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AMD Mining Drivers, INCREASED Ethereum Mining SPEEDS! Part I

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Today i show you the release of the AMD Mining Drivers, fixing the Ethereum Dag problem that decreased the Mining Hashrates over time for Graphics cards like the RX470/480/570/580 cards! Link for the little 35$ screens used for the rigs: http://amzn.to/2g067WV Download the AMD Mining Drivers here!: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-Edition-Beta-for-Blockchain-Compute-Release-Notes.aspx Or wait for part 2! (Its easy you can do it!) Donate to BuriedONE! ETH: 0X710F5FE57FD7047FF7348342CE870CE79B4E16E5 BTC: 1HXNE3VZNREQHOUJD1WSGDXSXUVCGFZFJZ ZEC: T1BBJU5P46GVSXHRHHYHLTXQ4ATBGGTOYNK You will end up in the Hall of Fame on the donations page! buriedone.com/donate.html Need guidance on buying your Mining Rig parts? Check it out on the website: http://www.buriedone.com/hardware.html https://twitter.com/BuriedOne https://www.facebook.com/buriedone/ Join our Discord at the BuriedONE Blockchain Community if you seek help! (BBC.. Lol?) Discord: https://discord.gg/6PwuaTq
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Text Comments (93)
No Name (1 year ago)
Hey bro i would appreciate very much if you have some link for those screns, thank you
180486 (1 year ago)
how do you setup the screen to the desktop?
No Name (1 year ago)
and thank you m8
No Name (1 year ago)
loutripe (1 year ago)
with your driver we cannot oc the cards anymore
Z (6 months ago)
Hi bro can you tell us where to get those mini monitors from? What are they called and are they hdmi ?
Biofree movies (7 months ago)
rx 571 ?
Mining Rig (8 months ago)
hey my hashrates are dropping 2 months ago i was getting 140.868 & now i am getting 123.490
Diy in the Ghetto (8 months ago)
Hello i have a big problem. I have two ATI HD 7670 video cards it looks like i can mine on them. But problem is no matter what mining software i use. They do not detect my video cards. all latest drivers are there. Direct x sees both video cards. My device manger show's it is there and no errors. I do not know what to do can you please help me?
SUPREME. (8 months ago)
I get the error "THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE" on windows 10 whit 7 gpu 29.500mhs each one. Someone know why?
Piotr Baranowski (10 months ago)
Hello, this little screen it is working alone, without raspberry as it is shown on pictures from Amazon...? Should I buy some additional cable or just screen? Thx
Gold Brick (11 months ago)
Where have you gotten the small lcd for the rigs mate?
TheDoktorot (1 year ago)
What exactly did you show in this video?
Gabriel Alvarez (1 year ago)
The -mvddc and -cvddc options in Claymore isn't working anymore with this driver, so I can't adjust the voltage and the cards throttle down to 1000 Mhz resulting in a 14 Mh/s :( What happened and what to do ?
Daniar Kasymkulov (1 year ago)
Hey BuriedOne, I'd like to know the story behind this nickname? :D But jokes aside, I have a problem installing drivers on an 8 gpu RX 570 rig. I don't have any issues installing drivers on the first 6 gpus, but when I then connect the 7th and the 8th ones, the drivers seem to be crashing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Daniar Kasymkulov (1 year ago)
Found a solution. If anyone wants to know let me know.
yeahboii (1 year ago)
my windows crashes with the blue screen every time I try to install these drivers :'c anyone els having this problem or just me ?
Bigi444444 (1 year ago)
Can we use these drivers for gaming as well or are they for mining use only?
Dual Eyes (1 year ago)
hello sir I need your help thank you I have AMD Asus Rx 470 mining https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/MINING-RX470-4G/ here is the link of the card Is what I can bosster and do the bios to increase it to 28 Mh / it works at 20Mh / s if there is no risk Thank you
facelessninetytwo (1 year ago)
Redeeon. Noice :D
Ndji Scully (1 year ago)
how soon for part 2 ??
Dale Marriott (1 year ago)
Hi BuriedOne what psu's are you running to get them running at 800w I think mine run similar I have 4 cards in two miners but want to increase to 6 cards I have a hx1200 in them but only 4 pci-e connectors can you suggest a splitter to use so I can do this
Teaching English (1 year ago)
I have rx580 Nitro+ 8 Gb hynix. I tried different drivers and OC settings but I have not gained over 21 MH ? How can I increase it to 28 MH ? I tried 512 KB ROMs from ANORAK. But I can only load 256 kb files to Graphic cards.Whenever I tried to mod with 512 KB mod , I get a message "Cannot Erase ROm" Which OC rom or settings should I use .. Please write it under my comment...Link please..
