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PUBG PC: GeForce GTX 1060 vs Radeon RX 580 1080p Performance Tests!

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We've played a lot of PUBG on Xbox One and Xbox One X and the experience needs work... so how does the PC version, now at v1.0 release status, check out? Here we test GTX 1060 and RX 580 paired with an i5 8400, and reveal why the replay mode isn't so good for benchmarking the gameplay experience... Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: http://bit.ly/DFSubscribe
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Text Comments (1370)
simon the digger (24 days ago)
im gonna get the rx 580 as im getting the cheaper freesync monitor
Muns150Fi (1 month ago)
i have a 1060 with a freesync monitor... i went to 1060 bec the price of 580 is stupid during the mining days... .. ya my freesync is useless
Hirens (1 month ago)
Can you make an updated video?
Ray Rajhid (2 months ago)
The rx 580 video is under 60fps, why?
Md. Masum Omar Jashim (2 months ago)
I know this video is 6 months old almost. But did you use 6gb vs 8gb models or 3gb vs 4gb models?
Marcos Young (3 months ago)
this gameplay is hard to watch
tomorrow Jo (4 months ago)
Amd 2400g+rx580 vs 8700k+rx580 test please..
Mridul Mittal (6 months ago)
I'm going to buy a pc, I've got one in mind it has amd A12 and Radeon r7 with 12 gig of ram....how well will it be able to handle fortnite ?
Johnny G (6 months ago)
Finewine™ at it again. But way too late for anyone to care. If the 480 had the performance of the present day 580, then sure. But the miners would have made it irrelevant anyways since AMD wants to live and it chose miners as it choice for life blood.
Will Forger (6 months ago)
what about gtx 1060 vs gtx 750 ti ? the most used low end cards on steam ?? =) thx
I'll get the RX 580, 31MH/S on ETH haha
SWIFTzTrigger (7 months ago)
The price is so horrendous though. These GPUs are almost twice MSRP atm.
fatalis arx (7 months ago)
gtx 1060 with 6gb or 3gb !and RX580 4gb or 8gb ???????????????????? this sucks
Mozts1 (7 months ago)
This game looks like a PS3 game for fucks sake.
Manuel Antonio (7 months ago)
Tell me about inputlag i plsy this on GeForce Now
The Natty channel (7 months ago)
i have pretty much the sames stats and im wondering my screen is giving me like flickers ...
Juliano Azz (7 months ago)
Pubg has netcode lagging, so many lagg spikes even at 120+ fps
willy hou (7 months ago)
mcrazza (8 months ago)
I’d love to see a PUBG Digital Foundry versus Team Eurogamer match. Make it happen!
misterPAINMAKER (8 months ago)
The AMD gpus hate the Unreal Engine.
Sheikh Tashdeed Ahmed (8 months ago)
How is 580 winning!???? WHAT F#$%??? I've seen other reviews, the 1060 leaves 580 eating dust! CAUTION: I've just started watching it now.
Johnny Davis (8 months ago)
My gtx 1080 ti crush both 😁
Rokon (8 months ago)
After experiencing the 1060 for a while, I like it, it's a nice happy medium if you can't get the 1080. Though I was with the 780 for the longest time so..
Shadowraix (8 months ago)
I get 90fps nearly at all times with gtx 1060 i7 7700k
Rivian Kreuzhevidos (8 months ago)
I can't run this game at stable 60 fps with a gtx 1080 and i7 4770, what can i do ? ( i have a lot of frame drops to 40 fps )
AlissonFZ6Tenere250 (8 months ago)
qual GTI 1060 3Gb ou 6Gb????
TurboPikachuX (8 months ago)
In spite of the improvements of the i5-8400 having 6-cores, I’ve found that in PUBG, my i5-6400 hasn’t been causing noticeable frame rate drops, nor is my RX 480(4GB) performing any worse than the RX 580 in the title.
69 Texaseyes (8 months ago)
Hmm. I have a 1070ti paired with a i5 4460 and unable to play on ultra. All high settings with a frame rate that goes from 38 to 144 as depending on how many chars on screen. CpU bottleneck?
RaulthePlayer (8 months ago)
Next video on pubg I5 4460 and gtx 960 2 or 4 gb test
Johnny Bravo Gaming (8 months ago)
It is good to see AMD showing stiff competition against Nvidia in the mid range department. I hope they can close the gap a bit in the high end department with Navi.
