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🔧 How to Optimize AMD Settings For GAMING & Performance The Ultimate GUIDE

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The ULTIMATE guide to Optimize AMD Radeon settings for best Performance in 2018 ✔️, Radeon RX , Vega 56, 64, R7, R8, R9 HD and APUs! For Both OLD and NEW PCs getting more fps in games and speed up your pc, fix lag fix stuttering Lets try for 200+ Likes! 👍 For this Extremely helpful tutorial?! Do your part and hit "Like" now! and feel free to suggest more & Subscribe! ✔️ This video will teach you guys how to tweak , optimize and Speed up amd radeon settings panel for gaming , speed , increase fps , smooth gameplay. This guide works amazingly well on both old and brand new pcs, Featuring ALL and ANY Radeon based GPUs, such as the RX 550, RX 560, RX 570, RX 580 And older gpus such as the R7, R8, R9 Line and even the HD Line! it ensures you are getting the MOST out of your amd radeon graphics card gpu by optimising it properly 📌Want to help support this content? Support via patreon! https://www.patreon.com/panjno Amd / Radeon GPU Drivers: https://support.amd.com/en-us/download 📌Other fantastic Guides to follow to ensure AMAZING results Ultimate GPU Overclocking Guide: https://youtu.be/k1dGwFOdFLI How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming: https://youtu.be/wkJBDEDDS5o How To Optimize nVidia Control panel for best FPS: https://youtu.be/_KsK55zgUAQ How To Enable Windows Ultimate Performance power plan: https://youtu.be/W-LnnjsCAe8 ❗️❕ If you guys have any questions regarding any of the steps please do leave them in the comments below and i will do my best to get back to you! My Twitch (Follow me to see when i go live!) - http://www.twitch.tv/panjnotuts System Specs High end: i5 8600k @ 5.1Ghz GTX 1070Ti @ 2.1Ghz 3200Mhz DDR4 SDD + 4 HDDs Low End / Older: Intel x3440 @ 3.4Ghz RX 560 4GB 1800Mhz DDR3 2 x 500GB HDD - My Equipment - Microphone - Blue Snowball (Now the Blue Snowball 2 *Gloss Black Edt* Headphones - Xaomi Mi Pro Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of Panjno/Panjnotutorials, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. Panjno / Panjnotutorials assumes no liability for property damage or loss of data as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. Due to factors beyond the control of Panjno, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, programs, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not Panjno.
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Text Comments (1963)
Karan Parmar (4 hours ago)
Omg!!!!! it's worked out 🔥
Nic Condon (5 hours ago)
This made my graphics worse and my fps lower /:
carlos savage (10 hours ago)
Saima Ansari (14 hours ago)
emnem rap god 😂😂😂
Do Tech (15 hours ago)
Just an FYI, after the May 2019 Windows update (1903) there's no Radeon settings when you right click, gotta go from system tray.
Carsule1614 (15 hours ago)
Guys , legit this still works , I have a smoother gameplay and like + 5-10 fps in every game I don't know how LOLOLOL I did benchmarks as well thank you so much my dude <3 Credits to this guy.
KryoKurios (19 hours ago)
Why don't i have all your options ? I mean i only have "gaming" "connect" and "system" + i can't update my drivers
TheUnlegitAlpha (10 hours ago)
KryoKurios I’m having the same issue right now.
SneaKy_BeaKy Abdo (22 hours ago)
when i install the software it dont shown ... but i have amd radeon hd 5450
Wikid Dexin (9 hours ago)
Vaffel man (1 day ago)
my pc got worse, why?
Vaffel man (3 hours ago)
Bible studies Thanks, i watched the video again and reverted everything to its normal value.
Bible studies (3 hours ago)
It became worse because you made a mistake at 8:36 or near there. I never did it. Doing that can actually break your computer. But your lucky. Now keep that as a warning.
imperiors (1 day ago)
One question. I have is should I have AMD freesync on or off I have 144hz monitor
JAXSON_KILBURG (1 day ago)
FearNCK (2 days ago)
Wow, this was the most professional video guide on how to increase your performance I’m so glad I stumbled upon this video before I went and messed up my computer on other guides. You just got a like a Loyal subscriber!
Adhocz (2 days ago)
It also stutters more so thanks
Adhocz (2 days ago)
I went down by about 30fps thanks to this
Adhocz (11 hours ago)
@Do Tech well it doesn't really matter now ya silly goose
Do Tech (11 hours ago)
Adhocz then you didn't do the system restore correctly, or it was your Radeon settings because a system restore would literally undo everything you just did.
