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best futures trading strategy | futures arbitrage trading strategies

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this video is for those who are looking for risk free strategy in share market or stock market, this video is about arbitrage trading strategy, this strategy also called cash and carry arbitrage, in this strategy you can earn sure shot profit without any risk, it is jackpot strategy, i have given complete explanation how to perform arbitrage strategy and how to earn regular monthly income . it is best monthly income plan strategy. If you want to join my Learn and Earn Class Program for Mutual fund, stock market, Options, Futures Advance Learning. It is telephonic one to one and desktop screen sharing based class. please mail me on [email protected] whatsapp me on 7772961533 FREE DEMAT ACCOUNT IN Upstox.......................... Equity and Commodity Save 520/- rupees. One of the Best discount broker of india equity delivery is free, Intraday, options, futures 20/- rs per order. whatsapp me if interested 7772961533 http://upstox.com/open-account/?f=ZO0Y If you want to open demat account in zerodha please click on below link and open your account with aadhar in just 10 minute. best broker india, lowest brokerage only 20 rs / transaction on intraday, delivery is free & high margin Broker . https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=zmpvkz
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Text Comments (201)
RYDANISHA (19 days ago)
How to square off this strategy? And when to do it. To square off on last day future contract may end automatically but stock hold need to be sold before market closes.. am I right...
Versatile Ashutosh (19 days ago)
yes u have to sell stock,
sandeep jadhav (26 days ago)
7lakh investment it's too high
sandeep jadhav (26 days ago)
How much investment need in trade
Kalyan Ray (1 month ago)
Ye sob ke liye nehi hain... Sir, please... Sorry
Aamir Hussain (1 month ago)
Sir but how can we manage brokerage, in delivery its almost 0.3%
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
use discount brokerage, delivery is free
Deep Dave (1 month ago)
Thank you for the video. However, I don’t think 20 points after brokerage and heavy STT will even manage to beat the risk free rate that a bank would offer for a FD
Ashish Rathore (1 month ago)
Aaj aesi strategy de dee jisme loss hi nhi hai.....
Ashish Rathore (1 month ago)
Wah sir is video mai to mazaa hi aa gya....thnks a lot sir
Rajat gupta (1 month ago)
In Uttar pradesh stamp duty is 0.05% that means only 1000 rupees is for single stamp duty only then we have STT and brokerage
Omm Saivision (1 month ago)
Brother, spot ko buy ar future ko short karne me investment kitna hoga....plz reply
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
apx 6-7 lakh
Yash P (1 month ago)
nice video i have 1 question What is difference between equity future and F&O ? Please reply
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
futures is a contract, there are crude, silver, index, many futures, but here we talk about equity stock futures, f&o is futures and options
ramesh jain (1 month ago)
boss expenses kaun dega..
ramesh jain (1 month ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh kitna hai stt buy delivery ka
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
phir bhi utna expense nahi he,
ramesh jain (1 month ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh stt kaun dega sir ji
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
equity delivery is zero, futures 20/- only
Versatile Ashutosh (1 month ago)
expenses are very low, use discount brokerage
Kanji Vasan (2 months ago)
Brokarage is also high on delivery almost 1 percent in equity .
Versatile Ashutosh (2 months ago)
use discount brokerage, equity delivery is free, future flat 20/-.
DaSnipy (3 months ago)
In which conditions above arbitration strategy can fail ? Thanks.
Deepak Korgaonkar (2 months ago)
If the spread gets ..increase after ur postion
Jago Bharat (3 months ago)
Nice lesson bhai.क्या आप FNO के tips भी देतें हैं।
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
whatsapp me for details, number in video description
Jago Bharat (3 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh classes कैसे join की जा सकती हैं।कृपया बताएं।में आपसे सीखना चाहता हूँ।क्योंकि आप आम भाषा में बहुत बढ़िया समझाते हैं ।ज्यादा लपेट कर बात करते बिल्कुल simple तरीके से समझाते हैं।
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
i do not provide tips and advisory services, only classes,
Charu Chauhan (3 months ago)
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Sir plz check today ...CONCOR March fut and spot Mai 28% difference...can we do arbitrage till March contact expairy??
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Today date 10th February...
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Sir cash and next month ka different 30% can we do this ??plz reply sir
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
do paper trade once then you will get idea, and always calculate with settlement price, not with closing price,
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
yes can do but near month expiry they will not converge
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Sir you told future Mai 10% margin lagta hai but kabhi different 30% hoga to kitna margin lag sakta hai?
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Sir it's sure ? Expairy Tak dono rate ek hoga?
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
this is property of future's, you can check settlement price will be same, closing price may be different,
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Thanks Sir...very valuable idea..
