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Web Design Company in Colorado talks about Online Marketing

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www.klcreativedesign.com Here is Kristy Lee from KL Creative Design. If you need to do anything involving your website, the team at KL Creative Design is definitely here to take care of you. Let's tell everybody what it is that you guys do in general. Sure. KL Creative Design is a full-service web development group. We do everything web related or mobile related. Let's talk a little bit about...getting into the nitty gritty...if someone out there is having some issues with their website or maybe they're not getting the response that they want off their website. What are some of the things you guys can help them with? Right. We do online marketing plans. That can be anything from basic keyword research and search engine optimization or social media plans, You Tube video marketing or even email marketing. Really? Okay, so you could actually take someone's existing website and just make it that much better? Right. We're doing marketing for it to just kind of help it along and help it get better rankings, help it be better found within the search engines, as well as helping you connect with your clients. Whatever. It depends on the business that you're in which plan we'll choose to do. Okay. That's incredible. You don't even necessarily have to revamp your entire website, maybe just change the marketing strategy a little bit. Right. Let's talk about some of the mobile options. I know that's something that's really big these days. I certainly know ever since I got my iPhone, I'm searching things I normally wouldn't be looking up online. Why do you feel like that's important for businesses? Right, especially in a tourist town, but more and more people are coming to your website on their phones. They say now about 30% of traffic is coming from either a phone or a tablet. With those kind of numbers, you have to have a website that looks good on the phone or the tablet. We generally suggest responsive web design, which means that the website responds to the size of the screen that it's being viewed on. If it's a tablet, it will shrink things a little bit. Say you have a three-column layout, a tablet might be shrunk to a two-column layout and a phone might be shrunk to a one-column layout. It readjusts the content accordingly. Okay. There's a lot of options even for people that say that ... maybe they've spent money on the website and they're like it's good for now but I want to try to do a few things to make it better, so you have options better, or if someone wants to just completely revamp a website or build one for the first time, you guys can do that too? We can. Yes. We can do full website redesigns. We can start from scratch, whatever you need. Okay. How exactly do you guys get that process started? I think that can be intimidating for a lot of people. The web and all the new technology and everything sometimes can be really overwhelming for people. How would you suggest they get started? We do a project consultation where, for free, I will sit down with you over coffee or over the phone and we can just discuss your project, discuss your business and give you a feel of what needs to be done before we start or what the process is going to look like and even what it might cost. Okay. That's kind of amazing. So you have a good little sit-down chat with Kristy Lee and her team, totally free, and you can find out what it might take to get what you want out of your website. Even if, let's say, you have an idea for a mobile app, you can do those too. Right, we can. Tell me about Explore More. This is something that I actually have on my phone that I use. Typically, actually, when Kristy Lee and I are out hiking together, we'll use this app, Explore More. What is it exactly? Explore More is an altimeter. It tells you your current altitude. It also allows you to take a picture and stamp the photo with your location and your altitude as well. Let's say you're climbing up some mountain and you want to know what the altitude is and you want to prove that you were actually up there. You can take a photo of it and it stamps it with your current altitude. This could be good for a lot of those people out there that maybe have seen the dustings of snow that we've had recently on the peaks. You could hike yourself on up to [inaudible 00:03:50], take a picture of yourself with the snow at the altitude and, of course, being that it's August, and send it to all your friends. My mom loves that I have this app, let me just tell you. Whether you want to create your own app, you want to update your website, it's great because you guys are right here in Summit County. Right. Where are you based out of? Out of Breckenridge.
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