Adhocz (14 hours ago)
@Do Tech I did that it it was still bad, I've fixed it now but I had to factory reset
Do Tech (14 hours ago)
Adhocz I wonder why he said only about 10 times that you could restore your system (and showed how to create a restore point) if it isn't an improvement for you.
Rosé Godsé (2 days ago)
i dont have the video options below. only gaming connect and system.
Fudge Gaming (2 days ago)
got no gpu workload
Diky Arif (3 days ago)
Flippy Musa (3 days ago)
Thank You for Removing Stutter FPS :D
Phlatz (3 days ago)
I’m locked at 30 FPS???
Tefik Sahin (4 days ago)
i have Question what happening when you going to map task Scheduling Category and if i doing not high but ultra or extreem ? :D
Keano Prince (6 hours ago)
it's not a game setting, there are only low, medium, high :/
belal gameplay (4 days ago)
But it doesn't work with me i still 9 framerate
Colin Whitlock (4 days ago)
When you say use application settings and then turn it off within the game (anti aliasing) will I still have good anti aliasing?
Brandon (4 days ago)
Yeah no - I just can't like or subscribe to anyone begging this hard regardless of content -although I do like the pace once he actually starts talking about it. Edit- good advice for FPS only -and I like the video's pacing and provided links a lot - I did subscribe - but for god's sake man you are doing yourself a disservice with the powerpoint pop ins!
Ante Božulić (4 days ago)
Unigine Heaven Benchmark : fps before 66.4 . after 93.4 . So i got a 30+ fps boost after this guide. Is that possible ? :DD
Reddublin (5 days ago)
Earned yourself a sub
Internal Stuff (5 days ago)
you ramble on to much at the first
Internal Stuff (5 days ago)
But Good info
Iron Exile (5 days ago)
I've actually noticed a massive difference to the performance of my RX 480! Thank you so much for this video - simply to follow and super effective
Iron Exile (5 days ago)
@Oof Oof I tried out Doom 2016 on Ultra settings and I saw an FPS boost of 30-40 FPS
Oof Oof (5 days ago)
what games u play and what fps boost ya get?
FortnitesBR Videos (5 days ago)
Ali Akbar Tariq (5 days ago)
guys i need help !!!! I have AMD Radeon R9 M200x series ... the official site dont have drivers of this version and also my AMD software (Adrenalin 2019) shows less options i.e. it has no video option in gaming section and neither GPU workload option. can anyone tell me whats wrong ???
Antartic Storm (4 days ago)
The adrenalin 2019 version doesnt have the options in what you see in this video
Antartic Storm (4 days ago)
I think it depends on the gpu and proccesor you have
Tefik Sahin (5 days ago)
is this also work when you have gtx 780ti card i mean not the program radeon but the last 6.46minuts when you start can you also do that for when you have gtx card panjno
Antartic Storm (4 days ago)
I think you can
John Cummins (5 days ago)
what pixel format would you use for a 4k tv
FBI -Pubg Mobile (5 days ago)
I did it, but it didnt work for me. I also didnt set a recovery point, how do i fix it now?
Antartic Storm (4 days ago)
Big oof
P Monk (7 days ago)
Thank you for this video. I had some flickering problems and now it's gone.
RockHEYS 00 (7 days ago)
So will clicking on the AMD settings update my graphics card which is an RX 580 and will it update my GPU as well this is my first time buying a gaming computer and setting it up I want to be fully optimised and updated to get that full 1080p setting for stunting gaming experience
petronas01 (7 days ago)
If is switch on "Chill" does it highly decrease fps?
StreetfighterzHD (5 days ago)
Test it?
DalanbC (7 days ago)
Hi! I only want to ask... Is the Regedit config kinda risky of our PC?
Noobmaster69 • (6 days ago)
It can be if you don't know what you're doing
Tolga Erduvan (7 days ago)
worked a little, thanks.
Angel Gonzales (8 days ago)
How do I create a system profile
Angel Gonzales (8 days ago)
My laptop is shit
Angel Gonzales (8 days ago)
It won’t let me go into advanced settings or restore
MadriX (8 days ago)
It works more badly
Lost In the Sauce (8 days ago)
you sound like merl
Der Blitz (8 days ago)
super helpfull video!!!!