Sic Semper Beats (8 months ago)
doesnt the xbox one x use a gpu similar to the 480? Why tf does it run like that though, its like they dont even care, jus slap some shit together. im happy im on pc...even though I dont play this game
Larry Smith (8 months ago)
I love the fact you went ahead and tested to see if there was a difference in FPS between recording live and recording the replay. I knew it would be vastly different depending from live gameplay to replay. Some channels are using the replay to benchmark. :/
done mansion (8 months ago)
Kevin Müller (8 months ago)
why dont u showing the gpu load? ;)
It's Batman (8 months ago)
Technical limitations? Nibba the xbox one x can run beautiful games like ACO at 4k 30 fps. But can't run pubg at 30 fps 1080p? Pubg looks like a game from 6-7 years ago on xbone x. Shitty devs
Solrak (8 months ago)
Was PUBG played on gtx1060 3gb and Rx580 8gb? I don't see anything mentioned in the review. Also the gtx 1060 3gb would be slower than a rx580 8gb card especially with those ultra settings used as the 3gb vram would be fully saturated. If you set the game graphics to medium or high the gtx1060 would beat the rx580
Rentless f (8 months ago)
To be fair. With the mosy recent patch the xbox one x doesn't drop below 25fps when flying parachuting dropping looting or shooting. As of now. Input lag is still horrendus. But looking at this rendition of pubg on ultra and looking at my console the only difference I can notice is some better textures and great draw distance. Buy and large they look almost the same
Cole Waller (8 months ago)
but what if you want a 15fps cinematic experience? checkmate
ZmannR2 (8 months ago)
This goes to show the Xbox One X version which has a GPU at or higher than the 1060, will only get better from here
John Ellis (8 months ago)
"Nvidia vs AMD GPU PUBG comparison" proceeds to talk about Xbox One version for the first several minutes...
marlon alston (8 months ago)
Am I the only person not impressed with this game?
Aerohk (8 months ago)
RX 580 is only good for mining, not gaming.
mr lower caps (8 months ago)
Does this mean the one x would be close to the and performance?
Christopher Baxter (8 months ago)
I am glad to see you guys back in the game! 👌🏽
Rishabh (8 months ago)
What kind of lead goes to amd? rx 580 costs as much as a gtx 1080 now.
Sarthak Panda (8 months ago)
I'm thinking of making a similar build. Deciding between ryzen and coffe lake 8400 and finally laying to rest my ancient gt755m laptop
Simon (8 months ago)
Ryzen 5 1600 is a better value.
Cam 3155 (8 months ago)
Sadly the game is still shit
Unkäuflich (8 months ago)
Gpu Clockrate !?
Unkäuflich (8 months ago)
This is the best Pubg test
Red Hunter117 (8 months ago)
Lmao what comparison is this, 1080p? The resolution is higher on Xbox wtf DF??
Holammer (8 months ago)
You get what you pay for, and what you deserve.
Faisal Tariq (8 months ago)
But but xbox is silky smooth at 12fps lol
llobell86 (8 months ago)
Shittiest trending game EVER
DialeKt (8 months ago)
"Pwayer unknown battlegwounds," lmao
As someone who has both the PC and Xbox version, I will say the last patch they pushed to the Xbox version helped big time. Yes the frames are still low, but they fixed the crashes for the most part, and optimized it a little more. It actually resembles somewhat of a decent port for console now.
Paul Dougherty (8 months ago)
What type of storage are they using? Weeks a faster SSD fix the streaming assets stutter?
JCM 27 (8 months ago)
I hope Next gen consoles use atleast 1500x ryzen cpu or newer. jaguar is kinda slow and old before it launch that why its impossible to run this game smoothly.
MrSancezzio (8 months ago)
Any chance of covering the GTX 970?
AnclaveR (8 months ago)
Did you try 1man live, 1 man spectate combo to compare fps?
TheRandomVideosGuy (8 months ago)
So what would happen if you brought the Xbox one x version down to 1080p
Heinrich Deutlich (8 months ago)
I dont like playing games anymore and my uncle left me for another man, what now?!
Scott rocks (8 months ago)
After playing in 4k can't go back to 1080p
Red Hunter117 (8 months ago)
Scott rocks Yeah so funny this is the master race? 😂
Sivr (8 months ago)
I need help. I have a PC but don’t know what to upgrade. Specs: AMD FX 6300 Six Core processor AMD RX 560 2 GB 8GB Of DDR3 RAM 1 TB HDD 500 W PSU I want to play PUBG, and I don’t want to upgrade to an SSD or upgrade my motherboard. Thanks.
