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The Story of M-Pesa

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This 6-minute animation tells the story of how M-PESA, the popular mobile money transfer program, came to be in Kenya. It's narrated by Michael Joseph, the managing director of mobile money at Vodafone and the program's founder. The animation was produced as part of a series of online courses designed and delivered by the USAID Mobile Solutions Team, QED, and TechChange, a DC based organization that specializes in online training for international development.
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Text Comments (54)
Fredrick Oballa (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/Zj6DBYKjKT0 this is the real guy who invented mpesa nyagaka ouko,and it was 2004!
Elena M. (6 months ago)
Mpesa was developed by a kenyan
stanley mumo (6 months ago)
Fast track to today, mpesa transaction costs are more expensive than some banks
Nderitu Kelvin (6 months ago)
You freaking pieces of shit, This system was created by a Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, whose name was Nyagaka Anyona Ouko, He presented the Idea to Safaricom, a product of Vodacom and not the other way round. You ain't even shameless speaking of this?
Raja Qureshi (8 months ago)
Kariuki Dennis (9 months ago)
Who is talking in this video and why have we never been told that he was the one who developed Mpesa. Also Mpesa is really expensive as compared to other money transfer services its main advantage is that its convenient.
Sharon Omollo (9 months ago)
Really mutatuibia hadi lini.
Patrick Mwai (11 months ago)
things thing was an experiment by vodafone, the era of mobile money transfer services in new markets, case of paypal in the US. the idea grew fast since the Kenyan government and some wealthy individuals were given stake, like 35% is owned by the government.A product like mshwari is owned by CBA bank. who owns CBA?
Terry Kavutha (11 months ago)
What???? M-pesa was first developed by a Kenyan student from Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya. Where i was also studying.. stop this propaganda.
Fredrick Oballa (1 month ago)
+teren teren teren https://youtu.be/Zj6DBYKjKT0,the real guy who invented mpesa!
teren teren teren (6 months ago)
Essomo Serge (11 months ago)
You people should be ashamed of yourself. Africans can never do anything without you stealing it. M-Pesa is a Kenya invention . Mean thieves.
Bwig Mytch (1 year ago)
ThanksMia (1 year ago)
be an idiot buy m-pesa
Max Jerome (1 year ago)
Great video. Why cant this system work in the Americas?
Lion Jr (1 year ago)
fuck white man always wamt to put his nose everywhere ........fucking piece of salami s
Ntshembho Yolanda (1 year ago)
if y'all in Kenya, why is the committee white..?
Fredrick Oballa (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/Zj6DBYKjKT0,the real guy who invented mpesa
Robert Kertoikromo (1 year ago)
stealing again
Steve Marvins (1 year ago)
Fucking bullshit a fellow Kenyan developed this system stop claiming shit that's not yours
Ramsey Njire (1 year ago)
this is bullshit...... MPESA IS 101% KENYAN INVENTION
hugorellos (1 year ago)
This idea was posted in Kenya in 2002 already ...i have proof of that.Now you claim the honors haha typical Colonial
Fredrick Oballa (1 month ago)
+james zackary https://youtu.be/Zj6DBYKjKT0,the guy who invented mpesa.
Elena M. (6 months ago)
Hi set the records straight, kindly
james zackary (1 year ago)
This is your opportunity to set the record straight... dont miss out...
mangz101 (1 year ago)
White people have no shame, a black guy started this in Kenya but they simply erased that. They will go as far as printing this in textbooks and spreading this lie
Dj Axor 254 (4 months ago)
Nyagaka ouko is his name
Dj Axor 254 (4 months ago)
Not sure but is a jkuat University student
Tu51ndBl4d3 (7 months ago)
whats his name
Mao Jacome (1 year ago)
Afi sa (2 years ago)
A kenyan Developed this system. Do you guys have a shaggs? Utter nonesense. You made us believe Jesus is white now you claim you own M-pesa.
Ronnie (9 months ago)
No. A kenyan didn't but Kenyans especially Safaricom made it what it is now.
Dennis Mutwiri (2 years ago)
I hope you all smell the bullshit in this wicked MFs. They talk of this Nick guy ''coming up '' with the idea of M-Pesa, quick question, Did he even know the Kenyan terrain to understand how much of an hustle it was sending money to our rural homes from the capital to necessitate such an invention. Obviously they were pitched the idea, and when someone trusts your company enough to pitch their ideas to you, give them credit don't just take there ideas and run with them just because you can or because they are desperate, even worse you go lying to the whole world about it.
