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GIS Tutorial: Simple Symbology Part II - custom labels and annotation in ArcMap

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Part II discusses creating custom labels, saving label styles, converting labels to annotation, and label placement in ArcGIS. Lecture review tutorial videos from Hunter College and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC) GIS in Public Health (PH 770.07), and (MPH-0005).
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Fagoroyo Ayobami (6 days ago)
Please how can a create a colour ramp box with text inside it
Jahangir M (2 years ago)
hi Chris, Tnx for your video. I want to put a specific symbol for each point in may map but I don't know how shall I do it ? Can you please help me
Juan Alvarez (3 years ago)
It is useful, thanks!
Chris Goranson (3 years ago)
+Juan Alvarez Barroso Glad you found the video useful Juan!
NicholasB303 (4 years ago)
Is their a way to create a label field that I can populate myself? I.E. I would like to create an attribute of "Locator Names" and populate it by the person who manages our fiber in that area.
Chris Goranson (4 years ago)
<p>Hi Nicholas,</p><p> </p><p>Yes, you can add columns to your attribute table and, once in "edit mode", you can edit the contents of the fields directly.  When adding columns you'll have an opportunity to declare the field type, size, etc.  Do a quick search in ArcGIS Help for "Add Column" and you should find a nice step-by-step walkthrough.</p><p> </p><p>Chris</p>
Green Shogun (4 years ago)
Is that you Toby?
Chris Goranson (5 years ago)
Yes, sometimes the things in the software that you'd think should be straightforward turn out to be a little more complicated. Glad it helped!
gisrs53 (5 years ago)
that's awesome - I asked three university GIS professionals how to move the labels and no-one could tell me!
Chris Goranson (5 years ago)
Thanks - glad you found it useful! I'll try to post a Part III in the future...
Mohamed Jabron (6 years ago)
very intersting thanks for posting it up

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