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Mobile Phone Examiner Plus | Introduction | MPE+ for eDiscovery Overview

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With the explosive growth of mobile device usage and mobile data, security and legal teams are encountering complex e-discovery challenges when building their cases or resolving security compromises. The amount of time, resources, budgets and lack of technical expertise are crippling organization workflows and response to business critical issues. AccessData, the leader in incident resolution solutions, solves these growing mobile data and forensic challenges with MPE+. Lee Reiber, VP of Mobile Forensic Solutions, demonstrates the power and ease of integrating mobile e-discovery into your existing IT infrastructure and investigation analysis. With the automated data collecting, analysis and improved data intelligence, investigators can quickly gather the information they need to effectively manage investigations and litigations For more information, go to http://www.accessdata.com/products/digital-forensics/mobile-phone-examiner Contact sales at [email protected]
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