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Markets are moved by Politics and Psychology: Dow Jones will hit 20,000!

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Nothing on the Geopolitical Plane Happens by Accident. Andre Minassian, self-employed medium-term trader and businessman comments. According to you, whatever news and data that is put out there to the public and almost all market calls by the big players is simply to move the retail investor in the direction which they want him/her to move. Why do you mean by this in layman’s terms? Our markets are so controlled; that nothing big happens by accident around the world . Everything revolves around an agenda. You take views based on geopolitical and macroeconomic agenda.
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Michael Hughes (1 month ago)
if 'they' wanted brexit to happen then why are Soros, Blair etc trying so hard to reverse it?
CRYPTO COMPARE (1 month ago)
Or have can we ever have hate in these world when there is always one good guy among the bad. Now you know why we need robots.
MJ Drc (1 month ago)
x ulescu (1 month ago)
CRYPTO COMPARE (1 month ago)
Now I'm not sure if my mom is my real mom.
CRYPTO COMPARE (1 month ago)
How can we ever have peace in these world where there is always 1 F>> UP among the rest.
CRYPTO COMPARE (1 month ago)
F...Right ON!!! All wars with nukes and and shit it's all rigged so those in the politics can live well and prosper. Specially with Trump behind it all. Government is the biggest gang in the world with camouflaging suite and tie outfits. AM I RIGHT???? OR>>>>>>>>>> AM I RIGHT!!!!
RICHTERNEWS (2 months ago)
And the mainstream media has people brainwashed into thinking conspiracy doesn't even exist lol ...Orwellian.
Bruce Bane (2 months ago)
Wowwwww am becoming a fan of this guy
Isaac Larrell (2 months ago)
Is he still alive?
Firas Megrahi (1 month ago)
israel killed him
hheythered (2 months ago)
Kinda silly no? Of course the DJIA will continue to hit new highs. It will have times where it goes down or crashes. The Dow is going to hit 30,000.
VeryPoliticalHonkey (2 months ago)
Dow Jones hit 26K Monetary easing bullshit ftw.
Raahi (3 months ago)
A well versed conspiracy theorist or an absolute genius. I really can't tell...
VeryPoliticalHonkey (2 months ago)
It's not a conspiracy theory. The FED's open market activities are telegraphed for all to see. The only real reason the market has been in a bullrun for 9 years is because of their pumping of money into the US economy, keeping rates near zero, and therefore making stocks one of the only profitable investment options.
John Melvin (3 months ago)
They thought hillary would win.wrong on this one
Murugeshan Swamy (3 months ago)
great interview a million thanks to UK spread betting... thanks Andre Minassian ... thanks a million!!!
Michiel (4 months ago)
Hes spot on - there is a power structure behind the scam politics that we see
sudan raj Sharma (4 months ago)
this person has very good view after watching 2-3 his videos ..great
seany108 (4 months ago)
This guy know his onions ! Bravo for this interview a classic !
Cosmic Creator (4 months ago)
Great explantions... not.
Javed Manzoor (5 months ago)
So you are saying in 2018 dow 30 is going to be 20K
Los Angels (3 months ago)
he said it will hit 20k by 2017 which it did, he now says it will hit 27/28 K by the end of 2018
Jason (5 months ago)
they write sweet stuff. lol
Jason (5 months ago)
Oh nobody still mentions bitcoin in the comment, Okay I'll just say it. Bitcoin!
Bhoopathy Gurusamy (6 months ago)
He's brutually honest.. I like him..
True OutlawConsulting (6 months ago)
I am a new fan...so much truth in this interview. He covered everything...even the real people or THINGS that control the Rothchilds.
Siamak Sanati (6 months ago)
Complete bullshit. He is just talking but saying nothing. Conspiracy theorist. He is 1/2 right on everything he is saying.
EL GRINGO LOCO ! (6 months ago)
Make that 26,616!
EL GRINGO LOCO ! (6 months ago)
"All the world's a stage."
