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Learning for All

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Why is Learning for All the right goal for education worldwide? Join the World Bank as we help developing countries invest early, invest smartly, and invest in learning for all. http://www.worldbank.org/education/learningforall
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RulesoftheGame (3 years ago)
This is ALL WRONG! We are not teaching our children how to be healthy, innovative, how to get a job, or contribute to their communities by teaching them how to read, write, and do math.  It's not surprising that this comes from WORLD BANK, the very people who treat the world like a cooperation, and our children like commodities.  If you want real education, then provide our children with learning that engages and involves their creativity, real critical thinking, and the freedom to pursue their own natural iterests!!!  No wonder our kids are not reading, and writing....we are BORING them to death and forcing them intoo tiny boxes.  Let our kids out of the box!!!
Josh Heyes (2 years ago)
+RulesoftheGame Absolutely. This is poisonous capitalist propaganda that reduces wonderful multi-faceted individuals to their potential economic utility.
Sylvester Matsapola (3 years ago)
Tis thought-provoking.A rich ground for policy development on education.
montereydentist (4 years ago)
I didn't realize the world bank funded stuff like this. awesome!
very inspirational, thank you for sharing!
Sergio Adino (5 years ago)
i want buy your data systems from the acct access world wide corporate now
kalaichelvan kannan (5 years ago)
wonderful and inspiring . I want to share it with my taeching staff
Kinley Gyeltshen (5 years ago)
Though short the movie clip is quiet touching. This is the reality in many schools and with the message conveyed in the clip. I hope things would change for the better. I applaud World Bank for coming with such an initiative. We really need to have paradigm shift in the education system.
Prof. Orlando Ribeiro (6 years ago)
That's a good video. I hope it can impact the right people who can contribute to improve education around the world.
Theodore Darid Mauro (7 years ago)
I enjoyed this video very much and it focus. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't one reference or picture/cartoon of a child in a wheelchair or crutches. Education for all includes these children who have a lot to share and give. I know the World Bank gives money and supports these programs- they need to show these children too.

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