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Dirty Business - How mining made Australia Episodio 01

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ottoswinebar (7 months ago)
Good ol SBS, love to stick the boots into White Australia, and the British. How about who controlled the opium and grey-channel gold. Chinese. And putting restrictions on an almost bursting city from the the biggest immigration source had no merit? How about some perspective.
Max Ross (1 year ago)
Please add captions
Pinkenba Weighbridge (1 year ago)
They failed to mention that the Chinese were more interested in sending their gold back to China than spending it here to help build Australia
raj malhotra (2 years ago)
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neddy laddy (2 years ago)
Dreadfully melodramatic start.
Cristian Olivares (2 years ago)
Interesting video gives a lot of context.
Stew B (2 years ago)
looks like China got most of the gold in the end as now
Cherry Blossom (3 years ago)
That's a lot of gold
Chris Ransdell (3 years ago)
Interesting but this episode seems to be almost entirely about Chinese discrimination and very little else about what life was like in the mining areas or even a basic overview of the process.
Magooch86 (3 months ago)
It's SBS dude, what do you expect? Pretty interesting nonetheless.
Dusty Camino (1 year ago)
CR: That's obviously the main purpose. Same old guilt trippers in action. Maybe working for Chinese Social Imperialists.
Potwheelz (3 years ago)
It's funny, racist people watch this and then rant in childlike blame.  Like they represent all white people in history and take what they see personally.  If ur a person who judges people by their hair or skin color or freckles ur an idiot.   Simple lessons for simple minds.
martin jenkins (3 years ago)
martin jenkins (3 years ago)
where is part 4? the story about China buying up Australia?
martin jenkins (3 years ago)
hey amigo! can u upload part 2&3??? thanks! ;-)
Matt Dias (3 years ago)
How is it so complicated about who get's the money??? It's pretty simple. 1.The persons who put up the money to do the mining.. 2. People who do the mining.  3. Everyone else.
Elm Grand (3 years ago)
Episode 02 is short
joshua Pollard (4 years ago)
the romans transported water 1000's of miles. Water pipelines is nothing new, sorry
John Forbes (4 years ago)
Australia will soon price themselves out of the resources business .  PNG for LNG  ,Africa for Iron Ore for a start .  & with over 80% of the profits going overseas & NOW driverless technology poised to deliver more profits for the miners - soon few jobs for Mr Australian !!  or Mrs Australian or Ms Australian !!   Be interesting then!!! 
swinewarrior (4 years ago)
we had fuck all in bougainville in 75
robert gonzales (4 years ago)
Hmmm wonder if there's anything left to mine ....interesting ..austrilias a very Big island maybe as big as Greenland !!! Certainly larger then long island ,Staten island, Rhode island ,Hawaii ,Cuba, and all the Philippine islands combined !!! It is huge ....and so is Madagascar and Greenland. Thanks for a educational video ...
Amanda Massaro (4 years ago)
Will you be uploading the other two episodes in this series? This one was fascinating. Thanks!
SunsetSideVet (4 years ago)
Strayan Cunts took Abo land and minerals
jon carter (4 years ago)
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Give Me A Smile (5 years ago)
Zionist scum!
littlestucky1 (5 years ago)
Jews control mining just like they did the slave trade and blamed the Europeans.
hamiltino (5 years ago)
Thanks !!!!!!
citywalex (5 years ago)
What a great doco

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