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No more blockchain drivers! Cast XMR 0.9.2 Electroneum or Monero

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In this video, I will show you how to get rid of the blockchain drivers and run AMD Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 with the newest version of Cast XMR and maintain the full hash power of the blockchain drivers... Without all the blockchain headache! With additional hash power over the old XMR Stak config. On Vega 56, 64, RX 470/480, 570/580 cards. https://support.amd.com/en-us/download http://www.gandalph3000.com/ https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1038 http://vega.miningguides.com/ Powerplay Reg edit file used: https://pastebin.com/GtfFJHML
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Ian Yates (2 months ago)
So pleased I found yor video's... Great help! However, you don't cover a mixed array of Vega's... I shall be trying to setup my rig ith the v64 and v56 I've been mining with for a couple of months now... I decided to begin upgrade by installing new vega FE, into slot 0, V64 in slot5 and leave the v56 till later, which will be installed on a riser on slot 3 or 4. I don't really want to cram 3 Vegas onto my MB, as they leay only about 1/8th inch between cards... I have tried several driver/miner configs so far, but my fans and temps are all over the place... Do you have any recommendations for upgrading dual Vega system to 3 vegas including one FE? Afterburner does not seem to be able to appl settings to FE... is there a reason for this? Any help would be great???
Yiu Chung Wong (2 months ago)
i have a Ryzen 3 2200g as well as 4 vega56s. I always get TDL blue screen and I suspect it's the Vega8 on the Ryzen that's causing trouble. Is it possible to just not use the Ryzen (CPU + iGPU) at all in Cast XMR?
Ryan miller (2 months ago)
After adding the power play tables my hashrate hash dropped over 400 hashes per card, any thoughts? 6 vega 56 asus strix hynix. It also freezes up constantly.
Great job, glad you found the sweet spot!
Perfect, you got it!
Ryan miller (2 months ago)
Set my overclocks from 910 to 925 depending on the card. 12hrs on cast with zero errors. Hashrates range from 1820's to 1900 and using around 100watts less than without the power play tables. I will take it! Thanks again.
Could be your overclock settings, I also only use blower style reference cards, I am not sure since I do not use the Asus cards, if the powerplay tables provided will work with your cards. I would look at your clock settings first though.
Larry F (2 months ago)
Have you tried using the OverdriveNTool.exe for voltage settings?
Yes, not needed with the new drivers, and MSI afterburner can automatically load with windows. Much faster.
Paras Dabas (3 months ago)
pls help when i tries to run the bat file after the "loading Kernel..." program just close automatically no matter how many times i tried with different pool or changing wattman setting . ihave vega 64 if anyone you know the watman setting for vega 64 pls send me the config or if there is something else i should do pls tell ..thankeyou..
Hi Paras, you can not use XMR Stak to mine ZEC. It is an Equihash algorithm, not Cryptonight. You will need to download different software to mine ZEC.
Paras Dabas (2 months ago)
thanx for the help i am abel to run it now i just have to reinstall window and everithing but there is only on problem expect xmr pool which is give in the default config in bat file i am not abel to run other pool i want to mine zec but it is not connecting to the pool but in xmr pool there ist running smoothely can you pls tell me the zecash config for nano pool i am trying to use this pool config (cast_xmr-vega -S zec-asia1.nanopool.org:6666 -u t1gHshqGcrVLtndoRzZAfsySt14AypfMicr.zec01 -G 0 %*) but its is not abel to connect ...
Start at about the 19 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqpsC3PKq3U&t=1386s
Paras Dabas (3 months ago)
can you send me any config of your xmr stak i will try to run that if it does not then its my driver issues .. any config will work which you have run before on your vega just need to check ...thanx..
Let the power play table from the video control the clock settings for the gpu clock. For the Memory, start at 1000, and see if the card will run. Slowly bring the clock rate up until you get to or near the 2000 hash mark. Be sure that the program is stable. Sounds like the card is not overclocked correctly, or you are having issues with your driver.
KYGamer (3 months ago)
I tried switching to the new 18.4.1 driver from the blockchain drivers... I get Radeon Settings do not match Driver version, this is a common problem people are experiencing with these new drivers..
KYGamer (3 months ago)
North East Texas Technologies many others with the new windows version are also having the problem.. I had the old version to start with and I updated and still was having the problem, then I did a fresh install to the latest build with it making no difference.
KYGamer (3 months ago)
North East Texas Technologies I can't drop a link as I'm on my phone in the middle of Lake Barkley.. but it's AMD support forums in the graphics/software section..
Your issue may be in the registry, we may have two separate issues. The rig with the problem is version 1803 build 17134.48
@KYGamer can you drop a link to the forum thread where they are talking about this. I just rolled back to an old version of drivers and the miner, still no luck. I have other rigs that have not received windows update in nearly a month. All of these rigs are fine. It looks like windows update may have killed it.
Interesting, I will look into it more and let you know.
Marlon Bussey (3 months ago)
I'm getting "error unknown_error calling clgetplatformids for number of platforms" wjen loading gpu kernel.
It will work for Linux distros, but the procedure is different.
Marlon Bussey (3 months ago)
I am. Will it not work for windows?
More than likely this is related to a driver issue. You may need to uninstall and reinstall your AMD drivers. Here is a good thread I found. I am assuming this is on a non-Windows platform? https://github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak-amd/issues/115
Vimi (3 months ago)
I have sent an email !! Please do check and slove my promblem bro (GPU 2 hangs in opencll)????
Vimi (3 months ago)
North East Texas Technologies Thnx man !! I have again sent an email
Vimi, I sent an email back to you with some questions.
cnapmak1983 (4 months ago)
Liked, Sold video guide but so quite, my TV volume is at 80% to watch this.