Mrir Bjd (9 days ago)
I have Intel core what i do?
Thank you sir.
Saif TN (10 days ago)
i dont have the video option next to gaming what should i do ?
simple and informative, thanks this definitely helped my laptop's performance
I don't have the update button in radeon settings, can you help me please🙏
Arkan ichsan (9 days ago)
update it manually at amd.com
Evil (11 days ago)
Does anyone know why i'm missing some options like GPU workload/chill/frame rate target control?
Utkarsh Gaming Network (10 days ago)
Me too, its maybe because we have a laptop and he is on pc
owen dawson (11 days ago)
6:06 random black box in top right corner
N Lunch (11 days ago)
best video so informing thx.
Darthvader Darthadder (11 days ago)
Thx went from amd 290 to nvidia 2080 ti Performance
R/Cringe (9 days ago)
A 290 is around a gtx 1060 3gb
Cy Clone (11 days ago)
It did not work
ku la (12 days ago)
I updated the driver but when I right click, it doesnt Come "amd radeon settings" it comes "graphics properties" and below that it says "configure switchable graphics" what should I do???
Haris Haris (11 days ago)
go to graphics properties, select gaming tab(3d settings) and basically follow these settings. it's all the same just looks different
ku la (12 days ago)
I have a amd A6-4400M with HD 7520G things is that good? I can get good fps on my laptop but it gets warm and sometimrs shuts down because of that, anyways is that good driver?
Zenphen (13 days ago)
This guy is so helpful FPS on fortnite was 40-50 now 110-150
Yoda loves Luke (11 days ago)
I think that you just disabled V-Sync lol
Baljit Panesar (14 days ago)
I do not have relive on my and I have a new gpu and the drivers are all up to date
Nghaka Hmar Tusing (14 days ago)
Can we use this for laptop with ryzen 5 amd radeon gpu?
Salfikar Alfigara (14 days ago)
Thanks, my pc not shuttering anymore
War Lock (15 days ago)
Really boost it up
Before: 1 Fps After: 2 Fps Thanks.
Steven Souillard (5 days ago)
Thats double the performance
rival dayat (15 days ago)
But my game not full resolusi
Khilaffah Rasyidin (15 days ago)
I see rust there xD
Assassin (16 days ago)
Before 20 now 80
Assassin (16 days ago)
You are the best
אלעד בן חמו (17 days ago)
Fake video not help at all just wasted my time and messy in my pc
Tamim Hashemi (17 days ago)
Can any one help me please Have a big problem I have installed a new windows on my pc. And now when i play every kind of games they run very slowly on my pc before installing of windows the games ran super fast and nice I have installed all of my drivers too
Fast Gameplay (16 days ago)
Maybe you plugged in your hdmi cable into the motherboard instead of gpu
Fast Gameplay (16 days ago)
Maybe you plugged in the hdmi cable into motherboard instead of gpu
DarkLord217 (19 days ago)
The Witcher 3, went from 78FPS on Ultra 1080P to 95FPS, sweet! nice job.
TurkeyForLive_XD :b (19 days ago)
Lemon Stimpy (19 days ago)
When I was trying too change the digits I was given an error, help?!
Kenny C (19 days ago)
Great video, I’m a photographer and all my programs run kinda sluggish I was thinking maybe these settings will help the programs I use to edit photos. I’m using a Lenovo Yoga 720 This configuration features a 15.6-inch 3840 x 2160 IPS multi-touch display, 2.8GHz Core i7-7700HQ quad-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and a dedicated GTX 1050. With all that power the programs I use still crash and run sluggish most of the time. Thank you keep up the great work.
Prasad Pachpind (19 days ago)
Hey....my laptop suddenly shut down while playing crysis game after doing this setting.....plzz tell me the solution
Carl Sandqvist (10 days ago)
Prasad Pachpind u just search for system 32 in Windows bar and delete it i get Hugo fps boost
Prasad Pachpind (17 days ago)
@No more heores how can i ??
No more heores (19 days ago)
Delete system 32
GaMerBoY (20 days ago)
wofly Script (20 days ago)
2006 anyone else?
Yuan Braga da Costa (20 days ago)
+1 inscrito
8_No_Mercy_6 (20 days ago)
N4fe (20 days ago)
dam im rewatching this video and the software version is currently 19.5.1
Akki R (16 days ago)
It's 19.5.2 today bud !