Jan Vlček (11 months ago)
Hi, I have same cards and almost 31MH/s on dual after this driver update. Before about 26 MH/s. No Afterburner, everything in Claymore.
demo1336 (1 year ago)
I've had my sapphire Rx 480 for a little less than a year and Ive been using it a lot for mining. Now I've noticed it is becoming worse than before. It won't display to my monitor most of the time , games have worse performance, and it is overall very defective. Does anyone else have this?
Ivan Dobrev (1 year ago)
Are you trolling us? Of course performance will drop if you stress the card 24/7. The gpu is designed to deal with constant high voltage supply and overheating.
demo1336 (1 year ago)
Please respond
Hammad Ar (1 year ago)
how to unlock under volt in msi burner for rx 580 gaming X 4G
No Name (1 year ago)
Also set dcri to 1 if you solo mine. This had no affect on my mining speed on old drivers, but now when set dcri to 1 I got arround 1mh/s extra per card.
No Name (1 year ago)
200+ mh/s with 1 rx480 and 6 rx470 from 185mh/s. Great!
Troll Militia (1 year ago)
lol old news
Delivator (1 year ago)
fuck youuuuuuu
Hugo Silva (1 year ago)
What GPU`s are you using, just my R9 390x alone is pulling 500w from the wall and using stock settings?
Lim SK (1 year ago)
face black screen issue, would like to know it is need to tune the card back to before bios modded in order to get rid the black screen issue?
Mason Fowlkes (1 year ago)
Question: When plugging multiple rigs into your standard household outlet, what’s the safest way to do so and how many watts/amps could a circuit handle when hooking up multiple rigs that draw 750-850 watts of power each? We are currently building a house and plan on doing the basement shortly after. I don’t have a clue on what we plan to do with the layout of the basement (let alone the electricity). I might have 3, maybe 4 rigs total, each with a 6 GPU configuration. Could I run them all off a surge protector into 1 outlet? Or do 2 rigs per outlet? Or even just 1 per room? When this basement is done, there will most certainly be other things plugged into the wall. Any tips or advice?
Kevin (1 year ago)
Yeah 15A for 1 (assume a rig is 1300 watt) would be fine.
Mason Fowlkes (1 year ago)
Would it be fine to install 15amp outlets and just replace the breakers for that circuit with 20amp breakers? If I only have 15amp lines in place, would that mean I should limit myself to 1 rig per circuit?
Kevin (1 year ago)
About 15Amp for 1 rig. 20Amps can support 2 rigs of ~1000 Watteach easily per outlet. So you can see on the elctrical board when installing to put bigger Amps per switch/outlets
Lars G. (1 year ago)
Anyone can operate Mining with the SecureBox from the PLC Group and consumes less Storm like a cell Smartphone. More info in my channel.
qusai galaxy (1 year ago)
hey after the Driver installation .. i cant OC any card in Msi after Burner... any help ? its show 0 at every column
qusai galaxy (1 year ago)
No Name ill give it atry
No Name (1 year ago)
You need MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 16 to adjust voltage & core clock. I had the same problem it was grayed out on 4.3.0 version.
loutripe (1 year ago)
I'm completly fucked now, I have to do a complete ddu to restore my previous driver. afterburner is completly fucked with all the version available
loutripe (1 year ago)
me too
qusai galaxy (1 year ago)
even i try to Oc by the hard way .. i end up with one non functional card that doesnt get any hashrate
Elmo Narnakov (1 year ago)
Hi what are those black connection pieces called (connecting square pipes on rig together) and where to buy them? Thanks
636 OC (1 year ago)
did you uninstall old drivers? others have said you have to uninstall old drivers
State Industries (1 year ago)
can we use the driver on SMOS?
M P (1 year ago)
I have these nitro+ rx 580 8gb modded bios from you and using 17.6.2 gpu driver and I could not install the DAG fix Driver and have MSI clocking work. Some reason I have to go back to 17.6.2 driver again. Any ideas? I noticed that if the driver ver. does not have non-whql.. Can you tell me why if you have an idea? Coz if it says whql it wont let me run MSI.
TheBig Nig (1 year ago)
Ty Huffman (1 year ago)
Your father will be pissed!!
COIN WAY (1 year ago)
thank you im wait 2 part
Dolfski (1 year ago)
great vid as usual been following for a while :) I just started my own channel, check it out!
