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GIS Tutorial: How to add a map inset in ArcMap

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Ever wonder how to add a vicinity map to ArcGIS? Vicinity maps are useful for orienting the viewer to a larger scale map using a smaller one. Lecture review tutorial videos from Hunter College and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC) GIS in Public Health (PH 770.07), and (MPH-0005).
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hevi jamal (3 months ago)
Is map already prepared or I should prepare it?? I couldn't understand How can I create map when I use the software for the first time???
Seema Seema (1 year ago)
Bharat banayega apana internet inset nam hoga ....bogoole... wait after sometime.........
Nicholas Samson (3 years ago)
Thank you!
Chris Goranson (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Samson Hi Nicolas - glad you found the video helpful!
Chris Goranson (5 years ago)
Glad it helped!
Tomiwa Adegbola (5 years ago)
Thanks Chris!

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