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Abandoned Ghost Town In Perfect Condition & Clock STILL TICKING!

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We discovered a ghost town in the middle of nowhere in PERFECT CONDITION. This is quite a rare find. 🎀 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! TWITTER: 🐦OFFICIAL: http://bit.ly/ewucrew 🐦BOB'S: http://bit.ly/ewubobz 🐦EMMA'S: http://bit.ly/ewuemma INSTAGRAM: 📷OFFICIAL: http://bit.ly/ewuig 📷BOB'S: http://bit.ly/ewubobig 📷EMMA'S: http://bit.ly/ewuemmaig FACEBOOK: 📱OFFICIAL: http://bit.ly/ewucrewfb 💸 SUPPORT US ON PATREON! Monthly Patron-exclusive Q&A videos, Patron-exclusive Discord, & support the creation of MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS! 💰 http://bit.ly/ewupatreon 🎵 WHAT MUSIC DO WE USE FOR OUR VIDEOS? (AFFILIATE) https://goo.gl/9MzDUJ Tons of awesome music and a FREE TRIAL month from our sponsor! This is where I get all my music for my videos. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📈 VidIQ is a must for any creator! (AFFILIATE) http://www.vidiq.com/#_l_3q #Abandoned #Exploring #ExploreWithUs
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Explore With Us (22 days ago)
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Edward Martinez (18 hours ago)
+Captain. Hedgehog No look around the land would show if it were a test site look the sand dirt for melting.
Edward Martinez (18 hours ago)
+H Tucker THINK
E Rock (13 days ago)
Pretty much looks like you broke into somebody's house it doesn't look abandoned
Christopher Tandy (4 hours ago)
Fuck off! This place is someones property!!!
Brookster Q (6 hours ago)
One of the mattresses leaning against the wall has the same pattern as the carpeting in the “OVERLOOK” Motel in the movie THE SHINING! 7:37
Flerp (6 hours ago)
Rex is obviously just hanging out outside of his dog house.
Wengang Liang (7 hours ago)
3:30 the clock is alive???!!!
Larry Pierce (10 hours ago)
I'm willing to bet they access this place by helicopter. A get away. I'm sure that the land is purchased from the Government or they're paying to lease the property. Why would they build a full house and keep it perfectly clean to live it. It's a relaxing get away for someone. Maybe to hunt since I saw a red and black plaid shirt, firewood in place, food stocked up. They're not harming anyone whoever it is.
Adie1112 (11 hours ago)
Who else wants him to look at the expiration dates on some of that food? And the date on that newspaper on the shelf?
Justaguyyoutubin (12 hours ago)
This is definitely someones vacation cabin... They likely use this to hunt.
StripeMcr (18 hours ago)
whoa I bet some of those magazines , books and others stuff will have some good value in antique shop ...
Little Flower (23 hours ago)
What's the expiration date on the food??
Anonymous Person (1 day ago)
Would someone please do a video of the inside of this guy's house while he gone breaking into other people's houses.
They're called dirt roads. They don't look bad at all to me. Any decent 4x4 should be able to manage it. There's not even dust there! it's inhabited, they're just not around right now.
Me You (1 day ago)
Thats it...say a squatters been there or a squatters place to feel better about breaking in.....public land....?? If some rancher is leasing it to run a cattle drive..even if its once a year.....it's his/hers!!!
Darryl Brown (1 day ago)
looks like a place in nevada
Luxx Verum (1 day ago)
Why would people move into the middle of no where? I wonder if they vanished due to Reptilian Draco Humanoids abducting them...
RUCookoo Jackson (1 day ago)
That's a FEMA human transport train I seen them in YouTube - they take thoudsands of people and slaughter them some how - I think in old shut down WalMart buildings -
JmillerTV (1 day ago)
The clock on the wall was still working...
GaRoger's Customs (1 day ago)
One of these days one of you morons are going to run into a nest of fugitives hiding out, then you will get your asses blown off.
Mark Henstridge (2 days ago)
Well, what about the train how long was it and was there a loco attached?
Allan Schuck (2 days ago)
Some one has or is living there...prolly heard you coming and are watching you...lol...
Servando Resendiz (2 days ago)
Looks like someone lives there... They left for vacation? Who would think someone like you would ever show up to that house out in the middle of nowhere? They'll be back soon.
IndyKurt (2 days ago)
I suspect you know or are the owners. Blurring stuff out, like who cares if you don't know the owners. Cool story bro
A T (2 days ago)
Umm it’s a meth lab. There’s a meth pipe on the bottom shelf of the upper cabinet he opens. As well as all the “ingredients” in the kitchen.