Thomas (1 year ago)
We all know how easy it is to write bull-shit and bride a gullible Kenyan journalist to publish it for you. They'll do it with a silly smile on their faces and a sticky fingers, simply because, obviously you're a muzungu. MPesa is a product of University students, stop the bull-shit of trying to steal from Africans, we're no-longer stupid as your type thought of our forefathers
Dennis Mutwiri (2 years ago)
You are welcome.
Gary S (2 years ago)
Wow! I never knew even the media in Kenya is corrupt. I just looked it up, it's a game called 'Sid Meier's Civilization' It's unbelievable. Thanks for the reply, I've learned so much.
Dennis Mutwiri (2 years ago)
I don't know whether you have ever lived in Kenya or any other African country to understand how corrupt media is here. Just know they publish nearly anything as long as they are paid to. Check M-Pesa on wikipedia, they mention of a Moi University student's software but they don't mention their name. That's the closest to what I and most of us know, I have read online. But it's in the past now. There is a reason it works best in Kenya than in any other country all over the world, my guess it's largely because of how we as a people are socialized especially when it comes to matters to do with finances, and it would take a Kenyan or someone who us lived among us to understand that and even better take advantage of that culture to solve a problem and make a viable business out of it. The much published so called ''founders'' just had the financial capacity and Man power to actualize and make it what it is to day. Which is okay but in doing so, they manipulated the the desperate lad, who had less understanding of IP rights and the value of his invention, and just like that they actually bought him out for some substantial amount of cash given his you know poor background but when compared to the value of M-Pesa they were just peanuts. Which ain't really a surprise because that's how corporations have been making money out of Africa at large. Another recent classic example from Kenya, Some other white guy, claimed to have composed 'Baba yetu' the swahili version of the lord's prayer, even worse the story is he composed it as a sound track to a video game. Yet it's the swahili version of the lords prayer so we have been reciting it in church for ages. And they won a Grammy for it. Worst happened in the past, but even worse is the fact that, that kind of shit is happening even now in my life time. But it's cool. Their time is coming.
Phillip Holland (2 years ago)
India map wrong here. See un resolution
Wiz Dalmar (2 years ago)
Kenyans developed this
Jkiswili Kiamba (3 years ago)
Mmmmmh now u know.
Benjin Joshua (4 years ago)
The map of India is... wrong?
سعيد علي (2 years ago)
so are we are UN what are telling for us
Year Million (4 years ago)
This technology has arrived to the cryptoworld with VeriCoin, The first SMS Wallet! Yes it's real and the future! ;)
Steven Durel (5 years ago)
The fact that most of these individuals were unbanked almost certainly played a role in M-Pesa's success.
Luke Parker (5 years ago)
How could Mr. Joseph be so naive about the reason why this took off? The people there are financially oppressed & don't even have bank accounts. It should be no more surprising that everyone wants M-Pesa there than people crawling through the desert wanting your water! Of course Bitcoin is going to step that up to the next level, bigtime. Smaller fees & no ability to be stolen from them, not even by central banks... It's time to adapt or die, M-Pesa.    
Elena M. (6 months ago)
Mpesa grew because of its convenient not that people are financially oppressed get your records straight, and we have bank accounts but we prefer Mpesa because of how fast it is
gaurav verma (2 years ago)
Luke Parker
AnarchistMetalhead (5 years ago)
a major step in the right direction, but inferior to bitcoin/litecoin
SurfshackTit0 (4 years ago)
+AnarchistMetalhead Unless you've lived in these countries and worked with these people the way I have, you'll never understand. Please keep your buttcoins to yourself. :/
AnarchistMetalhead (4 years ago)
+SurfshackTit0 good to know you are making up stuff and ignoring reality
SurfshackTit0 (4 years ago)
+AnarchistMetalhead third world currencies being "free of control" is why many of them are third world in the first place. Governments that don't collect taxes from the general populace aren't held accountable to them. A current that bypasses government regulation and scrutiny is ripe for abuse larger corporations exploiting the land and people without giving anything back.  M-pesa isn't perfect, but an alternative like buttcoin is far, far worse. 
AnarchistMetalhead (4 years ago)
people in the third world should not have access to currencies free from government control?
SurfshackTit0 (4 years ago)
God, no. Inferior or not, a shitty currency like buttcoin should never find its way out of the west. 
expchrist (5 years ago)
simply amazing

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