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Zeah Nechromancy spellbook (Arceuus Spells) Osrs

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Zeah Nechromancy spellbook (Arceuus Spells) Osrs
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William K. (9 months ago)
The only video showcasing the new spellbook, thumbs up
stephen fromme (2 years ago)
That's pretty fuckin gay that they don't fight along side you. Wow what a big ass dissapointment. Fuck you Jagex this spellbook is a complete failure in my opinion, that's about the gayest shit I have ever seen.
stephen fromme (2 years ago)
Wtf? Why does that matter. Your a queer dude.
KillTheCurse (2 years ago)
+stephen fromme I'm imagining you're an easily offended person.
stephen fromme (2 years ago)
I don't want to train prayer it is just a dumb idea. No shit cus everyone there is drunk. What a fuckin dumb idea tbh.
KillTheCurse (2 years ago)
+stephen fromme Maybe now you will train prayer!  Don't know why you're hating on it.  I only ever use lunars for npc contact to fix my pouches or for the moonclan tele when runecrafting astrals.  Don't see me complaining.
stephen fromme (2 years ago)
Even then, that is a dumb as shit concept. They should have made it like summoning. I don't even train prayer so I will never use this spell book even for the gay ass barrows teleport.
benj osborne (2 years ago)
whats the point of this?
Nuno bla (2 years ago)
+benj osborne prayer xp
Ahmet Arslan (2 years ago)
idk haha

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