Tom Sutherland (1 year ago)
I tried upgrading the drivers on my miner (rx570s like the last one you showed). The hashrate went down to 12mhs and afterburner wouldnt let me control power/temperature limit. When I tried installing the normal drivers again, same thing.. Do u think installing the GPU bios backup would fix it? It's been such a pain in the dick lol
Troll Militia (1 year ago)
Tom Sutherland strange I'm using ab4.4.0 beta 15, it works for me. maybe try messing around with some options
Tom Sutherland (1 year ago)
The Game the power limit/temp limit options are still greyed out :(
Troll Militia (1 year ago)
Tom Sutherland dude use latest msi afterburner beta 15 to use with mining drivers
TAVOBUS (1 year ago)
cant set voltages with that driver :(
Mark Russell (1 year ago)
Thanks Guys I'm going to try that now cos I had same problem.... If you can't clock then you are worse off with this driver haha
Farid Givehchin (1 year ago)
try afterburner 4.4.0 beta 16,it is not as good as watttool or overdriventool
You need another msi afterburner for it
curtisimo032 (1 year ago)
Don't forget to hack the driver after installing them.
FunkeyMonkey (1 year ago)
is it without biosmode? and also where did u get those small screens?
Ricardo Moura (1 year ago)
Don't forget to install msi afterburner 440beta16, older versions doesn't let you overclock :)
Mark Adams (1 year ago)
The better question is can you use afterburner and overclock after using these drivers.
Yeah you need another version of amazon afterburner for it
Teng (1 year ago)
Great video! Please write the touch screen type ...
Teng (1 year ago)
Yes, but please write the display type'
Teng Ill make a video about it? ;)
Yilmaz c (1 year ago)
Any idea when we can use it on ethOS?
Yilmaz c (1 year ago)
srigyre Thanks for your response! I sure hope this update will come quick to EthOS!
srigyre (1 year ago)
I got word from the devs that AMD probably won't be releasing Linux drivers til October. Once the EthOS dev team have the code they will immediately integrate an AMD driver update command in the shell. I also overheard some talk that they will be releasing other new features into the OS that will be a big boon. Don't quote me, this is second or third hand knowledge, but they will be implementing the ability to spread the DAG file across two cards. I think over time EthOS will be the best way to mine, if it isn't already, due to the fact that there is an active development team fine tuning and adapting to the changes in the space. I doubt very much Microsoft has dedicated a team of people to custom tailor their OS for miners.
Kevin (1 year ago)
Was told these drivers do not allow you to use MSI Afterburner - rendering OC settings useless.. So the drivers would be useless to update..
Maverick Winter (1 year ago)
My question is: did you upgrade the bios on your GPUs? And if so shouldn't you be getting 28-29 mhs per card, why would you be only getting 160 mhs with the new driver upgrade. Thanks
Maverick Winter (1 year ago)
BuriedONE Blockchain that's great to know I just bought ) sapphire nitro rx 470 4g and I can't wait to tried them out, Thanks for the info. What are you getting for sols? Just wondering if I eve switch to zcash
Agustín M The cards kept crashing for about every 5 minutes at 29.3Mh/s and every hour at 28Mh/s so i left it at 27.8 its better than the 25.5 before ;)
Farid Givehchin (1 year ago)
problem,problem.problem....driver bug
Floris Smit (1 year ago)
stop the cringy stuff please
# (1 year ago)
he is fucking retarded or something
Simon Lord (1 year ago)
He has a great sense of humour mate. GTFO.
Succular Talk (1 year ago)
Floris Smit cringiest shit is him pronouncing words, like radeon, evga....
Jose Abia (1 year ago)
Hey, are you using a z170 board on any rig? If I install the new driver on my z170 gaming m5 I can't boot windows if 4g encoding is enabled but it boots just fine with the 16.9.3 drivers. Do you know if there's any way to fix that?
No Name (1 year ago)
no, patch drivers after install with atikmdag-patcher
Jose Abia (1 year ago)
That's exactly what I did but still can't get windows to boot. I'll give it a try with a windows fresh install. Other question, is the ATImdag patcher necessary for 470/480 cards? I tried with and without it and did not have positive results
jason boenig (1 year ago)
The Traveling Tech Guy I would just do these steps and not reflash. I'm not an expert
jason boenig exactly.
jason boenig (1 year ago)
HOW TO FIX ETHEREUM / ETHASH DAG EPOCH HASHRATE DROP! 1Download Download Beta Driver for Blockchain Compute http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-Edition-Beta-for-Blockchain-Compute-Release-Notes.aspx Download ATImdag Patcher https://www.monitortests.com/atikmdag-patcher-1.4.5.zip Download BETA MSI Afterburner http://forums.guru3d.com/showpost.php?p=5459908&postcount=637 Download Display Driver Uninstaller http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html 2Install Uninstall drivers with DDU in safe mode Install the freshly-downloaded driver from setup Before restart install the atikmdag patcher Install Beta MSI Afterburner
IMT Nima (1 year ago)
First, Update second
jctai100 (1 year ago)
where do you get those screens?? car audio?

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