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BBC Documentary - Gold Mines in Alaska's Estimated Worth Nearly $500 Billion

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BBC Documentary - Gold Mines in Alaska's Estimated Worth Nearly $500 Billion
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Text Comments (86)
Mining started 2 weeks ago, they are pumping out silt into the bay, its going to kill off the salmon in 18 months.
tibor Agitoy (7 days ago)
Fucking ussr they sold it for 7.2 million dollars and you can get a billion times in that investment
fungoorstitch (9 days ago)
The greatest and cheapest source of copper by far is recycled copper. Hardly any comes from mining by comparison.
fungoorstitch (9 days ago)
Let Alaska buy the gold from the mining company and leave it in the ground.
eric schmitz (15 days ago)
The CEOs don't live here! They just come to rape the land, then when something goes wrong they will not be made to answer for it. Don't do it!
Daniel Curry (16 days ago)
They have fished out the oceans from commercial fishing like this. So the idea that they can fish “ half” and not impact them is crap. They should leave Bristle Bay alone for several years and they will find this will no longer be the ONLY salmon run. Both greedy corporations battling over natural resources.
Jerry Low (18 days ago)
The look of greed on these westerners faces is priceless. They always end up destroying the very thing they love...all for money. Mining has and never will be a sustainable industry unlike salmon.
Lesley Welzijn (18 days ago)
It's getting better !!!!!!! Future goldmining company, we need funding to start a goldmine. About $200 million dollars and we can make billions in less than 5 years. Contact me please thank you. Email [email protected] Phone +597 8592070 , whatsapp !!!!!
Chad Simmons (23 days ago)
So mining fish is ok, but mining metal to sustain our economy is not?
kaide xuan (1 month ago)
Devin M (1 month ago)
😐 I only buy, All. About saving thee venues.
Larry Jepson (1 month ago)
Putting nets in the water is not fishing..its trapping..and its not right
chip63us (1 month ago)
the pebble blue shirt never blinks,liar
chip63us (1 month ago)
8.0 on fault will wipe out salmon, liars always liars about the money
chip63us (1 month ago)
any man design, fails, history shows
chip63us (1 month ago)
its wrong check industries history, always leakage ,look at anyplace they have ever done,
chip63us (1 month ago)
i hope that it doesn't go through,
chip63us (1 month ago)
the pebble guys are crooked, look at them
Discovering Parallel (2 months ago)
The Gold and Copper is £200 billion+ but Nature is priceless.
Tristan-Charles Michel (2 months ago)
Fish you can eat, but minerals you can’t eat. They will just end up in some heavily locked reserves. Why can people just learn that our habitat and environment is something you can live in. But, the acids and other wastes that will destroy that very habitat and environment and we can’t live in it. I would choose the the environment and the habitat that will last forever. Water, once it is destroyed is gone forever. All the rivers, lakes and the wildlife will be at risk if this mining goes ahead. Say, goodbye to all the livelihood and the thousands of years of the ecosystem that sustained the wildlife.
Eric Caro (2 months ago)
Lets starve all of those geologist to death,put a fish and a nugget of gold and see what they will choose to eat to stay alive.
PHẠM TRỌNG NGHĨA (2 months ago)
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Jacob Klardie (2 months ago)
What will it profit a man to gang the whole world and lose his own soul. The won't stop until there's nothings left till the earth is just a ball of dirt.
Justin Russell (3 months ago)
This world is on the fast track of being destroyed by greed, selfishness, and egotism. Destroyed beyond the point of repair if it werent for Jehovah. This is just another example of the fact that man is not capable of directing his own step.
just say to mining cause it will destroy the environment and they cannot reverse all the damages it maybring
Hazzo (5 months ago)
Demetry Sanchez (5 months ago)
I vote no pebble
Manny Bruce (6 months ago)
According to Wall Street investors gold is a bad investment , they say that it doesn't generate returns and it only act as a Financial hedge against financial instability . SO WHY INVEST 7-8 BILLION DOLLARS MINING A METAL THAT IS CONSIDERED A LOUSY PLACE TO PUT YOUR MONEY INTO , OR MAYBE THE WALL STREET INVESTORS ARE LYING TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING GOLD IN OUR FINANCE ???