James Thornton (2 days ago)
So you broke into a house, which looks RECENTLY inhabited???....Seasoned cast iron, batteries still good....lucky the owners did not come around...
Danielle (2 days ago)
My guess it’s a hunting cabin
Ron VM (2 days ago)
Note the blood stains on the folding chairs?
dhea scot (3 days ago)
Umm, the clock on the wall still ticking...ABANDONED...until winter...
bayvillagebug (3 days ago)
That cabin is not abandoned
bayvillagebug (3 days ago)
The clock is still running
Olha que lindo eu moraria sim 🙌🙋🙏
lue lunsford (3 days ago)
That is a bug out place,
I'm Gerry (3 days ago)
This is not abandoned. Look at how the towel was placed and how the iron cast cookwares were shined and oiled, the fireplace stacked with woods.
Dennis Loria (3 days ago)
Hunting cabin
Hunter Gibson (3 days ago)
This video made zero since, old fridge still running with Doritos in it magazines dating to the 60s - 80s and newspapers from 2000s and etc... im so confused
Kyle Hagerman (3 days ago)
CLEARLY a crack pipe in ammo box...why didn't you show that???
Anna Carter (4 days ago)
The clock on the wall was running. Probably someone living there.
Chuck Handcock (4 days ago)
The food is from a food bank. I used to have to partake from food banks.
Steven Shiner (4 days ago)
That doesn't look abandoned. The three bears are going to return any moment.
carol carel (4 days ago)
Why don't you at least say what state house is in
FRIENDTARD (4 days ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Jalf Dado (4 days ago)
Nice place in the middle of nowhere. I'll bet is quiet. Careful with those Nissan transmission they break easy. Nissan is known for weak transmissions
Bill Sexton (4 days ago)
3:35 - the sweep second hand is moving on the wall clock. Battery was replaced in the last year or so.
RS (4 days ago)
Hey... Who was delivering newspapers ?????????
Cathy byrd (5 days ago)
look's like a mule deer hunting cabin …….
skp4eva (5 days ago)
sm1 got chopped up in that tub
skp4eva (5 days ago)
its probably a safe house... either gov or mobb sh!t
Arissa Campbell (6 days ago)
Looks like someone still living there
Laser Estrada (6 days ago)
It's a white house
Konrad Gola (6 days ago)
Ghost TOWN. WTF? The clock on the wall is ticking!!!
Falney (6 days ago)
This looks like it may be a "modern" hunting lodge. I have seen a few "abandoned" buildings like this that aren't abandoned and when the owners see the videos they get a little unhappy about it. They are quite often still in use. In fact. I think I vaguely recognise this cabin from another explorer and if it is that one, then yes it is, they had the owners comment on the video
Paula T (6 days ago)
This is a place horror movies are based on.
Whomever owns it may come in an RV. And grammatically it isn’t “ someone has been here as early as 2015” one would say “ as recently as 2015” thanks for a lovely video
I agree, I think it’s still owned by a family even if they don’t use the bathrooms, in the cabin there’s absolutely no dust. I think you have someone who just maintains a western motif cabin( I recognize all the books as being primarily western and Louis Lamour,most of the national geographic magazines are western as well. I know in some areas people are grandfathered claused in as far as if they have been in land that became public they may have lifetime use( or it could be a state owned residence( national parks type situation) I would very much think public land or no, that it is clearly maintained. Not the second or the RV, but possibly as a vacation spot. Hunting cabin etc. Many homes like that are no longer lived in but mice have not gotten to crackers or coffee as you would expect to see in a completely abandoned place.
Beautiful scenery. Can y’all imagine living there? Talk about peace and quiet..yeah and wasps and rodents( but still) where is this, state, town? Gorgeous.
“Is it over here, are we going there?” Fabulous
Stephane leblanc (7 days ago)
Tx for the visit
sojourn Traveler (7 days ago)
It is not even dusty. The rodents are being kept at bay. Hope the place continues to be respected. ---------------------- Pack Rat Camper
lisa salmon (7 days ago)
Wow come on in and make yourself at home very nice place out in the middle of nowhere !!!!!
Makes me wanna grab the cassette player.
Stacy Pappas (8 days ago)
If you've ever hunted game, checkyoull notice, that's a relatively fresh poop...... the rest is up to your own imagination.... remember, don't believe
Stacy Pappas (8 days ago)
Somebody pooped on the floor, ok,.... and.....? help me here.....
