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10 Harshest Uninhabitable Places on Earth

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From impossible pools of sulfur, to gnarly volcanic wastelands, here are 10 Harshest Uninhabitable Places on Earth Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Snake Island 9. Death Valley 8. Antipodes Islands 7. Minqin County, China 6. Litla Dimun 5. Australian Outback If you think you got what it take to survive in the harsh australian desert, then you dare you to try to live in the Australian outback for a few weeks on your own and see how it goes. The center of eastern australia, seems to completely lack resources unless you’re looking for snakes, toxic chemicals, or uranium. This is home to Lake Disappointment, which really doesn’t seem to inviting. Here in this photo we see a that was once used to store uranium, left in the outback. (What Photo?) So you really you shouldn’t get your hopes up about living here. The lake is rather salty and someone is probably disappointed :( Some people tried to settle in wittenoom Australia when an extremely large amount of blue asbestos was discovered.This however, didn’t turn out so great and didn’t know exactly how extremely toxic blue asbestos truly was. 4. Montserrat A small little island in the Caribbean would seem like a great place to inhabit with plenty of lush forests and black sand beaches. But the positive things about Montserrat seem to end there and it’s home to an extremely active volcano, making a majority of it completely uninhabitable! The capital city of Plymouth was completely destroyed after a volcanic eruption happened here and you can see the destruction for yourself on google maps! Other places like richmond hills to the north were abandoned shortly after. It’s certainly not a welcoming view, seeing a volcano steaming from gases relentlessly from the peak. Here in this photo from the 1990’s we see the capital of the British overseas territory, completely draped in ash. To this day, the area surrounding Soufriere Hills, is covered in sharp volcanic glass and not the fine white sands you’d prefer to see in the Caribbean. Very few have returned to the island after the eruption but they should be fearing for their lives. 3. Siberia (Pronounced Wrong) If you dare to venture off into the far east of Russia, you will come across some of the most brutal conditions on the face on the planet. The siberian winter is no joke folks and it has the power to turn you into a popsicle in a matter of hours. The population density of this massive chunk of land is about 3 inhabitants per kilometer making it the most sparsely populated region in the world and for good reason. You certainly do not want to end up in a work camp here!The green forests might seem inviting, but you can safely bet your money, they will completely covered in snow by the time october comes. Some villages manage to reach temperatures -67 degrees celsius or -89 degrees fahrenheit! If the extreme cold doesn’t get you, a bear most likely will! Some claim that the road that while constructing the M56 highway through siberia, it earned the nickname “the highway of bones” due to the sheer amount of lives lost from the frigid conditions here. 2. Danakil Depression We mentioned this place briefly in our most color places video but this is seriously not a place you want to move to! Ethiopia is already a difficult place to live and then you add places like Dallol to the mix and you wonder how anyone can actually survive here! With an average high of 121 degrees in July, people who come to this region just want to get a few things and get the heck out! There used to be a settlement in this location but it was abandoned after mining a few tons of salt.The landscapes of this place are like something from an entirely different world. The Dallol sulphur springs emit a horrendous odor and make up part of Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. Possibly the lowest and hottest place on earth, the water below the earth is extremely salty, toxic and hot. You can probably make a trip here to check it out but don’t plan on staying long! 1 Antarctica Antarctica is the only continent on Earth that has no permanent residence and it’s completely uninhabitable. No towns, no cities, no commercial industries just a few scientific research stations were people some how manage to tough out the extremely harsh conditions for a few weeks then get the heck out! Here in this photo we see a few heavily vehicles left at Oasis Station originally built by the Soviets. If the Russians can’t handle the cold no one can, except for the penguins! Trying to establish any kind of base here is nearly impossible and there’s still equipment left over from those who dared settling on this continent. Not only is it cold, it’s also the the windiest place on earth on average. While there is some fresh water here, it’s all frozen or buried under miles of ice! Only 11 people have actually been born on antarctica but don’t expecting it to become permanently populated anytime soon.
