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TANZANIA: Rapid Bus Transit System saves Time and Money

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Dar es Salaam in Tanzania is a city on the move. This East African city has an average annual growth rate of 7%, so it’s bustling with people doing business; buying and selling goods and services. But, congested roadways and heavy traffic make it difficult for businesses to thrive in this port city, so the government and the World Bank have worked together to create a new Rapid Bus Transit system to speed up rush hour and get these busy Tanzanians where they need to be.
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Text Comments (22)
Samuel Liebermann (5 months ago)
"Reduction of two thirds or more". This sentence does not make any sense. It basically says "any reduction including none."
Abuu Kejo (7 months ago)
It has limitations too
furaha daudi (7 months ago)
The best city in east Africa
Ian Rutto (4 months ago)
of course Nairobi
Abdullah Jan (9 months ago)
Nice love from Pakistan
shabani jumanne (1 year ago)
Great Project, Big up my Tanzania
Giorg189 (1 year ago)
Speed 50 km/h is definitely not rapid. It's fairer to call it 'basic bus service'.
DJ FX (3 months ago)
it's fast cause bit doesn't encounter traffic
Mogens Borchert (7 months ago)
Giorg189 have you ever been to Dar Es Salaam? On the big roads this bus is definetly the fastest option! Going by car, minibus or motorbike will have you driving with an average speed of 10 kph
Smith Prod (1 year ago)
We need same in Douala and Yaoumde Cameroon
Noel EN (1 year ago)
Not happening in the next 50 years from now, blame bollore and the french government, they own that country.
jarobkar yaGob (1 year ago)
I love you all cantriess of africa tanzanya progress
ikrissa idrissa (1 year ago)
nice city dar-es-salaam
James Kurtz (1 year ago)
Dar es salaam yapendeza kweli. in the next few years everyone will be talking about Dar. Would love to visit this mega city. Nairobi yetu haisongi, bado tupo kwenye mida ya 1990s.
Lucas Mhagama (1 month ago)
Hata Nairobi tunaiheshime I think Dar na Nairobi ni East Afrcan Icon
Ian Rutto (4 months ago)
bro kuanga patriotic,,, Nairobi is moving ahead
kijana kichwa (1 year ago)
Now that Bus drive highway can be transformed into a rail-line making it a commuter train line just like in Europe and America. (Strassenbahn-Germany) that can carry many pple. Big up Tanzania!
Change Mindset (8 months ago)
kijana kichwa we are getting there darling
vahsir artapaham (1 year ago)
that would require construction of pillars and viaducts , but yeah a rail based mass transport is the best anyday
Latif Amars (1 year ago)
Have they thought about pitching this as a NAMA project?
tanzania kuwa kama ulaya inawezekana sema tu watu waache kuiba fedha za selikari mbona rwanda kama ulaya nawakati wamepigana sana vita

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