Sivr (8 months ago)
Valentin Stefan idk how to change mobo and wouldn’t I have to change psu? It’s only 500W and I want an i5 and RX580
Valentin Stefan (8 months ago)
PUBG is very CPU hungry and unfortunately you can't really upgrade on an AM3 platform. Getting an FX8350 is not a solution, as it won't give you more than 5-10% frame increase. You'll have to dig deep and get yourself a CPU+MB+DDR4 combo, no reason to invest in a GPU (at least for this game) either, since you'll still be bottle-necked by your CPU currently. Obviously, best case scenario would be an i5 8400, as in the video, but together with the MB and 8GB DDR4 (should be 16, again, in best case scenario, but we’ll stay at 8 for the moment) would bring the total to around $450. You could cut some corners if you go with AMD’s R5 1600, which usually goes for the same price as the i5, around $200, but because it’s almost a year old now, you should see it on sale for at least 10-15% at times. AMD’s motherboards are also cheaper (you could find one at almost half the price of a z370 one you would need for the i5, so around $50). With a bit of luck, you could bring the total down to around $350 with these parts, but that’s probably the lowest you can go.
YURI MAKER STUDIOS (8 months ago)
Gtx1060 the best price.
Daniel Rodrigues (8 months ago)
Why xbx fanboys keep talking about this game as if It was exclusive?
Red Hunter117 (8 months ago)
Daniel Rodrigues Microsoft exclusive or console exclusive.
Balaam _ (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who would love to watch the DF team stream gameplay on twitch? Imagine the side by side commentary about performance and stuff segueing into a tense firefight with a focus on actually playing the game, then upon win/fail falling back into commentary mode. I’d watch these guys
Foregotten One (8 months ago)
Honestly, due to both cards current price point the one you can find for cheaper is the winner...
stormyandcold (8 months ago)
Does the software you use to put them side-by-side affect the animation? For me, the AMD character animation and game in motion looks noticeably worse compared to the Nvidia/left-side feed.
RDG (8 months ago)
This is the difference between a CPU and a potato (looking at you, consoles.)
Red Hunter117 (8 months ago)
RDG Yeah a cpu can't run 4k it seems.
Scout339 (8 months ago)
Has anyone noticed that the screen capture for the right side gameplay is lower FPS than that of the right? What's up with the recording software?
justin halen (8 months ago)
how come their recording doesn look smooth at all?? even though its above 60
Bunka Fas (8 months ago)
emissary44 (8 months ago)
Run it at native 4K and let’s see the 20FPS
King Fascinate (8 months ago)
I would rather have 4K 30 ultra locked on the Xbox one x then 1080p 60 lol
SmilesAreDaggers (6 months ago)
due to shared RAM allocations for the SOC as well as draw commands and unoptimizations
Godlyhank (8 months ago)
You would be right IF it was ultra.. a simple comparison with 4k on pc shows it is not. Its at around medium preset on one x at full 4k nearly. BTW both these GPUs are capable of 30 fps SOLID at 4k. on high preset, i don't understand why one x isnt on high or ultra it has the gpu for it.
Rentless f (8 months ago)
Sarthak Panda same way that every other game that runs 4k30 and 1080 60 in performance mode on xbox one x
John-Paul McCann (8 months ago)
I'd still take 1080 60fps over 4k 30fps any day. And I'd definitely take 1080 60fps over 4k 10-25 fps on the x haha.
Sarthak Panda (8 months ago)
^Not even possible. The game is bottlenecked by CPU in xbox one x. It dips below 30 how can you expect 60fps at any resolution
Gaming Haven (8 months ago)
1070 v 1070ti v vega 56
Alex Bolton (8 months ago)
Is this 1060 the 3gb version or the 6gb version?
Robert Presti (8 months ago)
If you keep supporting PUBG or ANY early access videos I will unsub and stop using patreon. Early access will kill gaming in the way microtransactions are now.
Afro Gaming (8 months ago)
every game releases in early access bub. lol. get used to it.
Robert Presti (8 months ago)
Another game that has made a billion or more dollars like dayz, ark, etc. but they still can't hire a bigger team to finish there games?
Joel M (8 months ago)
The update is out for xbox again lol
Gameslord (8 months ago)
Not saying that it is,but it looks boring.
