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Gender Equality as Smart Economics

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In recent years there have been significant gains in women's health and education, but gains in women's economic opportunities have been modest at best. This is not only unfair, but also inefficient, since increased women's labor force participation and earnings are associated with reduced poverty and faster growth. Women stand to benefit from their economic empowerment, but so do men, children and society as a whole. In sum, in addition to its intrinsic development value, there is a strong business case for expanding women's economic opportunities: it is smart economics. Renewing attention to women's economic empowerment and increasing investments in women are ways to promote economic development and reduce poverty.
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Matt Biden (6 years ago)
LOL you gullible skank. They dont care about womens rights. Their trying to lower birth rates by getting women in the workplace. LOL you think the world bank cares about you or any-one else for that matter? LOLOLOL
Lindsey Jones (6 years ago)
Kudos to the World Bank for making the business case for gender equality
starmoon937 (10 years ago)
is "Gender Equality as Smart Economics" only GAP business case? Is there any other action or something for women's eduction and health /By today/ What will World bank do when country or whatever want help for health or education? Reject it or?

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