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GIS Spatial Analyst Tutorial using John Snow's Cholera Data

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Spatial Analyst Tutorial using John Snow's Cholera Data. This tutorial walks you through the basics of how to create a kernel density surface using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst. To see the cholera data in 3D Analyst / ArcScene, you can watch the 3D Analyst tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nun95_cQzBg Want to work with the John Snow cholera data yourself? For a similar dataset see: http://www.library.yale.edu/MapColl/files/data/EX_02_Snow_Map.zip
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Text Comments (40)
Digital Lair (1 month ago)
Thank you!! (Our class uses your YouTube video as an example of how to do it! Also, I find it interesting that John Snow took time out of his daily routine of saving Westeros from white walkers and zombie dragons to help find the cause of the Cholera outbreak. A hero all 'round really wasn't he! ;-))
Jamer Costa (3 months ago)
Good Material...Thanks!!!
Francis Vorondo (4 months ago)
I want to be applying it in practice
Francis Vorondo (4 months ago)
Am happy for this application
Derek Snyder (9 months ago)
I attempted to use this technique to display density using point data representing bicycle thefts. Instead of a graduated circle or glob shown in the video I repeatedly got big blue dark and light squares behind my city layer. I tried using kernel and point density and the results were the same.
mohammad Reshad Hussaini (9 months ago)
thanks it's very nice
mohammad Reshad Hussaini (9 months ago)
thanks it's very nice
Dot net Tech Skills (9 months ago)
Can you please share your contact details to [email protected]
Darshan Singh (1 year ago)
thank you.Nice........................
Altaf Ali Siyal (1 year ago)
From where to get/download this vector data
Marcilio Rocha (1 year ago)
Great video. Do you know how to perform a Network Kernel Density Estimation (NKDE) analysis using points and roads? If so, please make a video explain how to do it. Thanks in advance.
Imran Ahmed Khan (1 year ago)
This is very good tutorial, many thanks for this. Can I get this data (shap file)?
Stephen Jones (1 year ago)
Many thanks.  I remember hearing about Mr. Snow's analyses in James Burke's excellent 1985 series "The Day the Universe Changed".  Being able to work the actual data makes me feel part of history.
Chris Goranson (1 year ago)
Absolutely! I'm glad you found it useful, and yes - working with these data is kind of a fascinating way to further explore history a bit on your own. It does really help bring it home I think.
Bryan G (2 years ago)
8:13 - 8:18 Can you manually make the box that surrounds the data points larger? I have a very large map with data points scattered throughout but the box is only including some of my data points because of the weight. Any advice?
aliatt2 (2 years ago)
Hi Chris, thanks for the tutorial. I used the tutorial and my results would give me kernel densities on each separate death incident instead of coming out as a group like in your case. Could you help me out?
Sajana T (2 years ago)
it was very helpful and i request you whcih software havw u used
walter morick (2 years ago)
God reward you!
Keron Sooklal (2 years ago)
Thank you very much !!! Practical and easy tutorial.
Chris Goranson (2 years ago)
+Keron Sooklal Happy it was helpful!
bannon gallaher (2 years ago)
Could you help me understand the output cell size you used, as well as the search radius? How do I know what values will be appropriate for my project?
K Im (2 years ago)
Chris, I used the dataset in the given link but the density looks different on ArcGIS? Have the data been changed?
K Im (2 years ago)
nice . easy and informative
khaingmoe nyunt (3 years ago)
May I know how to download this video
Phoum Sounan (3 years ago)
How do I learn GIS software effectively?
Phoum Sounan (3 years ago)
What is the keyword of learning GIS software?
Madani Zakri (3 years ago)
Thank you
Chris Goranson (3 years ago)
+Madani Zakri You're welcome Madani!
Culper Junior (4 years ago)
Hi Chris, If you wanted to show density/kernal of multiple kinds of points (i.e. the density of pumps and deaths), is that possible?
Chris Goranson (4 years ago)
+Culper Junior Hi Culper - if I read your question correctly you want to create a density surface of the pumps with the deaths combined?  Technically you could merge the two layers together and create a density surface, but I'm not sure why you would want to do that.  You might be interested in reading a bit about calculated rasters, which allow you to combine two (potentially weighted) surfaces together.  Again, not clear that would work for anything of interest for this particular example, but they are powerful and the help within ArcGIS does a nice job of walking you through the details of such tools.  Good luck!
Carla Ramos (4 years ago)
How do I make a shp. file? I'm starting with ArcGis and I don't know how this kid of files are created!
Mir Faruque (1 year ago)
Come home. I'll teach you. ;)
Melvin Marcos (4 years ago)
Activate your ArcToolBox, Administrative Tools, Feature class, create a feature class, then select the type of feature you want... See you.
Andy Anderson (4 years ago)
If you have a text file with data in this format: Name X Y then use ArcGIS’ menu File > Add Data > Add XY Data… to display it in ArcGIS. To save the result as a shapefile, right-click on it, and in its contextual menu Data > Export Data…
Murat Celik (4 years ago)
Hi. I help you. I from Turkey. Where are you from
Chris Goranson (4 years ago)
Glad it helped Keith!
Keith J (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot Chris, very helpful
Jonathan Kwan (5 years ago)
I am having issues with the hotspot, the circles cut off right from where my data ends.. how do I change it to show the full circles?
Chris Goranson (5 years ago)
Hi Jesus - For a similar, downloadable dataset from Yale University see the link in the video description (I can't put links here in the comments). Hope that helps, Chris
Jesus David Hoyos Brun (5 years ago)
Excelente muestra, que después de 1984, ha sido la base en la cual se ha sustentado el análisis SIG. hay posibilidad de que pases los datos?

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