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Solar Power Lights Up Rural Bolivia

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How do you turn on a light at night when you’ve left the power grid far, far behind? In Bolivia, the solution is solar power. This is one of several case studies in the upcoming State of Energy Access Report, supported by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). Solar panels are an economical option for more than 360,000 rural Bolivian households in remote areas that are not easily reached by power lines.
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Peg Dimarco (1 month ago)
I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva website.
Shannon Gibson (3 months ago)
I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Avasva website and I'm ready for do it :D
Md Dilwar Young (5 months ago)
wow what is the views..
Sameer Shariff (7 months ago)
GmoneyStylez (1 year ago)
some screen doors would be nice too..
LRG International (1 year ago)
We hope this mentality hits Southern Africa as well. Solar is the answer.

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