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Worst Day Ever - Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked

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Text Comments (7540)
Darky R (25 minutes ago)
When I graduate and get a good job I'd really like to get one of these high end phones. #dreams
Daniel Ployer (18 hours ago)
XD if you shortcut the worst episode ever it gaves you wee:D
Kasper (20 hours ago)
Felipe with 1 ej6 (22 hours ago)
I know that's all about Samsung phones ,but could you tell me why I can't see any of the Samsungs giga sounds? I mean what happened with it? all that I see is very low spec of rms ,and I can't find an answer to why nobody says anything about this ,If you know could you please tell me? thank you ,and I loved this review .
Christian O. Holz (1 day ago)
It looks just like any other modern cell phone. Not surprising since Samsung ROI for commodities like cell phones has been declining steadily for a few years now. They are focusing on the much more profitable chipset sector. Companies like Huwaii (or however you spell it) are now slowly gaining market share. Of course it does help that companies like that profited by the Chinese governments effort to copy other companies tech.
Trident Z (1 day ago)
wait for the asus rog phone
Will Buck (1 day ago)
Man this was horrible to watch sorry bud take a break have a kit kat
Dexter Dublin (1 day ago)
What a waste, the note 9 sucks. I'll wait for something more exciting then this.
Hank V (1 day ago)
To all you stupid idiots out ther dont touch this Samsung junk if you got S8 or higher
Hank V (1 day ago)
Stupid who cares
Hank V (1 day ago)
You lost your big weiner boyfriend now your ass aibt getting none
Why I could only decide between blue and purple if there is a black one? Damn
Fee Nicks (2 days ago)
Febron Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Optimism level infinity
PRANAV RAO (2 days ago)
TechieIO (2 days ago)
I hope you didn't forget that 512GB Card..... I saw you put the phone down right after ;-) . . . . . .
Bobby G (2 days ago)
Rickvian Aldi (2 days ago)
feel sorry for you linus! great video!
Davideo Jockey (2 days ago)
You are idiot they are waterproof dumpass
Saurabh Parmar (2 days ago)
Bixby Speaker please.
Saurabh Parmar (2 days ago)
What! First you said "integral 128 gig sd card." and then it suddenly becomes 512??
csgoteamviper (3 days ago)
Gimmi that fortnite skin boyy
Xisme cwilliams (3 days ago)
“I refuse to call it water proof” well of course it isn’t water proof neither is liquid damage covered by the warranty so people keep it away from water!
David Slagh (3 days ago)
Only Linus would have a SIM card remover tool on his keychain.
Alex Michael jack (3 days ago)
Why are you hate samsung galaxy note 9? I love Samsung galaxy note 9
Connor Hansen (3 days ago)
thought this video looked great, and audio was so clean. very nice
Branden McNabb (3 days ago)
Wait a minute. Is Linus gay? I mean, not that it matters.
BlueShellBoi (2 days ago)
No, he has a wife and kids.
adegbenro agoro (3 days ago)
This is my first encounter with this YouTuber. Immediately he started actually talking about the phone I was impressed.
boko (3 days ago)
After being so unhappy with Apple for the past year/two I'm selling my Macbook pro and building a custom pc, I have an iPhone 7, iPad mini, and Apple watch that I will be selling for this new phone! I'm excited now after seeing the Galaxy 9! I only hope I can get used to Android and especially Windows because I still like the design of OSX but it runs terribly.. And this $2500 Macbook Pro has $900 in repairs after just 2 years of having it, so pathetic!
Keith Kekezwa (3 days ago)
Dropped a like for your sheet day👍
KalodisWarrlock (3 days ago)
Still a Samsung. I have a Note 8. Hate it. POOP.
Parag Butle (3 days ago)
Love you bro
Carl Sharpe (3 days ago)
Review the new gear please
Marcus Zarafonetis (3 days ago)
Good video
Derf Senoj (3 days ago)
My note 3 is bigger. I have extra batteries. And no Bixby to take up space and ram. I'm not going to a smaller phone.👎
m Cave (4 days ago)
When are you going to get back to PC stuff I'm about to unsub you.
ciao986 (4 days ago)
Hope you found your luggage :(
Ferris Film (4 days ago)
👍Brandon this is for you 👍
Donjarale Williams (4 days ago)
U got buzzard luck...
Martin marty (4 days ago)
Tyler Figueroa (4 days ago)
The fucking vessel tshirt 😂
Soaring Playz (4 days ago)
Still waiting for that full razer blade 15 review......
Soaring Playz (4 days ago)
Also waiting for linus to respond to his comments
Muhammad Ali (4 days ago)
Linus looks stressed...but do you know what can help with stress getting PIA and not needing to be stressed about being tracked online.
Muhammad Ali (4 days ago)
Ok at least I tried
abubakar jahangir (4 days ago)
Linus i just wanna say that you are truely amazing. Most talented tech "guy" on youtube.
Der Macher! 1 (4 days ago)
I can already see the whole broken displays
Kasane Kona (4 days ago)
0:54 It would be terrible if someone found me searching for the adult cure for gmail.
LightningHydra LH (5 days ago)
8:56 What are you doing
Zaf Tonz (5 days ago)
Cant wait for you to dismantle the Note 9😂😂😂
Kwinny Studios (5 days ago)
Still living with my note 8 tho
Keshava Nath (5 days ago)
nice Coverage
Nothingisrealmedia (5 days ago)
IF i wanna see it??? if a samsung employee is sneezing, i wanna see it. so YES
George Emerald (5 days ago)
"every so occasionally" Are you drunk Linus?
