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£286 into £2455 in 4 Days Spreadbetting the DAX

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This April we caught a lovely huge move Spreadbetting the German DAX. Risking £286 of my account we rode an 8.6R trade all the way to the bank. brings the account up to almost 40% return just for April alone. No predictions. Just systematic trend following on an intraday scale. Learn this System here: https://spreadbetbeginner.co.uk/swingtrading-beginners-course/
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Chris Chillingworth (1 year ago)
NOTE: Had a comment (which strangely disappeared) about the market gap and how it could have gone against me. I was using a GUARENTEED STOP LOSS on this trade. So risk was only £286. My broker would have honored my pre-defined exit regardless of any gap that could happen against me. :)
Grace Ogunade (10 months ago)
Hi Chris can you help me please. I need to learn this ASAP. Please let me know how I can get on your training
TheTraveler (1 year ago)
Bro what are you selling? would love some mentoring, let me know your services
Boxman Media (6 days ago)
what software do you use?
skylerace15 (1 month ago)
Hi Chris, you keep mentioning about your system. Is it something you have/teach in one of your videos in YouTube or is this something we need to pay and subscribe to you? Sorry for the question, I hope you will reply back. Keep inspiring us! I'll keep watch your space!
Chris Chillingworth (1 month ago)
https://spreadbetbeginner.co.uk is where all my trainings are at the moment. Let me know if I can help with anything else tho.
Tibor Anderko (3 months ago)
Is the spreadsheet you've got there downloaded directly from the trading platform, or did you make yourself?
Preetha Gnana Backiam (6 months ago)
Thanks for the video ... which platform is best in uk....???
Rita50 (6 months ago)
You had balls to hold over French elections.
Martin Kuliza (8 months ago)
can i ask ..... what does STONKING Mean LOL I'm guessing .... it's something good or.. is it a bad trade
Matthew Spurr (10 months ago)
Hi Chris, thanks for sharing this. I had a question. Had the election (or whatever fundamental for future ref) caused a negative gap to the downside bypassing your stop loss would you not have lost like 300%? (Assuming the gap was the same size downwards. Because I presume your SL would have been even closer if you're only risking 2-3% of your BR). Is that possible for the SL to not be triggered if the market gaps in such an aggressive way? If so, then perhaps it's advisable to close out positions over w/e in case. Happy that it worked out so well for you on this occasion, but just curious!
Matthew Spurr (10 months ago)
Ignore this comment, just read your comment above haha.
Alken (1 year ago)
I've seen this strategy before, it's called price action trading strategy :D
russell steel (1 year ago)
Hi Chris, Watched your video, where are your signals coming from? And I want to ask, are you using a spread betting account,? Also, Do you use a separate account for your buy and sell trades, because I found that to trade buy and sell trades in one account, if you have two trades on and one is in profit and one is loosing it reduces the trade that's in profit? Thanks for the vid very interesting
Chris Chillingworth (1 year ago)
Hi Russell My signals come from my system that I've designed. All taught in my course as its too much to explain here, despite being relatively simple as far as systems go. I only use one spreadbetting account, using IG.com. If you have a profitable trade up £200 and a losing trade down -£50 your overall P&L will obviously be £150, but they don't specifically take profit away from the winning £200 trade, if that's what you mean.
Courage Sam (1 year ago)
Hi Chris . Thanks for the video. Started spreading used your system adapted it to my own made a few mistakes here and there but I got into it and my account is up over 10percent. Controlling your emotions is the key
Chris Chillingworth (1 year ago)
Hey Kevin. I had an unexpected tax bill to pay (not connected with my trading) so I had to dip into my trading balance to pay it off. Which set me back to square one for 2017. Plan for 2017 is to absolutely not spend any trading profits and compound.
Kevin Howe (1 year ago)
Hi Chris , you made 135% last year why didnt you compound the account why start from 10k again ?
Chris Chillingworth (1 year ago)
Absolutely. And the fact you realise that means you're a step ahead of many others already. First you have to know the issues with psychology in trading, then you have to recognise them live, and then learn how to control them. Thanks for sharing your results.

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