Alan O (7 months ago)
"They!" This guy is a psycho. And I notice there are plenty of people here who are as nutty as him. Right, "They" not the voters decided who became President. He proves that even a demented person can succeed as a stock trader.
An (7 months ago)
Name of this guy?
Firas Megrahi (1 month ago)
Andre Minassian
Michaelson Sarmiento (7 months ago)
Fuck. He's right about the Rotschilds. Someone else is behind the scenes.
Tracy Lynn (9 months ago)
totally agree
Nwamaka Okobi (9 months ago)
Yoooo this is so true! US is bankrupt AF
Mr K (9 months ago)
Tony Blair now works for the Rockefeller family's bank, JPMorgan Chase. So do the former Secretary General of the UN, the former Mayor of Chicago, etc. http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ONE/0x0x556140/b666b7d7-8248-4573-9286-163042a4f64d/JPMC_2011_annual_report_corpdata_shareinfo.pdf
Marcus Thompson (10 months ago)
Interesting in other interviews until the word They appeared again and again. It shows a mental illness I'm afraid and people like this should not be give much respect. Also sense degree of antisemitism. shame
Eduard Stancu (10 months ago)
Aliens decide!
z forze (10 months ago)
Very true. I'm looking at you CHINA
Paradox (11 months ago)
Is this guy on drugs or some shit
somenath majumder (11 months ago)
It means our planet is control by few powerful families & if we are follow them we can make a decent living.
Thanh Truong (1 year ago)
Wonderful knowledge ! Wise guy, predicted exactly Dow Jones
sea of happiness (1 year ago)
man this is the conspiracy theorist guru of the stock market, i bet his favourite movie is Matrix
Edward Taylor (1 year ago)
global economies are run on debt , as debt equals control .... money has no value unless its a liability ... how many people would wake up to go to work if they had no liabilities?
skhumbuzo cele (1 year ago)
Thank you for interviewing this man. It is the first time somebody talked the truth about forex market ever. I pray power that be NOT murder him for speaking the truth.....
Travis B (1 year ago)
I laughed my ass off when he started getting in to the real powers that be. Because some of us know he's right, while most think it's just conspiracy. Then he put the cherry on top by adding that the worlds top central banks are privately owned. They can't even be audited by their own governments. Because the gig is up if the world finds out what only the central banks know.
Shelton D'Cruz (1 year ago)
i reckon by 2040 the DJIA will be at 40,000 points.
Varis Svärd (1 year ago)
Smart guy. Like
Peter Ng`aru (1 year ago)
It is at 20,000 now
David Tamore (1 year ago)
Just amazing, thank you for uploading this man's points of view, priceless !!"
Terrence Mathews (1 year ago)
great interview ! love ukspreadbetting thank you
Richard Smith (1 year ago)
More people should see this video, incredible analysis and perspective on The World and The markets, Thank you uk spread betting
Fadi A (1 year ago)
lol we sure are bankrupt think about why most americans, i say this as an arab american citizen, how uncle same always borrows money and does favors. thats why im a bear for life
Cutting Edge Cool (1 year ago)
Great interview!
MrTaser99 (1 year ago)
by Christmas 2016, 20k its coming!!!
Truth Seeker (1 year ago)
Dow Jones now going for 20,000 only 470 points left- great call
AlternativeDesign100 (1 year ago)
"the united states is bankrupt"... well ok, but so what? They still export 1.5 trillion USDs worth for goods, invest 40% gdp in arms and high tech killing machines, the USD looks ok vs the GBP and the Euro or any other currency, everything is still working there etc etc etc. Nothing ever happens. What does bankrupt mean??
Los Angels (1 year ago)
means if you minus assets from liabilities it will never ever go into black and never pay off it's debt, it's the same with Uk and Europe ,, perpetual debt !
I just became a fan of this guy, he is real, thank you UK spread betting
CityOf Angels (1 year ago)
I've always said the markets are fixed & nobody believes me #love this man for that
Jennifer Smith (1 year ago)
Absolutely an incredible man

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