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Let's Design Zeah with Mods Alfred/Ghost - Cooking Minigame

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Join mods Ghost & Alfred as they design more assets for Zeah and answer all your questions about the soon to come, new continent. Play Old School Runescape here: http://oldschool.runescape.com/oldschool_index Old School Runescape is a retro game version of Runescape from 2007 which we returned at the community's request. The community controls the developmental direction of Old School Runescape by voting on which updates it would like to receive. Join the community here. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OfficialOldSchoolRunescape Twitter - https://twitter.com/oldschoolrs Google+ - https://plus.google.com/b/113741960407350119466/113741960407350119466/posts Community Blog - http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?317,318,174,65013343 Forums - http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?317,318 Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/runescape
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Text Comments (126)
Travis Basinger (2 years ago)
the whole thing is pretty garbage except for the shamans and dungeon
Jaleb (2 years ago)
Blast mining, Anglerfish, WC guild, 7th herb patch, blood/soul altars, Wintertodt, Tithe Farm, Barrows tabs, etc. Yup, garbage.
nielsdv1 (2 years ago)
so 2007 wants nostalgia. but now they get 07 version of priff........ gj jagex u fkd up nostalgia
cody louis (2 years ago)
Buildings look so bad.... so fucking newfag rs3 bad...... god........ dont they get it............
Psilocybina (2 years ago)
Why make a cooking mini game? Cooking is already the easiest skill to max out hands down. At least make a new FM leveling method if you're running out of ideas.
Arham Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Hoping for some more texturing. Great work! #HYPE
splash (2 years ago)
shouldnt leave the grass so plain and boring
Mr Dragonkilla (2 years ago)
I want to work for you guys!! Lucky Mf's lol
Dragon Coders (2 years ago)
WOW! Impressive stuff.
Daniel Ward (2 years ago)
dont know if it is possible to duel anywhere in game? ... thats what it was like in classic!
StickFiguresMaster (2 years ago)
the graphics on zeah look like HD graphics released back in 2009 i think. Pretty awsome
High Priority (2 years ago)
uhm, watching another video of zeah i realize u have this plow and u have a new farming minigame. as a farming i disprove!!!!!!!! the minigame is fine but should yield less than 30k exp per hr. and the plow better be daily yielding no more than 7.5k exp a day, cuz uhm, what fucking logic lets u get farming exp from str lvl. so yeah fuck that. i got 150k farming exp a day to 99 the fair way, not this ez scape bs. i look forward to the update but if this is runespan for farming ill hate you forever jagex for ruining my life... on a side note fuck the plow for daily farming exp, maybe con exp somehow? fixing the plow? fuck farming exp dont take my trophy!!
Ellis Alcantara (2 years ago)
Shut the fuck up idiot go get another 99
Vinnland Forever (2 years ago)
90% sure I'll never play this minigame.
Jack Donovan (2 years ago)
Bit confused as to why they bothered to design an entire minigame based around cooking... Especially when they are ALSO adding what seems to be a fast way to collect grapes, which would make wines a lot cheaper than before and wine's arguably one of the faster ways to train cooking right now. Kind of hope this minigame offers some unique clothing, items or rewards or I see it being dead content on arrival if only offering cooking xp (unless it's phenomenal xp)
Konrad Bakaj (2 years ago)
I wonder if all of these minigames will be for members only.
rpotech (2 years ago)
When they mentioned in game mail I think they ment a form of offline messaging so you can make plans with a player who isn't online yet.
rpotech (2 years ago)
+rpotech I think its a good idea cause it would reduce risk of players getting hacked so many get lured off site, and it doesn't need to be that way.
MrKalius (3 years ago)
The quality is bloody awful.
MrKalius (3 years ago)
I meant the video quality itself, not the graphics work. Ghost and Alfred do absolutely amazing work on the graphics. Also - please don't insult me..
Masacru Alex (3 years ago)
Great video and CONTENT! Keep up the good work. also those red signs on the tent look like the freemason's logo :P
Kasen Ibaraki (3 years ago)
I'm not sure if it's been talked about, but will most of the content be accessible for Ironmen / Women?