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Alvin Prettyman (24 days ago)
thanks for posting
NPC TARD (1 month ago)
If u go to snake island 🐍 take a nitrogen cannon freeze da fookers,i dont understand snakes on a ✈ 🐍 just smash the windows and level of at 10,000ft freeze the snakes they are exothermal guess ppl in hollywood have no BRAINS,that island i would blast the top clean of it
Glenn Dunn (1 month ago)
People live in death valley year round I've meet them
Nigel Green (1 month ago)
pronounced an-tip-o-dees with the accent on the tip
Keith Wallis (1 month ago)
"Ethiopia is already a difficult place to live... you wonder how anyone can survive in this country". Eh? Apart from 100-odd million people (and rising faaaast) not in the Denakil and the desert, who have year-round mild temperatures, beautiful pastures, rolling hills and forests, and the Blue Nile. And Addis Ababa...
Rob L (1 month ago)
Bro ham, get over your cold b4 you narrate a vid.
Christian Petersen (1 month ago)
Your facts suck. Why is it called the road of bones? Get your shit straight.
Richard mercado (1 month ago)
Who gives a fuck if he said “anti podes” get with the program, we love our American accents, so what, be happy he made this video for u to watch
Dave O (1 month ago)
.In addition to the horrible pronouncing, the claim you make about the castaway hut on the Antipodes is also false. As the still shot you use is from the wiki page on the island (with the man in front and all) I would have thought you would have read the information on it. It wasn't built by survivors. A number of castaway depots were built and stocked with supplies on deserted islands around the southern ocean in the late 19th century to allow shipwrecked sailors to survive the very harsh conditions present on the sub Antarctic islands. As obvious from the photo, these were prefabricated buildings which put together on location.
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
Snake island needs some mongooses
polite critique (1 month ago)
You forgot terrorist israel
Christian Heras (1 month ago)
This asshole talks like he has a dick in his mouth...
thbh88 (1 month ago)
*10 places I want to move to*
Elzbeth Dempseyjones (1 month ago)
Australia outback is easy to live in..I used to have a feast of nuts and roots ..man , they was only in the early 1980's until the cops came in and stole the natives lands and then leased it to bloody American soldiers.. May the demons possess those wankers..
Earth Man (1 month ago)
Addison Trefon (1 month ago)
Litla dimun
BornToRunBarefoot (1 month ago)
#1 Hillary Clinton's vagina
mAtt drmmer (2 months ago)
Your voice...
Michelle Millet (2 months ago)
I could live on number 6. Just need a fishing rod. Hammer and some nails and I'll get by with my life lol
wes cornelius (2 months ago)
What about Chicago
Lee Jackson (1 month ago)
wes cornelius or Detroit
frank hargreaves (2 months ago)
Send Hillary to one of them.
Michael McConnell (2 months ago)
Been to Death Valley in the winter. A great place. Natural hot springs and sand dunes. You can drive the max too as there are few police or other people. Still there is a small town there. Just don't go in the summer.
edgar valderrama (2 months ago)
You say funny things; such as showing girls "trying" to "plant" (dry) grass!
David Brown (2 months ago)
Snake island they need to stray poison on it by air plan off and on for two years till they are sure all the snakes are dead even those that may hatch later. Then give about five years for the natural ran and weather to wash away the poison then it will be ready for people.
Destroy Everything (2 months ago)
There are towns in Death Valley, I think that means it's inhabitable.
Diane Benzler (2 months ago)
I lived in Death Valley, in 1979 and 1981. It was interesting, my late husband was the master electrician at the Furnace Creek Ranch, bring your own water!!!
N (2 months ago)
People live in Death Valley
j wumpus (2 months ago)
I think even though we have found no life on Pluto, we should still consider it to be a enemy planet
mike hunt (2 months ago)
the real question is how did they get the lighthouse there in the first place
Abbet John Galarpe (2 months ago)
If snakes habit the Island,drop airbombs from a bomber.
Simone Cutrupi (2 months ago)
What about Kamchatka
Return Stroke (2 months ago)
No mention of Swindon, uk
James Thomas (2 months ago)
The Argentinians have a build a city in Antarctica that is inhabited year round, if I remember my National Geographic's documenters right.
David Vavra (2 months ago)
Romel Alvarado (2 months ago)
Death valley sounds Phoenix az.
John Christie (2 months ago)
what a fucked video... talking about Australia whilst showing a video of somewhere road USA town... fuck off we drive on the opposite side of the road to you
Jim Crawford (2 months ago)
Can’t be much food left for that many snakes, seems a bit ridiculous.
