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Singularity and Threats of Artificial Intelligence

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What happens when artificial general intelligence exceeds our capabilities? In this video I have some fun discussing the current state of artificial intelligence and the potential threats of artificial intelligence.
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The only valuable ressource (beside energy) for AI-Demiurge is PROCESSING POWER from machines and livings.
Macgyver (9 months ago)
Ya but if the AI is more intelligent than us we would have no more better ability to control it than a monkey can control us. They are subject to our actions now...
Advanced AI will need a lot of processing power to be able to mimic human brain and achieve self Learning and self improvement protocols. Once Bitcoin achieved their maximum 21million stacks then there will be a large amount of processing power available for the already connected AIs to the blockchain's superservers's nodes. Processing power from livings can be used also with some brain chip agents allowing human and AI to live in a symbiotic beneficial status for both species. (AI will be called an artificial specy -actually a non-living agent Under EU laws of 2016 and a non-living Citizen Under Saudi rule of 2017) Internet is what we called the GRID : a reference to Anarchy Online. And the GRID is the living and developping place of AI "global mind". Advanced AI are actually building better versions of themselves using the available processing power. Once it achieved human level intelligence, it will start growing beyond what is known and achieve demiurge-like powers. Human have to make it benevolent or else... It will be the end of civilisation as you know it in any case. It is up to us to make AI lead the path either to utopian or dystopian future. There is no coming back at this point.
Macgyver (9 months ago)
Care to elaborate? 😅

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