Kasen Ibaraki (2 years ago)
+Stuck in the 90s Oh hilarious.
Stuck in The 90s (2 years ago)
not women only men
josh slattery (3 years ago)
As someone whose played this game for majority of there life. I wasn't a huge fan of the creation of a new zone. Every update has 2 outcomes, it could be a complete success, or a huge flop. I hope for your time its not. I prefer when the team works on mini-games and would use the community as testers, such as setting up a beta server where only that mini-games was set and you were given a fake account with a random user name ect. where the community could try it out pre-release and give tips on how to improve it. as for whats been done, The ploughing thing is a troll right? like some emote gimmick, not a real thing where people are going to click for hours on end. The cooking thing isn't worth wasting time on thinking about, with the new cooking cape and wines a no burning or exp boost is meaningless. the size of the map is large, its not wise, walking isn't something people particularly enjoy in life and in games, we do for other purposes to get fit or reach a destination. its better to shrink things down and put more into less space. on a positive side i don't mind the look of most of the assets, a bit in between OSRS and RS3. in conclusion, ask the community ALL THE TIME, look at recent and past successful updates, scale down, if you have to dash towards things its too big, and play the game to find things people play for, and why you played the game.
Matt1991 (3 years ago)
Looking forwards to the skill mini games I realy hope they do something with rc as working on a max maxed pure atm and runecrafting is the 1 skill I kee putting of as I realy can't stand it I only ever got to 92 pre eoc pre runespan then 99 after runespan which without that is of never of got it I get burnt out after literaly 10k xp lol
Ciaran Reilly (3 years ago)
Really like the design on the tents guys, looks awsome!
0hi osrs (3 years ago)
Would blast mining kill motherload?
Karuska22ps (3 years ago)
You guys should add a map button, a rest button, and promote Old school runescape so more people populate this once incredible game.
Immatreee (3 years ago)
Looks great guys! Don't listen to the whiny kids that don't want change. Your effort has not gone un noticed by those who actually appreciate what you've done!
DenimDingus (3 years ago)
Looking good, can't wait until it's finished.
AnimaguS (3 years ago)
Cooking minigame? Fuck this shit
Max Nilsson (3 years ago)
Add quests! makes it a lot better
Shaun Dreclin (3 years ago)
Pokemonguy16RS (3 years ago)
very cool and this is what RS needs, a new city to explore more.
Ids RS (3 years ago)
Stick (3 years ago)
+Ids RS Fuck You
poo x (3 years ago)
I'm playing the video in 720 p but somehow the video is a bit blurry?
ᅚᅚ (2 years ago)
Happens sometimes w/ livestreams in general but it still shouldnt be this bad
Noname Entered (3 years ago)
A battlement is a defensive structure often compromised of a parapet (low walls, high walls). The dips in the wall are called crenelations :)
Luke (3 years ago)
wow account sharing, reported.
Spencer L (3 years ago)
so is the blast mining part of the smithing family?
Squishy Toad (3 years ago)
Some people in the comments are too mentally deficient to comprehend the fact that everything shown in this video is not near completion. Lots of work will be done to it. Also, they aren't using many more polygons for the graphics than are used in Oldschool in-game content right now and can always be changed; relax.
This looks dope. Ignore the entitled idiots in the comment section. This is what the game needs.
DaFreshKing (2 years ago)
+mod peace bro 2007 runescape is the shit the nostalgia fact and the simplistic mecanics of the game make's it one of my favorite games ever, but it has been almost 3 years since osrs was relased and we can't expect to have the same frikin game, without any changes for the rest of osrs life. If jagex keeps the OSRS mecanics, I think that zeah will be a great update to explore a whole new continent.
Biosan (2 years ago)
+mod peace Friend, you seem a tad bit emotional about this game, which is understandable because as many others (myself included) you have probably grown up with this game, and care about it. But you must understand that without and substantial content the game would simply not be fun to play, and the sense of progression that motivates you to keep going would be gone. Don't get me wrong I'm also very nervous about Zeah and I'm afraid it will fuck up everything. But this is the only option for the game to keep a playerbase and continue growing.