Todd Smith (3 months ago)
Dr who stuck in Montserrat at 5:01
Scroll Down Now (3 months ago)
*you forgot my little brothers diaper*
Anywhere With Phil (4 months ago)
What, Death Valley is “ uninhabitable”? At the hottest heart of death Valley lies hotels, restaurants, retail stores, a golf courses, swimming pools, gas stations, a mobile home park and trailer park. Your list is busted!
Angrypossums X (5 months ago)
Siberia is not the most sparsely populated region in the world. It doesn’t even make the top 10. Greenland with a density of 0.03 people/sq km is the least densely populated country on earth.
Chris Clifford (2 months ago)
Greenland can't regulate as a country or a Province it's both
Yoda (5 months ago)
Antarctica has a town with permanent residents
noisepuppet (7 months ago)
You forgot inside the deep fryers at KFC
Paul TheSkeptic (8 months ago)
This is another one of those, wrong mood videos. Couldn't you talk about the most desolate places on earth a little more, low key. You sound like a commercial.
Elena Culcer (9 months ago)
Would love it if you could also put the list at either the beginning or ending of the video.
Anton Fuchs (9 months ago)
omg lake disappointment lol what a great name 😂
CLB BKLS (1 year ago)
What about bikini atoll?
Jack Inspiro (1 month ago)
Yeah you've gotta actually have enough land to even live on first lol bad example
Simone PleTon (1 year ago)
Hi American Eye - just to mention that "Antipodes" is pronounced - ant-i (as in "it" ) pod (as in "odd") and ends with ees - ant-i-pod-ees...just passing this on to ya`....thanks for the videos.
You forgot the center of the earth which is 5000+°C.
Tanner Jack (1 year ago)
There are also Siberian tigers in Siberia. 🐯
Fred Fadungy (1 year ago)
excuse me Death Valley has a Year round population.! im not bothering to watch the rest...
Grace G (1 year ago)
u forgot my brothers bedroom
TheDinosaurKing 777 (1 year ago)
Snakes are my favorite animals, so I don't mind them!
Crazy_ Canuck (1 year ago)
Ha if the Russians can't handle the cold Canadians sure will.
Pablosuper90 (1 year ago)
Ironically, for penguins Antarctica is the safest place to live, they wouldn't survive in other environments
Josh Smith (1 year ago)
*cough cough* Fallout *cough cough*
Nerd Jr. (1 year ago)
6:05 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Daniel Page (1 year ago)
You should redo Antarctica. There have been at least a couple multi national scientific bases there, and I believe one built fairly recent that has a modular design that is able to raise so far up above the newer snow drifts as it builds up.
maria jose cruzat (1 year ago)
If you are going to make a video about geography you might at least get the pronunciation right (after getting your adenoids fixed). It's pronounced Ann Tip OHH DEEZ not anti podes!
Leigh Hincks (1 year ago)
Why do you have the american flag on this? I really thing you are an idiot...
Leigh Hincks (1 year ago)
Antipodes...... Antip Odees idiot
40belowful (1 year ago)
Siberia is no different then alaska
The Arctic Troodon (1 year ago)
Hush my children, do you hear it? the Pinguin armada is coming to conquer Russia
Gojida (1 year ago)
What about the Mariana trench?
Centauri A Gaming (1 year ago)
Oh and Antarctica is the only continent without trees, so bring whatever is going to start fires with.
Centauri A Gaming (1 year ago)
I'm going to attempt going to Antarctica, who wants to come with me on this expedition?
noisepuppet (7 months ago)
Centauri A Gaming Certain commentators claim that the Antarctic frontier is heavily guarded and defended because one look at it proves the hollow flat earth or something, or is it Nibiru. Is this true?
JOSH SNYDER (1 year ago)
I have been there.  There is in fact research stations in Antarctica.  The US has three stations there.  McMurdo station is the largest station the us has.
Emma Nicholson (1 year ago)
This is probably scary when you hear 👂 it
Aaron Osborne (1 year ago)
Birthplace Antarctica.That is some serious bragging rites.
backoffbucko (1 year ago)
Forgot your mom's p*ssy.