TriksterHD (8 months ago)
Xbox One X master race!
Archangel 717 (8 months ago)
Did anybody catch which 1060 they're running? I find it extremely odd that they didn't specify whether or not they used the 3GB model or the 6GB model of 1060. I feel like this is the 3 gig model at any rate.
KennyLoggins (8 months ago)
wait this has a split screen on PC??
TheVanillatech (8 months ago)
Putting a coffee (CON) lake i5 into a build and saying it's perfect for this level? What about a similarly priced Ryzen? 2 more cores and better performance, right? OH SHIT I forgot, Ryzen is an AMD CPU. Wouldn't wanna promote that! BETTER TO PROMOTE an Intel CPU which, like ALL Intel CPU's, will be hit by the security speed downgrade and perform worse still, while costing more. Makes sense, when you take Intel and Nvidia cheques I guess! Fuck the gamers or the best option for them, just promote what feeds you! Good lads.
TheVanillatech (8 months ago)
Been documented since forever that it's not optimized on AMD cards to anywhere near the level of Nvidia cards. So obviously, DF couldn't wait to compare the two cards running the game. Not that the overall performance of the 580 dominates the 1060, which shouldn't happen at all because the 580 has a lower RRP and always did. Nah ... FUCK THAT, pick a game which is known to have shitty AMD performance and make a video! CHA-CHING! Nvidia cheque in the post huh, DF? Good work! Remind me how much better Quake Champions and Wolfenstein II run on the 580 again? Oh yeah ... I remember. The 580 competes with the 1070 on those games, right? Not the shitty 1060. Fuck that shit though, GIVE US PUBG! And wait for the next unoptimized AMD game to come along. Or you guys could just pull another Mirrors Edge trick and run totally different settings in the options to make the Nvidia card win! DONT GET CAUGHT this time though, ffs. You'll have to take your video down again and show us all the real results. Maybe you could do the Doom 4 non-working AMD driver trick again though! That one almost worked didn't it! XD Good lads. Keep going as you go!
Prince DizZy (8 months ago)
Who cares about the 1060 Even the PS4 is more powerful than this
Usman Ahmed (8 months ago)
Gtx 1060 isn't overclocked and Rx 580 is basically overclocked Rx 480
Eric St-Louis (8 months ago)
The x box one x version was downgrade by ...... X box one ...
Monu (8 months ago)
Great video guys, very interesting comparison. I have a question, do you guys have any data on the GPU temperatures it was causing? I have a Ryzen 5 1600 with RX580, on medium settings I was getting 80-100 fps but got GPU vrm 1 temps up to 83C. On low they were down to 73C and locking fps at 60 got them down to 63C.
NickTheGeek (8 months ago)
Why does it look like theres screen tearing
SuperMX (8 months ago)
RX580 with freesync monitor is the best here.
RIPOFF65 (8 months ago)
Looks like a tech reviewer who did a 44 GPU PUBG 1.0 Benchmark using the replay mode will have to do it again
Scott rocks (8 months ago)
Pc 💻 fans saying it could do 4k 60 fps easy on gtx 1060 more like 4k 30 fps just like the xbox x and it is xbox x worst optimised game this just proves pc 💻 fans are journey they have to tell lies
Simon (8 months ago)
4k 30 fps > 4k 20 fps
mathburn1 (8 months ago)
Is it just me or Nvidia footage looks smoother? Need to take a closer look at frame-time though.
rasz (8 months ago)
over 30fps? are you telling me consoles are SHIT? Im shocked!
rasz (8 months ago)
too bad you cant change resolution on PC :(
Red Hunter117 (8 months ago)
rasz Over 30fps with shitty resolution when Xbox put this at 4k 😂
Brad BlackWind (8 months ago)
trippy treez (8 months ago)
WTF? why is it that even if the RX 580 runs at higher framerates I keep seeing some kind of MICROSTUTTER? I dont play PUPG or PC games even and I have 1060 so that wouldn't affect but can anyone explain?
Andres Gallego (8 months ago)
Did you remove the Redout video?
Max (8 months ago)
PC too expensive and complicated
Max (8 months ago)
3840 2160 So people that can't afford a high-end PC are kids?
Baron of Hell (8 months ago)
Are you a kid, then yes?
Rem (8 months ago)
Getting fed up with pubg
J. C. (8 months ago)
i love how you can compare pc builds in these type of games by putting you in the same exact world/server etc

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