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Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets

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Text Comments (31)
Katie Williamson (2 years ago)
I'm really scared now because I have a dog plz delete this vid
UNICORNS FOREVER (2 years ago)
im sharing ice cream with my pet now ... wtff.. she wont spread any dieases right 😅
Neko Pasteliue (2 years ago)
*_WhY YoU wOULD UsE PapYRUS' FoNT In thE tITleS oF tHe-_*
The Clumsy Gamer (2 years ago)
I just threw up in my body like 5 times who gets this reference from minecraft story mode ep1 because someone says "can you throw up like inside your body"Olivia says yeah you can cause I just did 5 times" at least that's what I think I can't really remember cause I can only really remember *VERY BIG SPOILER ALERT*Ruben dieing :(
The Clumsy Gamer (2 years ago)
TheSkepticalBadger (3 years ago)
Both number one and number two are not Diseases but parasites. Another little tid bit of information to add is that around 30% of the western worlds population is infected by Taxoplasmosis, with some third world contries being around 80%-95% infected population so any of you Americans, if you are in a room with nine other people atleast three of you are allready infected so gl
Mincraftgamer Cookie (3 years ago)
this is not disgusting
Royce Epperson (3 years ago)
i dont likr nub, 2
eddie hillman (3 years ago)
Good to know!!!!
Nisreem Abdelghani (3 years ago)
Savannah Smith (3 years ago)
My dog was sleeping on my lap when I watch this but she was too cute to be a evil germ spreader !
Noora Alkaabi (3 years ago)
This is so gross !
Noora Alkaabi (3 years ago)
Hi guys I'm jazzy from SSg my nickname is Nora alkaabi
Noora Alkaabi (3 years ago)
Broden Tripcony (3 years ago)
OMFG those round worms, IN THE EYES! D: :O i dont even know what face to do!
Talimar R (3 years ago)
I don't even have a pet, but I still feel like I'm gonna puke.
Manuel Guevara (3 years ago)
Nasty. Soy yo mannie del 24
josh perez (3 years ago)
Laggg loading
Angelina Marquez (4 years ago)
That's disgusting and true sometimes the truth is scary and distributing
saskia heisterborg (4 years ago)
I had toxoplasmosis but we don't have a cat or anathor pet
Broden Tripcony (3 years ago)
+saskia heisterborg were you in contact with any animals
Jason Davidson (4 years ago)
I'm gonna sell my cat now XD
Cal Bano Videos (4 years ago)
Yuck yuck yuck
G3KO (3 years ago)
XXXLIBERTYXXX (4 years ago)
Great video disgusting photos
I just threw up in my mouth
Stephanyyyy (4 years ago)
Soy Lider (4 years ago)
Now im paranoid
Emmanuel Martinez (4 years ago)
From my cat?? Thats nasty
SLM (4 years ago)
That's fucking nasty
Cal Bano Videos (4 years ago)

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