RiceBall (2 months ago)
I should throw away my gtx 480.. I have been keeping it since 2012 or something just coz I have lifetime warranty on it but now, it can't even play diablo 3 on 1080p high setting. lol.. It's probably much worse than even gtx 1050 ti.
Monkey .D. Luffy (2 months ago)
Analyzing graphic card's temperature is silly becuase it depends on which card you will use
JPGexGAMING (2 months ago)
1060 is better for gaming but RX is better when streaming
Hyperwizard Gaming (2 months ago)
JPGexGAMING depends I saw in a lot of more 3rd person games 1060 was good but Color and texture and FPS wise Rx 580 is the way to go.. I like you pfp by the way too dark voyager 😂😂
Almighty Snail (2 months ago)
with basically the same price and a few fps differences. rx 580 it better with being 256 bit.
Thong Her (2 months ago)
Lol on fortnite I think the 1060 texture got turned down a bit
BLACK HAND (2 months ago)
rlyy man rx 580 8g better than gtx 1060 6g all we know that just you and rx 580 8g cheaper than gtx 1060 6g ,,, rx 580 win in this
seimmide (2 months ago)
gta esta muy mal optimizado
张毅 (2 months ago)
amd yes!
Master Grey (2 months ago)
monitor using in both video card?
Squirrel Attackspidy (2 months ago)
1060 colors look washed out compared to the RX 580. Not saying that makes it a better card though.
ranger tr8r (2 months ago)
With a 1070 and i5 4670 I got an average if 75fps.. time to upgrade the CPU!
Dead Memes (2 months ago)
Rx 580
Gourav Guide (2 months ago)
I have RX 580 8gb OC edition and its great. I am having fun with it.
Juan22 (2 months ago)
Please, RX 580 8gb or GTX 1060 6gb?. I currently have a new 500w PSU and I use a fresync monitor. RX 580 is about $40 cheaper than MSI gaming X GTX 1060 6gb here in my country. I've read that RX 580 is quite power hungry, and I want to know if I'll be ok with that PSU (it's that evga 500w 80plus one). I'd appreciate any suggestion.
Hakoniwa 93 (2 months ago)
go for 1060 if you want to play safe People usually use 550 - 600 for RX580 build but again, it's not only about your Graphic card, but your whole PC component Both perform pretty similar but RX580 is a bit cheaper
HenKaya (2 months ago)
This sounds like a lot of you don't have to pay the electric bill at the end of the month. That's why you prefer a power hungry graphics card. Ant it's not even a little on load. In a few years i'll just buy another cheap graphics card, instead of fighting on the internet and winning nothing.
Luis Jaimes (2 months ago)
recently bought a new rx 580 8gb for 155 bucks off of newegg.
Hung Lo (2 months ago)
let me sum it up the 1060 is better..........
ava olivia (2 months ago)
Typicall nvidia user, stolen mom credit card and buy $2.000 RTX. 🤣
VoltBolt Games (2 months ago)
+Oodz 2060 is horribly priced
Oodz (2 months ago)
Sure... Nvidia cards are good especially when bought second handed. I'm not saying AMD cards are bad and cards like the 580 are actually pretty good, however I can buy a 1060 for the same price or a bit lower so... And I've had better experience with nvidia cards so I always try to go for one and my next card is going to be the 2060.
MrMethadrine (2 months ago)
Just bought a gtx 1060G1 6GB for $350 lol
D-Phoenix (2 months ago)
I play almost exclusively GTA online so I think that the 1060 might be better for me.
David W (2 months ago)
Do u have gsync or freesync?
sergej nikolic (2 months ago)
The fortnite benchmark was done unprofessionaly because on the rx580 side there were WAY MORE props that had to be rendered (a prop is like a tree or a wall....) The 1060 benchmark was going through a field of nothing and the 580 was going through a lot of trees and a couple of buildings. So this benchmark was done unfairly. Still a decent vid though.
sergej nikolic (2 months ago)
+Jokakutihuti ye that as well
Jokakutihuti (2 months ago)
The unreal engine (the one Fortnite runs on) is geared more towards NVIDIA cards then AMD.
Citroen Games (2 months ago)
So what should i buy for my build each cost the same so whaf is the best choice?
Zx VisioN (2 months ago)
Remember freesync!
Elfdawn (2 months ago)
Im running MSI RX 580 8gb w/ intel i5 8600K. Is it a good setup?
Elfdawn (2 months ago)
So what fps did that get for you?
Art Art (2 months ago)
Better than my Intel pentium g4560 and rx 580
Jokni (2 months ago)

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