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Profitable Commodity and Futures Spread Trading - Recording of FREE Webinar

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Futures spreads allow trading commodities based on seasonal annual price movements. This implies higher predictability of seasonal trends and thus a lower trading risk and higher probability of winning trades. This trading strategy brings increase of trading capital in tens of percent p.a. Watch the recording of the webinar of Romana Krizova about the basic principles of futures spread trading and learn about the advantages of this trading method. Program: - Specifics of futures spread trading, advantages and disadvantages - SeasonAlgo - a "must have" platform necessary for commodity spread trading - Searching for spread strategies and their analysis - Examples of trades - How to learn commodity spread trading
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Sergio Vasquez (3 years ago)
hello you can please add the subtitles automatic off youtube. to understand better, thank you
Sergio Vasquez (3 years ago)
+TradeandFinance.eu thanks, I have already registered webinar
TradeandFinance.eu (3 years ago)
+Sergio Vasquez Hello Sergio, the video is to long for YouTube to add automatic subtitles. Sorry for that. However, you can also register for the live webinar at http://www.tradeandfinance.eu/en/courses/class-courses/webinar-introduction-to-commodity-spread-trading-free-of-charge/. You will be able to ask questions in real time. Please let us know if this answer helped you or if we can do something more for you to get more familiar with seasonal futures spread trading. You can also send e-mails to [email protected]

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