Irakli _32 (1 year ago)
So in Antarctica penguins will build their settlements
Condalisa Rice (1 year ago)
"Ante Podes"?   It's pronounced "An-tip-odees"
Amanda Rios (1 month ago)
Weird having an American flag for the facts. Like I get it the name of the channel is that but they're not even using their own logo. Pandering to patriotism much?
Bork Air (1 month ago)
mass production of youtube stuff
TIMBREWULF (1 year ago)
ant-tip-o-deeees island
My Name is Gladiator (1 year ago)
And yet, people do live in Death Valley. It's a big tourist attraction.
Tyson Carmel (1 year ago)
Careful daring people to attempt to live in the Australian outback. Some dipshit might actually try and the family may try to sue you for the death. Haha I am only playing 😄
Robert Folkner (1 year ago)
Siberia does not consist entirely of frozen forests. It is so large that it possesses a wide range of climate diversity. Much of it is temperate.
Tracy May (1 year ago)
There Are Plenty of People Who Live In and Around DV with Same Climate. I Know 5 People Myself That Live There. Check Out DARWIN FALLS and Panamint Springs
Dylan Purdy (1 year ago)
I go one, The deepest part of the ocean Crushing water All darkness
oldtvnut (1 year ago)
Look up some pronunciations: São Paulo -->"Sahn POWloh" Antipodes --> "Ann TIP uh deez"
StatelessPerson (1 year ago)
Annunciate. (Google it.)
Ryan04H04 H (1 year ago)
I love going in to the outback mate no power no nothing :D
Ryan04H04 H (1 year ago)
And why Korea why do you want to bomb us in Australia :(
kingkam78 (1 year ago)
I though Chernobyl would be on this list.
Jack Inspiro (1 month ago)
People actually live there, not directly in the city but quite a few around it. Plus the fact there are workers building a dome over the reactor 4 still daily and soldiers are on site 24/7. I'm not surprised
saint soldier (3 months ago)
And fukushima in Japan too
RalleQI Fynbo (1 year ago)
Helen Stokes (1 year ago)
Antipodes is pronounced an-tip-odees!
r h (1 year ago)
Antipodes AN -tip -O -dees its from a Greek word.. the more you know.. maybe spend a few seconds learning how to say the words, your going to say..
Pat Brennan (1 year ago)
I thought for sure Harlem would be on the list.    lol.
blackrabbit212 (1 year ago)
For God's sake man, anty-podes! It's pronounced an-tip-po-DEES. No wonder that people who speak English as a second language can't understand Americanese.
Things (10 months ago)
blackrabbit212 Just because he can't pronounce one word properly doesn't mean you can't speak english.
tom ebenau (1 year ago)
fantasmic crap
Blazing Warlord (1 year ago)
"Uninhabitable" - Shows places where people live..
Levi Hart Music (1 year ago)
The fact you say Antarctica has nothing but a few research stations, " Nothing at all "... turns me off. Now i question all of your accuracy.
New Earthling Larz (1 year ago)
Eastside ; San Antonio.. Harshness environment.
Christopher Rose (1 year ago)
It is still theoretically possible to inhabit Antarctica, but getting supplies on or off the continent, but a need for a stable energy source to keep the lights on, plus any form of agriculture, makes this idea all but impossible.
Aaron Weber (1 year ago)
Mandate assemble wisdom lie research pop substantial easy bit senator.
Chris Giuliante (1 year ago)
You should do a video on alien proofs. Love the channel keep at it
King Mylahn / Clever (1 year ago)
American eye always keeps me updated on relevant information
Stormwatcher (1 year ago)
You can say that again!
King Mylahn / Clever (1 year ago)
American eye always keeps me updated on relevant information
LodiTX (1 year ago)
it's An tip oh dees, not an tee podes. Jeez.
busylifemeto (1 year ago)
VERY informative, now we know where to export all Muslims
Sj W (2 months ago)
Nerf _Dude (1 year ago)
why isn't Chenobly on here, I think I spelled it right
Daniel Petrosky (1 year ago)
old seen this way back people make new videos or quite so New people can have you tube time get paid
diamonddog257 (1 year ago)
Fuck You ... Northern Canada ..... ie ....North of Edmonton, is exactly like Siberia. I lived there for years.....many people do.

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