Manny Bruce (6 months ago)
Can you eat gold or copper ?? You don't destroy your food and water sources , this should be a no brainer .
Nihal s (7 months ago)
Russia should have never sold Alaska to America
Safa Safa (9 months ago)
لماذا الذهب غالي? زينة وخزينة .معدن نفيس ولمعة وبريق مختلف عن كافة المعادن
Kenneth Perry (9 months ago)
Well use this in your class room gold is a metal and is worthless but the worlds economysvhave thier faith in it .stand back for a moment and take a logical look at it.gold is a lump of metal and you can make prity jewlery with it and thats it lol man we are truly blind
No Comps (10 days ago)
i just took a crap that has a higher IQ than you
J D (9 months ago)
humans need the minerals to sustain lifesyles
bikerjon1 (9 months ago)
You have a right to bare arms. Does the constitution suggest a Duty of when they need to be used?
bikerjon1 (9 months ago)
The EPA has been intimidated and owned. They backed off defending the environment case. THAT IS THEIR SOLE REASONS TO EXIST. So, not fit for purpose. In 50 years there will be no mine, no taxes, and no fishery. No fit place to live. You have a right to defend yourself.
bikerjon1 (9 months ago)
To believe the two industry's can survive is naive. One collapse of a tailing dam for instance would ruin the fish, and add toxin to those fish and the eaters of it.  The company would goo bust before a fine happened. WHO HAS THE STRONGEST LOBBY GROUP. Get down an Lobby your representative. Phone them. Mail them...
jmcarp98 (10 months ago)
Alaska needs this mine and these jobs. Hopefully with Trump in office he can get things done! This mine is safe and I think the fisherman and the miners can coexist:)
THEDRAGONBOOSTER8 (10 months ago)
Don't mine it..find it elsewhere..
Michael Silverstein D.C. (11 months ago)
EPA under Obama, not exactly impartial
No Comps (10 days ago)
retard alert!
Alchemized (11 months ago)
Nice vid! On my channel I show how you can extract precious metals like gold and rhodium from Urine! Please check t out and remember to sub if you like the content!!!!
Living the Dream Wade (1 year ago)
支那人 (1 year ago)
Don't forget the gold belong to natives once upon a time, give some back to the natives in form of welfare
John Dalecki (1 year ago)
What's the nutritional value of gold? What happens when a pound of gold can not buy a gallon of clean water, let alone a fish to eat.
BribableOdin61 (1 year ago)
Neil Grzes (1 year ago)
its not gold is gold spray painted metal
GB3770 (1 year ago)
How much per year is the salmon worth? What % reduction to the current salmon will be incurred by mining? What compensation will the miners pay the fishermen? Why does this documentary not ask these basic questions?
Skeptical Chris (1 year ago)
Its the salmon, that is the REAL gold.
Kiwi AustEcon (1 year ago)
I'm no environmentalist nut by any means. I don't even agree that CO2 is a significant contributor to global warming. Nor do I think that humans contribute very much to global temperature changes. But this... seems to be reckless unless they make some major engineering breakthroughs. This is on a scale where you cannot get it wrong. One big earthquake and it's all over. All of those beautiful animals and ecosystem. Gone.
trix bueno (1 year ago)
Don't allow them to destroy this beautiful paradise.
Nate Cole (1 year ago)
..the water will be polluted and fish will die,in the mines people will have lung,kidney problems at the end...people will die..look at africa,south america...the same guys are there...greedy gentlemen killers of nature and people
G G (1 year ago)
Just some info regardless of which side you take on this. Ticker on NYSE: NAK... Epa can't shut them down at this time and the company has moved to the next stage which is 3-4 years of permitting and planning followed by 3-4 year construction leading to production currently expected to start in 2024. As of 9-1-17 it is $1.81 per share.
