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Developing a Profitable and Winning Trading System

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How do you go about formulating a strategy with a positive expectancy? Charlie Burton, trader and educator comments. Winning more than you lose. The way that I personally formulate strategies is to spot at recurring themes and then start testing - you take the basic theme - say a breakout at a certain level - if I use a stop loss here and a target here - how often would I be right. And I would use different levels to identify better strategies. Most traders focus their efforts on finding the best trading system but this will not by itself make you money. Please comment. The problems with most traders is mindset - they tend to hesitate when taking decisions especially when following systems.
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Anil Kumar Tunk (1 month ago)
The power of visualisation
EL Trading System (3 months ago)
AVLRECORDS (4 months ago)
Rob Mack (5 months ago)
He's spot on as usual
Mustafa Baris (5 months ago)
Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want in life .... This guy blew a 250,000 USD account before he became a consistent profitable trader ... He paid the price and persevered .. Think about that ... 250,000 USD account down to ZERO ... Yet , he is out there giving valuable advice to retail traders ... Don’t you wanna listen to him and learn from his mistakes ..?? If you are serious about trading , you should absolutely listen to what he has to say ...
Carlos Arruda (6 months ago)
Start with £5k, put all equity on a trade, whatever you can get like 20 to 50 maybe £75 points per pip, take your stop loss to 66% of that trade value and set your TP at 2 to 3 pips. A winner almost every time 8 out 10. Again, it's all about entering at the right time, at the highest to sell and at the lowest for buy, usually with a gap up to 10 pips...
azhat (6 months ago)
Great advice, I know that I need to work on my trading psychology first and foremost, that is the most important thing. Thus building my belief. Great videos. Small, concise bits of crucial advice.
woopygoman (1 year ago)
Backtesting is your friend. At least 10 years!
Marco Picos Sol (1 year ago)
great videos, very clear
Robstar (2 years ago)
right said, follow the trade plan don't skip entry because might be wrong...follow the winners swallow the losers;)
AudacityTunesE.T.C (2 years ago)
good thing no one disliked this

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