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Joomla Beginner Class, Lesson #12: How to Properly Link Articles Using Joomla

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Get EVERYTHING at Joomlashack: +20 best-selling Joomla Extensions, Responsive Templates, Joomla Training, and VIP Support. SAVE more than 60%: https://ostra.in/ytoffer In this video, you'll see how to create menu links in Joomla. You'll learn how Joomla's menu system works for articles and categories. For great Joomla templates and extensions, try Joomlashack: https://joomlashack.com.
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Text Comments (3)
If categories are not necessarily Menu Entries, what is their main purpose? Thank you, in advance.
Beth Miano (1 year ago)
Thanks alot. You are the best
OSTraining (1 year ago)
Thanks Beth. Glad to hear the videos were useful

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