Kiwi AustEcon (1 year ago)
thanks for the info. No judgment. Sad reality about the conflict between environment and gold. Sad indeed.
If they go and dig that mine and fail to take a precaution using the 'technology' they say they'll use, a fine won't quite cover the damage that would be caused.
Jeremy L (1 year ago)
*If only They were gold fish.*
G G (1 year ago)
Jeremy L Gold fish spawning copper.
Putra Saputra (1 year ago)
Alan Rochin (1 year ago)
these people do t want to mine a smaller mjne that would be easy to clean Instead
Alan Rochin (1 year ago)
ur goin to waste more money maintain the waste then the profits
Alan Rochin (1 year ago)
god these people r nuts you'd risk animals n people's food for what smh
Pro Ganja (1 year ago)
In the future the gold can eat... its just a fish... assholes...
monkey king (1 year ago)
Dont let the Greedy Corporation destroy this Planet's Garden of Eden for there own Greed..For some mineral and destroy the ecosystem, in long term is it worth it.
Art man for life (1 year ago)
so whats the going on with this plan now when Trump is the man ;(
Harry (1 year ago)
Bribes will be big on this one
Erik Stronghold (1 year ago)
Fucking greedy corporate fuck!!
dan silverman (1 year ago)
Just save the salmon.
Sambhu Singh (1 year ago)
dan silverman Yeah save some salmon by not eating
jonathan lee (1 year ago)
at least it's not in China, doubt they'll have much angst about digging!
Kurt Patterson (1 year ago)
jonathan lee Actually, they do. They come from the opposite end. They are very keen on the reality of resource depletion and ecosystem damage. Very keen. Their strategy seems to be to secure, gather and protect these resources for China.
Mark Stortz (1 year ago)
why can't people comment without all the F bombs? some of us would like to use this video in a classroom, and the students can see all the comments....
Alex (3 months ago)
Colin Kennedy (4 months ago)
Mark Stortz don’t get your panties in a knot. No doubt your students, regardless of their age can teach you a thing or 2. Lighten up.
Mark Stortz (1 year ago)
what is wrong with you?
Toomas Zobel (1 year ago)
Fuck the fish, there's £500 billion of gold there? you could spend a few million on an artificial lake/river somewhere else, and use the mine for the advancement of human kind, all those precious metals will drive material price/rarity down, allowing cheaper and more research to be conducted, cheaper technology manufacturing etc. Fuck the fish, salmon isn't endangered anyway.
Carl Fabro (1 year ago)
Ibelieve mining can be done responsible. But the problem is the chemical reaction of copper on water and other material and the tailings must contain it properly
Marcus Lobenstein (1 year ago)
ERICSPEEd (1 year ago)
An inconvenient truth is that it is hard to *_go green_* without copper.
Marcus Lobenstein (1 year ago)
A few million? That yearly salmon harvest alone is already worth billions. The pollution that is inrepairable has an unlimited price tag. Besides that its not really gonna help you. ;)
djKally son (1 year ago)
fuck you too that mine isn't going to help you in any why what so ever. nothing in any way shape or form.. just a stupid fukk you are.
yuan guo (2 years ago)
GOLD is just a fuck'n MINERAL, why trading all the billions of years of evolving organic environment for this one mineral and starve and contaminate human race and other species? Oh yea it will recover a few more billion years after human race is wiped out.
Vinoth Shepard (1 year ago)
@Alan Rochin Do you eat your computer or do you feed your pets with that
Alan Rochin (1 year ago)
yuan guo what do you think CPU are made of and cell phones
Kyle White (2 years ago)
holy fuck quit ruining the fuckin planet
illinoisben (1 year ago)
then give up your iPhone  ...copper and gold
jason skinner (1 year ago)
Kyle White unfortunately money will always win over the ecosystem: ( ,logging and sustainable mining of salmon doesn't concern me as much as fracking and other forms of mining that are causing earthquakes,I'm afraid with the amount of human population and debt increase they will bypass any efforts to stop it

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