Zoltzerus (20 days ago)
Helped a bit went from 60 FPS to 70 but still feel the difference in season 9 thanks
ITx. HamidZ (17 days ago)
does work for fortnite?
Zvona Bro (21 days ago)
Anndd we need to leave it opened right?
Rusyda Sadida (21 days ago)
my radeon setting use much data usage than normal, should i worried? i use metered connection so kinda worriying.
MashUpStation (22 days ago)
Does this work on a laptop with Intel 7200u 2.5 ghz and AMD r5 m240 2gb?
Talon (19 days ago)
He said it works for all AMD GPUs, so according to him yes. But it looks like its not working for some people so just try it and find out.
Drizly (22 days ago)
this fucked up my shit sooo bad
Cody Marshall (22 days ago)
Helped me out on Shoreline, i get 50fps and dips to 40 with my x4 760k, r9 r90x 4gb and 4gb of ram, the reg edit's really helped out.t hank you!
Marcell Bas (23 days ago)
will it affect every editing softwares? like PS, c4d or vegas?
Marcell Bas (23 days ago)
i mean will it decreases render times or stuff like that on editing softwares
SaucyMattTV (23 days ago)
I have had this PC with RX 480 for 5-6 years and I have NEVER updated the drivers... Thanks bro you literally saved a life today LOLOL
Rx480 was released 3 years ago..
cornelius99 (23 days ago)
@panjno hey man, can you do graphic settings for Escape from Tarkov ?
Danny Mint (24 days ago)
Dude.... idk what part fixed my pc but I literally went from 70 FPS to 250 FPS. Wowwww thanks bro!
Danny Mint (23 days ago)
Fudge Wars I did that as well
Fudge Wars (23 days ago)
Danny Mint did you do the regedit thing or you didn’t ?
Unitox Record's (24 days ago)
Does it work with Gigabyte RX 460 4 GB OC and Fx 6300 ~4,2Ghz ? Sorry for my English I'm from Hungary 😁
Unitox Record's (23 days ago)
@Fudge Wars Thank You 😁😁
Fudge Wars (23 days ago)
Unitox Record's it should probably work hella fine brotha
T J (24 days ago)
j3fron (3 days ago)
@Dogs and Gooses forever agree with ya Indians, full of scammer guys Always puts english title but explanation in hindi Really indians???
Actually never trust indians in general
Based on my awful experience, never trust indian tutorials
ALL MIGHT (24 days ago)
i play LOL rx 580 8gb ryzen 3 2200g before : 110 fps in combat after 140 fps in combat
Oof Oof (5 days ago)
I have same specs as you. Did it really work? Also do you play bf1 btw and did you get fps increase. Also what other games did you get fps increase in?
ALL MIGHT (23 days ago)
@Eduardo Rivera when u played lol does it has low fps when u click p to buy When i played it i has 140 fps Then click p to buy i just has 40 or 90 fps it drop fps just a while
Eduardo Rivera (24 days ago)
Got that combo too, let's see what happens!
JustGuardian _ (25 days ago)
I have a problem: I have updated my amd r5 m330 graphics card driver (from 15.1 to 19.5) and after I do this my pc is lagging a lot: the screen is freezing every 3 seconds. How can I fix? Thanks
Talon (19 days ago)
You can run the AMD cleanup utility to remove the current driver, then you can search "amd drivers" in google and select your GPU then find and redownload your old driver.
Rocker LAST (25 days ago)
Bruh amd settings won't open for me ( I have vega 8) send buses plz
Xychor (25 days ago)
Woah! This background music is pretty confusing, as my brain seems to be unable to filter out the singing >.<"
Inferious RexO (26 days ago)
Lol people are stupid it only works if you have a Radeon driver installed in your pc u can’t just download it lucky for me I have one installed.
Furyious Gamer (27 days ago)
A little gain but anyway its free so its ok
Jesper (27 days ago)
how am i supposed to take computer advice from someone who has "advanced system care" installed?
TheRealCat (20 days ago)
Paolo Intravaia (27 days ago)
Suuuuperrrrr, thanx :D
juwelAhmed12 (27 days ago)
thanks man
Victorylands (27 days ago)
I got from 50 fps to 35 fps thanks Panjno
Nick YT 2.0 (27 days ago)
i went from like 80 to 250+ fps best youtuber ever
Muskett 23 (28 days ago)
If thus doesnt work for my black screen im depressed

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