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Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Triple Win

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http://www.worldbank.org/climatechange - Through higher yield production, climate resilient crops and increased carbon capture, Climate-Smart Agriculture can help the world produce the food it needs to prevent hunger.
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Abdul-Razak Fatawu (1 year ago)
I am unable to download this particular video. I need it to help me in disseminating information on climate smart agriculture. Kindly send me the video.
Abdul-Razak Fatawu (1 year ago)
I am an extension officer with the ministry of food and agriculture and it will aid my training purposes
World Bank (1 year ago)
Hi Abdul. Can you give us more information on where you intend to use the video? You can send a direct email to [email protected] Thanks!
Mei Xie (5 years ago)
SRI is an example of CSA
Mit Sonnel (5 years ago)
I hope System in Rice intensification or fondly called SRI can helped achieve the goal of climate smart agriculture:-)
Carol Durante (6 years ago)
Thanks for sharing!
dnifty1 (6 years ago)
@dnifty1 Oh and of course this program will also benefit the big GMO seed producers who will sell their "climate resistant' patented seeds to Africans who won't be able to reuse the seeds without a license. Not to mention between now and 2050 there will be more land given away to foreigners who will not use these gimmicks and build more plantation farms to feed other people outside of Africa. This nonsense is ridiculous. Give black Africans the same support you give whites and others....
dnifty1 (6 years ago)
Another gimmick. The problem in Africa is the big mega farms and plantations are run by whites and international cartels with all the bells and whistles, with financing provided by the world bank. They use African land and labor to produce coffee, tea, cocoa, rubber and everything else for export. The land that is left goes to Africans with no support and no financing or infrastructure. This is nothing but a gimmick designed to take ever bit of the land under schemes from these crooks.
Mit Sonnel (6 years ago)
I suggest ppl in Africa start planting indigenous vegetables that can withstand climate change and with little inputs .Plant the indigenous vegetables in natural or organic farming to get good income .Start saving indigenous seeds and raise a nursery just for the purpose of having adequate supply of indigenous vegetables .Hope it works.
uniquedin (6 years ago)
ppl like this,, me and few friends comment on it, but wats the use?? I wanted to take part, but how?? I would like to share that WBA should come up with crystal clear start and end plan for any interested+skilled individuals or group.. I appreciate the great research and ideas but again a smaller effort may help for its double success...

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