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Toward a Greener Future: Conservation Success Stories from Africa

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http://www.worldbank.org/africa - Africa is home to some of the richest biodiversity. This video demonstrates the diverse ecosystems, from land to sea, highlighting both the severity of the conservation challenge and celebrates Africa's home-grown conservation success stories that show how nations are taking steps to conserve their valuable biodiversity, securing a greener future for all.
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Sir William Marcus (3 years ago)
really graet video, Like
World Bank (4 years ago)
How much of our earth is protected? Check out @WorldBankData: http://wdi.worldbank.org/table/3.4 #EarthDay #WDI2014 | http://ow.ly/i/5jxop
Dr. Ananh Norasingh (3 years ago)
MUst inforce for the better world.
Timboc Tou (4 years ago)
Some things you just can't teach..
vikas chauhan (5 years ago)
a wonderful research
Emmanuel Bansah (5 years ago)
God help Africa

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