Make sure to subscribe to the channel and click the bell notification to see my new videos. Thank you.
My apologies, in my next video, I will not lower the audio volume as much during editing.
Andrew Tang (4 months ago)
Hi! Do you install Adrenalin drivers first? Follow-up by blockchain drivers to unlock the wattman or overclockntool? If yes, has your system been stable?
Andrew Tang (4 months ago)
North East Texas Technologies - Hi! I watched your video but I can't find wattman. Just to inform you, i am running Vega FE.
Hi Andrew, please watch the entire video for step by step instructions. Yes, other than a power outage. This rig has been running solid since the time of the video recording.
Ricardo Garza (4 months ago)
9:38 help
ThePandaBeat (4 months ago)
Hey man, I'm using: 4x Vega 64 Cast 0.9.2 Adrenaline 18.3.4 March 23 Your SoftPowerPlay And your same exact settings in Wattman... ...but my cards hash at 1650-1750... :'( Any idea of what I may be doing wrong? I followed your video step by step, at least 6 times now. Any help would be appreciated.
If you are using the GPU and memory settings from this video for your 64's, they are set too low. The Memory clocks for a true vega 64 card should be in the 1050 to 1100 range. Start with 1050 on the GPU for all cards, then go up by 25 until your hash rate is where it should be. Example: 1050 > 1075, then if needed 1075 > 1100. The lower you can keep the clocks, the more stable your setup will be.
ThePandaBeat (4 months ago)
North East Texas Technologies I'm using 4 Gigabyte Vega 64, all reference cards, 60GB of virtual memory and they're set the same in wattman... I was using the old blockchain drivers and an old cast without much problems, achieving 2000 h/s without much issue, but because of the fork I updated the miner to the latest version and I still achieved around 1950 h/s, but then I had a power outage two or three days ago and as usual the rig was a pain in the ass to setup, fighting with the enable/disable and all that, so I thought it was a good time to update the drivers, as everyone was saying that they were a lot more stable... so I did, but I haven't been able to reach 1900 h/s since then. :'(
Hi, What are your GPU and memory settings? Are all of your cards set the same in Wattman?
Jimmy vANDEKRUX (4 months ago)
nice video..its usefull...dankee
TC (4 months ago)
Save yourself a lot of time and use OverdriveNtool to OC , Wattman Lag sucks..
TC (4 months ago)
im using it now with 18.3.4 and works fine, I think if you have wattman installed it will work fine.
Hello. Yes, I have tried. Unfortunately, OverdriveNtool works with the blockchain drivers. I personally have never seen them work with Adrenalin drivers. I use OverdriveNtool with the blockchain drivers and XMR Stak. Thank you
Yazan Alshawa (4 months ago)
Hi , can i use this guide for Vega 56 as well , i don't want to flash my cards to 64 . Thanks in advance
Yazan Alshawa (4 months ago)
thank you , when i wrote the comment i didn't reach the part where you said they were 56s , keep it up
Hi, these are vega 56 cards. Only one of them is flashed to 56. If you get the chance. Watch the entire video. It should help. Thank you
TIhomir Pelov (4 months ago)
i have 6 rx 580 rig and i cant make all my cards work, the one the is pluged to the display is notmining can u help me how to fix it
KYGamer (3 months ago)
TIhomir Pelov is your pcie on gen2 in bios?
I never received your email.
TIhomir Pelov (4 months ago)
Ok i hope you can help me i wrote to you
Also let me know your rig details. Example: motherboard, type of risers, PSU, ex.
There could be several reasons for this. A lot to cover in one message. If you will go to my website https://northeasttexastechnologies.com and send me an email, I will respond in detail to your question.
Arsene Radu-Nicusor (4 months ago)
Outstanding job.Thanks for all the info.If you don.t mind me asking,what is the power draw of your 5 Vegas?Thanks.
Arsene Radu-Nicusor (4 months ago)
I personaly only use Cast XMR for my 4 vegas...the whole rig puls 740W(no cpu mining) just the cards.I assume that is fine if yours is 927 W for 5 and cpu.
Thank you, Arsene. On XMR Stak, it was 927 watts with CPU mining on 3 threads (I3 8100). I have yet to measure on Cast, but I am assuming with no CPU mining, it will be slightly less.
Jeff Bowman (4 months ago)
your volume to low, man
John Davis (9 days ago)
Video volume is really love, have to run at 100% volume
Matt Hanifin (4 months ago)
Sounds great to me
Thanks for your feedback Jeff. It sounds ok to me on my computer. Does anyone else have problems hearing the video?
lazy gooner (4 months ago)
Please make a video of setup xmrstak for vegas. Thanks
Hello, I am currently working on my mining farm build out. Please watch along if you are interested. I will do my best to find some time to put together a tutorial for XMR Stak in the next few days.
tarui (4 months ago)
please do. the only reason why I used xmr stak in spite of the higher dev fee is because it works nicely with hashrate monitoring.
I will work on that, thanks for the feedback.
lazy gooner (4 months ago)
I cant seem to get the xmrstak to work, so confused with that miner. I can only get 450h on each thread. Dont know what i am doing wrong, searched all help but cant setup the bat file for it or the amd text files
I will try to release a video to cover that topic soon.
José Pereira (4 months ago)
Hi put : -ratewatchdog --fastjobswitch for better performance ( i see outdated job in your video) :)
Hi Jose, yes my other rig is currently on the latest version of Cast XMR and I have tested the config additions you suggested. It is difficult making a tutorial video and adding all the extra features without adding too much information for the new person and making the video too long. I will make additional videos in the future to add extra commands and extra features. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

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