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Tell us about your 'The Hunt Volatility Funnel' Trading System

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Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments on his trading system consisting of a high probability breakout trading strategy: the Hunt Volatility Funnel. Tell us about own developed trading system: 'The Hunt Volatility Funnel' and its significance to longer term trends? What does this system involve? How do you detect a false breakout? What is the Hunt Volatility Funnel? The setups consists of a continuation pattern, in other words:. congestion after an established uptrend. The setup has 3 consecutive lower highs interspersed with 3 successive higher lows meaning: If you've found this video useful, please click the like button and share it with your friends and remember to SUBSCRIBE to remain up-to-date!
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Text Comments (6)
Rafael de Rezende (7 months ago)
But what if the false break, or "testing of the level" actually leads to a change in the direction of the trend?
Sumaiya (10 months ago)
This man is genius!
Umair Khattak (1 year ago)
this guy knows his stuff
rapid returns (1 year ago)
veteran..... loving this
Gary Winehouse (1 year ago)
We need more guys like this in crypto.
MrArtist1971 (2 years ago)
Love this guy. Thanks.
Adam Neusbaum (3 years ago)
Regarding recognizing a false breakout signal would that be called the Volume Profile Indicator used with price levels? Great series btw. Thanks-

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