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Maasai Cattle, Biogas and Tires: Entrepreneurs Find Innovative Use For Slaughter Waste

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http://www.infoDev.org/climate - An enterprising business has been recycling blood from a Maasai slaughterhouse to create biogas for cooking. They even store the fuel in used tires, lessening the environmental impact of the operation. The project is one of the green enterprises supported by the World Bank / infoDev's Climate Technology Program, an initiative sponsored by the U.K.’s Department for International Development, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australian Aid), Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA), Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Seun Idowu (1 year ago)
Will like to venture into bottling biogas as a business in my country but it seems like a new technology around here. I will really like to get in touch for some form of technical support. Please is there any assistance you can render to me
Pablo Manzano Baena (3 years ago)
And in addition, there is a net reduction of greenhouse gases, because all the methane (higher greenhouse effect potential) is converted into carbon dioxide (lower greenhouse effect potential) through the whole process!!
ray mark (4 years ago)
am so proud of this for sure, once you see others are advince and you learn through them to me its something good as i am learning in every minute of my time watch.

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