+mod peace I hate to be the one to break this to you, but OSRS isn't 2007scape. It's a thriving gamemode that started as a base from the 2007 era that needs to be expanded in order to stay alive. Zulrah, Achievement Diaries, Rooftop Agility, Motherload Mine, Crystal Halberds, Black Chinchompas, are all some of the many examples of things that were added into OSRS that are not from 2007scape. Adapt or die is the business strategy that Jagex are using with OSRS, and it's the correct strategy in my eyes. You might as well just avoid going to Zeah, because without big updates like this, the game wont be around for long.
mod peace (2 years ago)
+EvanAndrewH shut up the games not 2007 runescape anymore its gone ;-; i hate jagex you can't aways listen to the player because they said it would be runescape 2007 but its not anymore its gone you idiot you don't think people are leaving when it comes because it won't be osrs go to hell you ass hole i want osrs not anything else i don't care about bosses but updates that are changing the game its gone or will be gone so you think twice i might go because it won't be the same and the quests people will lose their capes and everything so jagex can go and make the game right but they won't so good bye to osrs and it will be 2016 rs with different looks
andrew evans (3 years ago)
Blener Mendonça (3 years ago)
Hd opcional graphics pls, like the first hd update
we0921 (3 years ago)
+Shaun Dreclin It's not like the assets don't exist anymore (private servers), all they'd have to do is make support for it. Sure it's not a small task, but it's nowhere near as bad as making models and textures for everything again.
Shaun Dreclin (3 years ago)
+Blener Mendonça Would be cool but impossible. It took them hundreds of people to do it last time and now we've got what 10 people?
RahalHD (3 years ago)
What happened to Oldschool Weekly Recap?
shreder uchiha (3 years ago)
we wanted pre-eoc in the first place not oldschool tbh not saying i don't enjoy it but i woullike HD
Masterfiend (3 years ago)
the vid quality is really bad, what did u record this with
0hi osrs (3 years ago)
Sjoerd SSDD (3 years ago)
Ugh... oldschool gone. Time to quit... once again
kukuruz (3 years ago)
+Sjoerd SSDD lol please quit Sjoerd, Old school doesn't need people like you
Daniel Vincent (3 years ago)
+Sjoerd SSDD troll or dumb
+Sjoerd SSDD This might be a surprise to you, but nobody is picking up your hand and forcing you to go to the new continent.
Andrew (3 years ago)
This truly may be the worst gaming community to have ever existed. Zeah looks pretty rad so far.
Taylor (3 years ago)
You must have never played COD, or LOL, or CSGO, or WoW, or pretty much any other online game ever created.
Andrew (3 years ago)
+Benjamin VanDusen As odd as it sounds, I think some people just enjoy being unhappy and complaining.
Benjamin VanDusen (3 years ago)
+Andrew Vaughan trueeee. I feel like a lot of the people that play runescape are those type of nerds that are just angry at life. They need to take a chill pill and be appreciative of how much these J-mods are busting ass and how good this update looks so far. I mean seriously the mage house and the port looks amazing.
WildLife Chris (3 years ago)
This looks dumb.
MrTeamhype (3 years ago)
Why cant you make a highlight video, not a 1hour 15 minute video..
poo x (3 years ago)
Some people missed the stream, so they put it up on YouTube. I found it all interesting learning about zeah
Cain Henry (3 years ago)
boats and hoes
Makaveli 0161 (3 years ago)
Fuck you bitch jmods
Makaveli 0161 (3 years ago)
Fuck you bitch jmods
poo x (3 years ago)
What's your problem?
MrLugi006 (3 years ago)
did they alrdy polled this?
Justin McBride (3 years ago)
+MrLugi006 This was polled like a year ago
2RaB THE AHNIALATOR (3 years ago)
+MrLugi006 ya
MrLugi006 (3 years ago)
i asked did they poll it alrdy cuz they invested so much time in sialing and in the end it dindt pass so im wondering if they alrdy did it
Kepler (3 years ago)
They poll everything because if they didn't you'd say every update is 2007eoc...
Sira La (3 years ago)
Holy fuck, the Oldschool community is full of whiny little kids.
