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Episode 1: Visualizing Amazon Order History Data

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In their inaugural episode, Samhir and Nick explore Samhir's amazon order history data and visualize it using PiktoChart. You can follow along and visualize your own data too. Check out Samhir's step-by-step guide here: https://medium.com/@samhir/8691515b0804 Stay tuned for future episodes and don't forget to subscribe! Want to take your data visualization skills to the next level? Sign up for our Tech for Data Visualization course today: http://ow.ly/I6Sj30bCtg8
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ExpressMileage (1 year ago)
We visualize Amazon spending data! SpendSavi.com - Amazon Purchase Analytics Would love to hear your feedback!
Chris Iverson (1 year ago)
Since summer is here and baseball is in full swing, what about an episode on baseball statistics? Sabremetrics reigns supreme in baseball and visualizing the mountains of data that is collected would be fun to see!
Drew Smith (1 year ago)
Did you use Piktochart to create the one page infographic at the end?
samhirvasdev (1 year ago)
TechChange is right on, Drew - most of the designed PDF files/infographics are designed using Illustrator. I often just make the charts in Excel, and then copy/paste them into Illustrator to do some design changes and edits. Happy to share the source files (.AI) if helpful - let me know!
Nick (1 year ago)
Hi Drew! I believe Samhir is actually using Adobe illustrator for the one page infographic at the end. But you can get close with something like Piktochart!

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