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Transfer Learning - Use Inception V3 to Solve Any ML Problem (Tempo Detection)

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This tutorial teaches you how to use Google's Inception v3 model to solve machine learning problems across various domains not just image classification. Specifically we will tackle a machine learning problem which is focused around audio (STEM) files. Instead of using the audio clips stored as normalized arrays of integers we instead pass the 10 second plots of the clips to the inception model performing transfer learning on the final layer and generating a very accurate and reliable predictor of the tempo of an audio file.
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Text Comments (5)
Steve Fox (2 months ago)
Nice - a novel approach..
Macgyver (1 month ago)
Falguni Das (4 months ago)
Great !
ronzohar (6 months ago)
Very nice, however your validation method seems lacking. Would be much better to use a different clip for validation. Also, you did not specify what are the results on the valifation/test set.
Macgyver (6 months ago)
Agreed there is a lot of room for improvement. But it was the same validation method using keras directly and again we could not do better than 35%, so it still proves a good approach.

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