Richard Thomas (5 days ago)
Why it looks like your bout to lose you shit we still love you and calm down bad days happen
Bioscar600 (5 days ago)
It’s The “sexiest phone” for homeless people lol
JOSH 122004 (5 days ago)
Did you get the galaxy skin for fortnite
Vapin with Jacob (5 days ago)
why are there black ones all I can find are purple and blue
casiano rodriguez (5 days ago)
today my birthday
G Foster (5 days ago)
Isn't this just another boring phone? Does it do anything new? No. It's just a phone that texts, rings, and plays crap overpriced apps and games that have stagnated over the past 8 years. All this new phone will do is burn a hole in your brain and bank balance. Ooo battery lasts all day! Wow. Yawn. People need to get outdoors and enjoy life, stop hiding behind instagram. Don't give Facebook your data. Your phone is not your life.
T B (5 days ago)
Is it better than my iPhone 5c with the screen crack?
T B (5 days ago)
I fap to Brandon
Trey Duval (5 days ago)
How much is Samsung paying you for this all positive spiel? That’s ok, it does seem like a nice phone, but I’m sticking with the iPhone
matt lam (5 days ago)
sony's smartwatch 3 has always on display but they didnt pay you sellout shitheads, that's why you act like it doesnt exist
Mr. Popo (5 days ago)
jokes on me i bought a note 8 a month ago
Sean Place (5 days ago)
The Note 9's stylus remote trick is kinda cool. Not that I'll spend $1k to get it...
Austin Michael (5 days ago)
Time to get ahold of Linus's Yubikey
kidicarusx (5 days ago)
Tempted to get a note 9 but it's fairly big and pricey.
DMitrius Jones (5 days ago)
His voice sounds like the guy that does voice overs on worldstar.🤔
Jarren Benin (5 days ago)
5:02 To be fair, the Best Buy exclusive "Sunrise Gold" for the S9 and S9+ is dangerously close, if not the same, to iPhone's "Gold" color.
Michael Summers (5 days ago)
We have to fix the broken man.
ThisIsG (5 days ago)
Wish tmobile had the bronzie one, would fit with my overwatch name :(
GE Chun (5 days ago)
Make a dedicated video for the watch! :)
John Brooks (5 days ago)
Please make videos on all of the products shown. Show how bad or good the Galaxy home is. Also, would love to see the Galaxy watch compared to the latest Apple Watch
John Brooks (5 days ago)
Oh shill Linus
Sandy BoleYT (5 days ago)
sprinter768 (5 days ago)
No, no, no, no, Linus... If you want sexy, bring back Maxine.. And I believe I speak for the majority of your audience.. :-P
EmSprollie (5 days ago)
You guys know what to press.. F
Ita Co (5 days ago)
Thx linus review the speakert please!!
Daniyal Mujtaba (5 days ago)
wonder why linus always get the vpn sponsors..
SaltCracker (5 days ago)
Kind of hate Samsungs note series. They are way too big and blocky looking, looks and feels like something that isn't meant for normal phone use. So sorry but Galaxy S series all day everyday
Brandon Gomes (5 days ago)
Lol My Name Is Brandon Thanks Lmao
Alex Plumey (5 days ago)
*Linus sponsors TunnelBear* *Then does same with PIA.*
Souad Ejeniya (5 days ago)
I saw stronger by Britney Spears at 8:44 yaasss queen Linus do a colab with Britney bitch
bargullile anis (5 days ago)
yass it's britney bitch how saw it at 8:44
random dude (5 days ago)
I watched an ad for Linus...didn't expect it to be a condom ad
Toran Shaw (5 days ago)
I may check this phone out for my next one, as my current contract is up for renewal.
joao victor (5 days ago)
do the smartwatch
ali almehaizea (5 days ago)
Take a rest man
World Adventurer (5 days ago)
Iphone or android
Just ME Onlyme (5 days ago)
Great video! Start here 0:26. lol OK OK, I did a Thumbs Up. 2:54 for respect for this man, I do have CC turned on and thought I would share: "This is not easier every year frankly speaking " Linus, make sure the airline compensates you for your loss. (my mother worked many positions in the airline industry).
Marko420 (5 days ago)
74k likes, 7.4k Comments... HMMMMMMM
Arthur Arthur (5 days ago)
Hi Linux I like your watch what make and model is your watch
Andre Schmitz (5 days ago)
What if, you have a 512 gig phone with a 512 gig micro sd PLUS a OTG usbc 4TB SSD! WHOAAAAHHH
szilagyipetihu (5 days ago)
PIA in my country means alcoholic drinks lol
The Playstation Gamer (5 days ago)
Review the Alienware 17 r5 i9
Ajay Solleti (5 days ago)
only liked for brandon's sexiness
Henry Mellor (5 days ago)
apparently 74k people think brandon is sexy based on the like count
Harley Kimball (5 days ago)
Please make a video on the Galaxy Home and the new watch!
NAN PRODUCTIONS (5 days ago)
I think the mobile industry is just a joke at this point.
It's Rob (5 days ago)
got to give it to Samsung that pen is dope.
Albert van den Heever (5 days ago)
Duh... Blue colour? Why do I think of the Huawei P20 Pro? Done away with the Dex dock and now you use a direct USB-C to HDMI? Huawei Mate10 Pro & P20 Pro already done that... 128Gig storage and 6Gig RAM? Again Huawei beat you to it. What's new? The Note 3 and Note 4 had me excited... I do not get the same vibe from either the Note 8 or 9... I can pass without giving it a second thought. Thank you very much, I am officially bored.

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