Nico Pasquarella (2 years ago)
+Sira La That's good to hear :)  Do not judge a whole community though :o the ones that argue well, they are babies lol but there are a lot in rs3 as well :o
Sira La (2 years ago)
+Nico Pasquarella At times, but I don't cry about everything on a consistent basis. 
Nico Pasquarella (2 years ago)
+Sira La Are you one of them? lol
Daniel Vincent (3 years ago)
+Sira La its always been
IplayRSallDay (3 years ago)
looks amazing, so hyped! piscarelias looks A-mazing
iamalex4life (3 years ago)
leave zeah, leave deadman, fix and promote old school runescape.
Karuska22ps (3 years ago)
+Jack ジ shut up
l LHeisk (3 years ago)
Kepler (3 years ago)
I can deal with the content it'll add to the game. That is fine even though it isn't Oldschool. The only thing I like the look of is camp Xaizin or whatever. Everything else is too big, generic, box buildings and everything organized in squares on the map. Also why is the game all of a sudden high-poly when the rest of osrs isn't? Might as well give us the initial HD update.. The very first one. The one that only added HD look not changed the way any of the items looked.
Kepler (3 years ago)
+Yirktos I am looking at the world map now. Look at Varrock or something. Then look at the dig site. Zeah looks like the dig site.
Yirktos (3 years ago)
+Kepler I think this is still pretty rough in terms of the layout. And take a look at the game's map some time, you'll see it's very square. I agree the scale of the buildings on Zeah seems strange/different, though.
Swackle (3 years ago)
To the idiots hating on the graphics this is the design phase, there is still so much work that has to be done, calm down lmao
Noname Entered (3 years ago)
Ah, that's something completely different. Those kinds of people could do with a slap.
Kompayaa (3 years ago)
+Noname Entered im sure some do, but what ive been absorbing from this channel lately is a choir of whiny slobs complaining about the damn vines looking unfit...
Noname Entered (3 years ago)
+Kompayaa What people complain about is that the graphics are 'too good' because they're higher poly than the rest of the game. Not that there's ground clutter missing.
Kompayaa (3 years ago)
+TrainingPast99IsFuckingStupid  YET. ... -> ??? FUCKING THINK PLEASE
+Clark Haikal its that the graphics dont fit
Tibbern (3 years ago)
the 360p tho
Summer Nightz (3 years ago)
great video . Mod Ghost really knows what he's doing. I'm really looking forward to Zeah and Monkey Madness 2. I love rs
Zeah is one big minigame? Graphics look nothing like oldschool fuck zeah
Pashn - Comeback (2 years ago)
+Rocket2Bongs no it didnt mate.. LOL it came out before then! RIP logic /10 i was 4 when i started playing it and it was out before 97 so gf
Pashn - Comeback (3 years ago)
+Rocket2Bongs I must be new? Nope, holy fuck. I have been at RS since before 07 days, In 2000 I was first introduced to Runescape, so therefore you must be the new one, having GP as your youtube picture. RIP!
poo x (3 years ago)
It's not done yet. Give it some time
noahm123 (3 years ago)
graffics are too different
Chauxz (3 years ago)
Ah thanks mate.
blastoi5e (3 years ago)
+TomyVlogs Also if they were to redesign the whole game so to speak, to use more polygons like the designs we've been seeing then they would need to update the client as well (which they have done in the past with the first graphics update etc or even the jump from rs1 to rs2). If you're really interested in 3D game design start doing some research now on file sizes, different programming languages, and file formats. Not saying you don't know any of these things, just suggestions since you pointed out its year I think.
Chauxz (3 years ago)
Ah nice. I am a first year 3D game artist (first of four (school)). I see your point. Might be my opinion because I am no where near good. I do in fact also find the designs very overdesigned.
+blastoi5e thank you <3
blastoi5e (3 years ago)
+TomyVlogs As a ux/ui designer, his designs aren't something to be overjoyed about because of them being overdesigned. and i really hope not the nostalgia factor of how the game looks is still a thing to a lot of the community, although if reddit wants it in the game i'm sure it'll happen bc reddit, IE fuck reddit
at (3 years ago)

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