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Episode 2: How to Visualize Your Uber Ride History Data

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Check out episode 2 of the data show (still to be named) in which Nick and Samhir explore over 500 hours of Nick's Uber ride history data and visualize it using a neat tool called Carto. See if you can spot the following name suggestions in the episode. Be the first to share the timestamp in the comments and you'll get a shout-out in the next episode: - Lets Visualize - The CSV Files - Talk Data to Me - Two Bits Uber Data Extractor https://github.com/ummjackson/uber-data-extractor Follow TechChange on Twitter at @TechChange and see our latest course listings here: https://www.techchange.org/online-courses/
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bmurph24 (1 year ago)
kinda limited to what you can do geospatial wise on the limited info, really you need the trip lines between those points and matched against a database to aggregate about. so your streets representing the cumulative trips on that roadway.
samhirvasdev (1 year ago)
Agreed! And I wouldn't be surprised if Uber is collecting that waypoint data as well - it's just not easily accessible right now. If it was, we could do something like this project, which used Citibike data (the maps are also made using Uber): http://toddwschneider.com/posts/a-tale-of-twenty-two-million-citi-bikes-analyzing-the-nyc-bike-share-system/. If you find a way to show this trip line data, please share!! Thanks for watching.

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