Liberty (8 days ago)
There is sunscreen on the counter or shelf that looked pretty recent.
anthony higuera (8 days ago)
These videos are cool but you should also post the site where they're located
kent kirkpatrick (8 days ago)
Definitely looks like a dog was locked in that camper and you are smelling his remains. Sad. Nice hunting cabin tho!
T mo (8 days ago)
The clock in the house is still ticking.
More and likely a squatter. He was probably out getting supplies or hunting when you went there. I subbed to you. Have you two ever had people come to those buildings you explored and actually said ‘Yes I’m living here’?
Explore With Us (8 days ago)
No, the places we visit are on federal BLM land and it would be illegal for anyone to live there. 🙂
Brandy Michelle (8 days ago)
Why didn’t he look through the brown folder underneath the newspapers that was on table and why didn’t he read what was written on the note pad that was on the other phone able???? The can goods in the cabinet are government can goods
Dustin Geren (9 days ago)
"Walks around and looks through rooms, find a cup of coffee still sitting on counter, touches cup............*Still hot* Oh fuck... lets get out of here...
Todd Boone (9 days ago)
Battery clock on the wall was working . So that tells you someone has been there within last six months.
Batphink Reynolds (9 days ago)
WHAT is up with the clock you first enter and it say 9:35 and then it was 10:10 or something when you re-entered the second time?
Selah child of GOD (9 days ago)
It looked like a place a serial killer would take victims.....did y'all see blood or check those barrels
M.J. Mucha (9 days ago)
You should be more careful. A lot of bad guys - drug dealers, etc. - hide out in places like this!
Mandy Blue Eyes (9 days ago)
Whoever lived here probably used to visit every once in a while and probably died. Family likely has no idea it exists or just doesn't want to do anything about it.
Derek Carson (9 days ago)
D. B. Cooper is gonna be pissed that someone shat on the bathroom floor!
Gary Gans (9 days ago)
I think people still live there.
Charles Wallace (10 days ago)
Never trust pretty houses because they come with ghost included owner not gonna tell you because he wants your money
Jenn Zack (10 days ago)
Wow this place is in pretty good condition!!!!
MyNameIs Spirit (10 days ago)
hopefully you had permission to be here and this is faked, because you are putting your fingerprints everywhere
John Garand (10 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you are trespassing in someone's place. I kno technically it's not trespassing because it's public land. At least you don't destroy shit like some kids would.
B Tor (11 days ago)
That's where Mr. White and Jessie cook thier meth.
BRENDAJASON1 (11 days ago)
Looks like it’s built in the 1970’s when the desert became popular people escaped there in the 60’s away from the citys. Anyone know who’s place this is
jorge klock (11 days ago)
tengo mis dudas que esos este abandonado
Malikstarman299 77 (11 days ago)
I think it's a fallout shelter for a war or something.
VJ (11 days ago)
Not illegal to squat in this cabin on public lands
Daryl Burns (13 days ago)
They took a squat on the bathroom floor
E Rock (13 days ago)
It doesn't look like it's abandoned it looks like you're in somebody's property, just because things are overgrown doesn't mean they're abandoned, they just don't want people on their land
Scott Smith (13 days ago)
I think I would pull those old stoves out and sell them. Old wood burning stoves are worth a fortune.
Iapiaya (13 days ago)
Goldilocks did this kind of thing all the time.
Rebecca Maud (14 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the blood spatter on the folded chairs?
T.L B (14 days ago)
Get out of their house dude. Proper rude and nosey.
Janice Eakin (14 days ago)
So the clock in the kitchen is running? Hmmm
Bill (14 days ago)
Aren't houses like these, on public lands, usually under lease by the govt? I think anyone can enter into a long term lease and basically build what they want. Even leaving in their wills to others, so long as the others are willing to assume the lease.
nwo erad (14 days ago)
Clock on wall is ticking away,hint,hint.
Dewese Milstead (14 days ago)
it does not look abandondened. Looks like you are entering illeally.
Henry Daya (15 days ago)
Who live's in very remote area???
Custom Chevys (15 days ago)
An old abandoned house that has become a squatter central.
Porn05Mouth (15 days ago)
I wish you would have opened the 25 gallon barrels...probably full of acid and decomposition. 😳
Daniel Nelson (15 days ago)
I'm thinking bad illegal things happen in that house. Might find bodies buried in graves if you look around.
St.Joseph Albakal (15 days ago)
glasslinger (15 days ago)
They didn't lock the doors. So anyone who wants can walk in. Trashing the place or stealing stuff would be totally illegal though. Public land doesn't mean shit. You can get a lease in some areas of public land that lets you use it as your own. Don't assume because it is on public land it is up for grabs.

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