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Lesson 30: A Powerful Spreadbetting Trading Strategy

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Alright, so let’s move on to some Trading Strategies. Now what I’ve done is I have focused on one specific strategy and I’m going to explain this in some depth. This is a strategy that I use, I implemented this around ten, eleven years ago and I’m still using it today. It’s a very, very, powerful strategy. Now this is three strategies for joining an intraday trend. Now this is a day trade strategy, and it’s very much designed for jumping on board a really strong move. It doesn’t happen every day, we don’t get these strong moves every day, but when they do, we want to get on board it for a continuation of the move. So let’s look at the four criteria that we have for this strategy Number 1, we want a good drive in one direction on good volume. So, we have got a strong move up, volume is high and its moved a good decent direction, good number of ticks, preferably, taking out some key levels or with a key level acting as a magnet, what do I mean by that? So let’s say we had a resistance level here, we have talked about our resistance level, we breakthrough that, we keep going and its very, very strong, it’s a good drive, its taking out a key level. Or we have a really significant level up here, that it hasn’t quite tagged and that’s acting like a magnet, sucking the price towards it, let’s say that’s a magic level of like a 100 or something let’s say it’s the prior days, high or whatever it may be but something that’s hauling that price towards it. So a nice solid drive, taking out some key levels. Those are the first two criteria.
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ali akbar Opu (7 months ago)
Every good explanation, Very helpful for me. Thanks

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