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Why is EVERYONE Buying This Sound Bar??

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Text Comments (8414)
Kyle Archer (32 minutes ago)
Go for anything besides Vizio, got the soundbar sub combo that was $170 had to return it because the soundbar hummed when powered off... That was to go along with the P65-F1 TV ($1200) and it stopped working after 17 days. Took over a month of battling with Vizio support to get a refund.
Alejandro Ochoa (1 hour ago)
For the love of scoop, review God!
Austin Bryan (2 hours ago)
You cannot stop the sound scoops sheeple
jozef taliga (2 hours ago)
Sound Scoooops, please!!! 😀😀😀😍😘🤣
jozef taliga (2 hours ago)
Amazzing videó!!!! 😀😀😀 Well.. Si which soundbar i need To buy now for Crisp sound and dddeep bassss??? 😀😀
pokeguy742 (2 hours ago)
If you don't review sound scoops I'll quit the LTT Community Forum.
Clint Irvine (8 hours ago)
Hahaha review them! Review them!
Calibrated (10 hours ago)
review please
Owen Armsden (13 hours ago)
review the scoops
mikeyeeca (14 hours ago)
YES review the sound scoops. Like, how are you gonna mention those and even THINK about not reviewing them?!?
NackNet (17 hours ago)
Please review de scoops
AuYeungMay (17 hours ago)
Review the scoops already! LOL
FenRoarGamez (19 hours ago)
rip linus' nose xc
Patrick Buchanan (19 hours ago)
Are the scoops ready brother?
Oskar Krogsgård (19 hours ago)
Why do you even do that "Advertiser Friendly Content" thing when your ads are IN the video. We do you care if YT demonetises you? Just curious
Manuel Carrillo (19 hours ago)
i just want to learn about sound scoops.so yes
Fred Molenda (22 hours ago)
Review the sound scoops
MisterBaharroth (22 hours ago)
Review the scoops!
MrZakharov (22 hours ago)
Not “everyone” is buying these. Channel has become a shitty clickbait
Deadshot Gamerboy (22 hours ago)
Yes review scoops
Zelement (22 hours ago)
What do we want? Sound scoops review! When do we want it? Now!
Al core250 (1 day ago)
Do the review
jeff wolf (1 day ago)
If you buy a Bang and Olufsen TV you certainly don't have to worry about it speakers being worthy or not because they certainly are
BTraine Ztraine (1 day ago)
Anus tech tips
Jordan Smith (1 day ago)
The older model Vizio soundbar is AMAZING I bought the new version basically the better version of the one in this video. And it sucked big time :(
chris clifford (1 day ago)
What’s a sound scoop? 🤔🤯😊
pianist5153 Xx (1 day ago)
Thata why i stick to my 7.1 elac (plus the sound paintings) sound system :D did cost like 1500 Euros but hell yeah when youre watching jurassic park
Emmanuel Bourmault (1 day ago)
Yes for the review of the scoop! Not that I would ever buy that crap, but it is destined to be a hilarious video!
Miguel Acosta (1 day ago)
Review scoops but tape multiple together directly to the couch
Andrew Ballard (1 day ago)
macro2000 (1 day ago)
You dont need a soundbar when you have a good TV as most of them actually have built-in subwoofers like Samsung, LG....
Kevin Baisden (1 day ago)
Review the scoops
Bruce Hanson (1 day ago)
Thanks Linus, but no, a vizio sound bar won't solve the problem, unless you don't have sound standards.
Monticello19 (1 day ago)
Never. A decent receiver and discreet 7.1. These are toys.
ultraali453 (1 day ago)
Thanks of rthe Review. Appreciate it !!
Chazer (1 day ago)
Was it me or did Linus hit his nose with the Sonos? Seemed a little reddish after being "wasted".
Niall Delaney (1 day ago)
Please review the sound scoops
Paul Le Fur (1 day ago)
in case you missed it Sound Scoops sound AMAZING !!! review ........
Paul Le Fur (1 day ago)
Sound scoops, do a review PLEASE !!!!!!
Adib Ahasan (1 day ago)
a razer video sponsored by corsair? lolololololol
crazedmartinez (1 day ago)
Sound bars are garbage is for casuals who want an easy fix . Go at least 5.1 or fuck off
oregonbowler (1 day ago)
Please review sound scoops
Tomate N (1 day ago)
Not me, I didn’t buy it!!!
Shashri Naraine (1 day ago)
Shoe Shine Boy (1 day ago)
I got a Bose Solo 15 Series II. The one you set your TV on. Does that qualify as a sound bar?
