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Trade Grain Futures Spreads at the CME

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Join Craig Turner of Daniels Trading & Turner's Take Newsletter to find out why futures spreads are often the strategy of choice for many experienced grain traders at the CME Group. Craig will explain how futures spreads can reduce systemic risk while allowing the trader to have a more focused, pure trade in the ag markets. Join us and learn the reasons for trading futures spreads and the mechanics of spread trading.
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desi sher (1 year ago)
Truly superb video. Very well structured, clearly presented, and explained things with clarity. Thank you so much.
John Yap (2 years ago)
At 18:35, the equation of ZCZ3/USD + USD/ZCZ4 = ZCZ3/ZCZ4. Does it means that ZCZ3/ZCZ4 is the true value of Corn? So what is the true value of USD?

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