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Mapping Cockroaches and Asthma in NYC: Creating NYC Health Survey Maps using CartoDB

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This tutorial walks you through using CartoDB to create a map showing the percent of people reporting seeing a cockroach in their home in the past month with the percent of people reporting ever being told by their doctor that they have asthma. Cockroach droppings are a known asthma trigger (see http://www.cdc.gov/asthma/triggers.html for more). This video covers the basics of Assignment 2, which was to create a choropleth map using a shapefile provided in class and data found through EpiQuery, NYC's brows-able health indicator site. EpiQuery provides both the UHF neighborhood level data for the cockroach sitings as well as the asthma estimates. Sites referenced in this video include: CartoDB - CartoDB.com NYC Interactive Health Data - https://a816-healthpsi.nyc.gov/epiquery/ UHF 34 Neighborhoods file on CartoDB - https://goransoc.cartodb.com/datasets
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