Mr Amer Zamzam (2 days ago)
his is a commercial
Daren Maranya (2 days ago)
Review the SCOOPS!!
review it bitte
XzTS (2 days ago)
Do the sound scoops
Kenny Chesmar (2 days ago)
Do it now!!!
MichaelEpicA (2 days ago)
review scoops
Rowan Salabie (2 days ago)
What's the brand/model of the watch you wore in this video?
cubanjinx (2 days ago)
What is that picture frame screensaver?
Adam Jeary (2 days ago)
review the scoops
Kevin Shafer (2 days ago)
Review sound scoop as fast as possible
Amit Dagani (2 days ago)
Yes review the scoops
Rhino 1 (2 days ago)
Sound scoop please. Just need to know if they are any good. Ha ha ha. But seriously i want to the review on the sound scoops.
Frykauf La Kosta (3 days ago)
Yes. review it. Why didn't you have in this video. I don't know if I can even wait for you to do it or to just order it and hear for myself :D
Leslie Moore (3 days ago)
M H S (3 days ago)
As one green philosopher once said: whoopditi scop, scoopdity whoop, whooptity scoop poop poop, scoop poop
M H S (3 days ago)
Sound scoops!
Karl The Fragr (3 days ago)
Do it. If anything, just to see how crap it is
Eric Romano (3 days ago)
sound scoop pls kthxbye
Erik Grøstad (3 days ago)
In Norway we have to pay 67$ import fees for this 70 dollar thing
nikrusty (3 days ago)
Totally review sound scoops. Here's the result you'll see, throws sound in direction so definitely better, doesn't add any bass, and the sound is generally the same shitty sound. Might as well pay 50/60 dollars more and get a sound bar for vastly improved sound. But hey it'd great for those who don't want an extra something taking space for a really small room. Nevertheless, I'd like to hear it from you guys and throw in comedy at it. Like scooping other stuff with it as well... Hehe.
Michael Ecker (3 days ago)
Sound scoops.... try it!
Oldskoolmaniac (3 days ago)
Do the scoop, it will make your tv faster
Caleb Fink (3 days ago)
Please review sound scoops
John Ignaczak (3 days ago)
Definately review the sound scoops!
Henry Curran (3 days ago)
Yes Review the scoops
Richard Summerlin (3 days ago)
Yes on the scoops!
John Johnson (3 days ago)
Do the sound scoops
Not Shure (3 days ago)
Do the review of the plastic gimmicks.
Aldo Zarate (3 days ago)
Christopher Mariotti (3 days ago)
DO IT! #ScOoPs
Parag Butle (4 days ago)
I I'm searching for sound bar thanx very informative for me
Kino Uy (4 days ago)
I'm still laughing from Linus Nose Injury
Kevin S (4 days ago)
Review Sound Scoops
Jack Mcsween (4 days ago)
Do the review would be interesting .
Party Box (4 days ago)
Anyone watching in 4K but using 1080p monitor? C R I S P Y
Aluftw (4 days ago)
Review the scoops !
Chetanya Munjal (4 days ago)
Please review sound scoops.
parkerthedogful (4 days ago)
Or just buy some $20 high end goodwill speakers
João Pedro (4 days ago)
Review sound scoops
Matt M (4 days ago)
Awww, you are not low quality people
Pratik Ghosalkar (4 days ago)
Review the sound scoops pleeeaaassseee....
Pain Darkness (4 days ago)
Llinus Please review sound scoops.
Sam Coole (4 days ago)
99% of comments: REVIEW THE SCOOPS!!!!! 1% of comments: [anything else]
Hunter Frederick (4 days ago)
LINUS! Please review sonos beam with airplay 2! I want to see how well it works with Home pods. Can it work with 2 homepods in stereo to make a 5.0 system? Would it sound great? Video idea!
xermoda (4 days ago)
I'm a scruub! In Aris voice
Bill W. (5 days ago)
De Aidan Middel (5 days ago)
yes review, pls
Mr Blewvane (5 days ago)
Whos boobs are at 2:38?
John Mecca (5 days ago)
Jonathan Scammell (5 days ago)
Linus - You know you have to review the sound scoops!!!...
hypurban (5 days ago)
Linus, I'm glad you listened and you try to find clever ways to transition to the sponsor again!
Genemon ! (5 days ago)
Shaun Abels (5 days ago)
I have the larger version of this. Sounds great honestly. Of course it could be better or clearer or louder, etc...but for the price it's perfect and another benefit of it being cheap is I won't care as much when my kids inevitably destroy it.

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