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Twitter Integration: Evolving Your Mobile Game Idea with Fabric

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[Matthew Willis @mattwillis, Konstantin Mandrika @kmandrika] So you have a great mobile game idea. You have all the levels planned out; you know all the characters like they’re your own family; you know exactly how the story will unfold. But if you want your game to be the next smash hit, there’s a lot more you have to consider once it’s launched. Is the game stable on the myriad of devices in the wild? Can people share their adventure with their friends so they are drawn into the experience as well? How do you cover your costs? We’ll show you how Fabric can help you answer these questions as your idea evolves into a successful game. Konstantin Mandrika (Twitter): @kmandrika Mathew Willis (Twitter): @mattwillis http://www.mrwillis.net/
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