Gaurav Agrawal (3 months ago)
Very nicely explained.. i was not able to understand it from book.. but your video made it crystal clear.. thanks a lot..👌
Versatile Ashutosh (3 months ago)
thanks a lot
abhi singh (3 months ago)
Sir , how to sell future and buy stock at the same time
piyushh rao (4 months ago)
Bhai brokrage kon dega.
Why sad (4 months ago)
OK agar 1000 price share tha aur fno price 1020 tha to agar share 1010 ho jayega to fno price bhi to 1030 ho jayega to profit kaha hai?
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh yes..but it's sure expary Tak dono price same hoga?
Versatile Ashutosh (4 months ago)
if share price rise from 1000 to 1010 then we get 10 point profit from cash, and futures rise from 1020 to 1030 then 10 point loss from futures, so ultimately no loss, when they converge on expiry or in the middle of expiry we get profit,
RepaiR & HacK (5 months ago)
Please tell about trading charges
SHIVA PRASAD M (5 months ago)
Nice one, If possible make a vid on real buy of any stock so that it will clear some of our doubt
Jayesh Baraiya (5 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh (5 months ago)
daily bid , what do u mean to say, you just buy in cash and sell future and close both when they converge or near to convergence
Rajendra Likhe (5 months ago)
इनमे अगर future और स्पॉट का ब्रोकरेज और taxes minus किया तो हातोमे कुछ भी नहीं milta
Sanket Thai (5 months ago)
Profit will be only 0.5% after taxes and brokerage that is even less than fd.
MI Chicken (5 months ago)
I am new to stock trading. The strategy looks very promising. However very big money involved. So apart from the possible issue that Kamlesh pointed out, (What if shares dont get sold ?) Is there any scenario that can cause you big loss. Can brokerage charged by firms dent into profits. Looks like first 5 days of FNO, will give maximum profit as difference between Spot and Future is most likely very high.
Shubham (5 months ago)
Sir, is there are some stocks which not meet future and stock price even at expiry. e.g SRF 2152 SRF NOV FUT 2170 and many more stocks on moneycontrol and kite. expired with 1%gap. pl put some light on this case. Thank you.
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
+Shubham sir plz tell how we get sattelment price
Raushan Raj (3 months ago)
Please reply to Shubham if you are not faking it
Shubham (5 months ago)
Sir,but we have to squareoff at 3.15 or3.20 so how can we get settlement price advantage???
Versatile Ashutosh (5 months ago)
check settlement price https://www.nseindia.com/products/content/derivatives/equities/historical_fo.htm
Versatile Ashutosh (5 months ago)
check on nse , settlement price will be the same, srf futures settle at 2152
Jak Kur (6 months ago)
इतना रायता फैला के मिलेगा क्या 1% वो भी एक महीने में। भाई ये तो ट्रेडिंग की बेइज्जती हो गई । sure shot सरकार FD पर भी देती है।
Deepak Korgaonkar (2 months ago)
1% * 12 months = ???
Jago Bharat (3 months ago)
3rd क्लास लोग 3rd क्लास ही सोचेंगे
Andy Marula (6 months ago)
Why you write in the heading in English and speak a different language?
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh yes only hindi
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
sorry for that but in india people use both the language
Trinath Panda (6 months ago)
Thank you. You calculated profit at 1.43%. But what about expenses on Brokerage? Are you still sure the Profit percentage id 1.43%?
Kalyan Ray (1 month ago)
Capital kitna sahiye... Sir, es trade mey, please... Sir
Versatile Ashutosh (5 months ago)
in a month you may get double opportunity , after deduction of taxes you get more than fd, this is arbitrage so obviously profit is less,
Sanket Thai (5 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh What about STT and other taxes..This will not yield more tahn 0.7%.
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
use discount brokerage they charge flat 20/- only,
Siddharth Dahiphale (6 months ago)
bhai,plz tell me suppose can i buy sbi nov future at low price and sell sbi december future at high price,and hold till november expiry?????????....i will not buy sbi shares
Siddharth Dahiphale (6 months ago)
plz tell me can we do arbitrage in sbi november future and sbi december future??
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
yes have to buy share in cash and sell futures.
Siddharth Dahiphale (6 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh so if I want to do arbitrage between 2 series future,i must buy same cash SBI shares?
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
this is not arbitrage it is calender spread, buying current month and selling next month futures, for arbitrage need to buy cash, and sell futures.
Siddharth Dahiphale (6 months ago)
Shashikiran Kadam (6 months ago)
Few points are very imp. 1) to follow the strategy you should have big amount 2) you cant sell the huge qty shares in short time 3) you haven't consider brokerage & other taxes when you calculate the difference amount as profit 4) you have to consider interest on the amount which amount you have engaged for a whole month .... so after considering all above factors you people are always in loss.. this is my own experience i am sharing with you all.. i am in this field since 1995.
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh yes sir
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
1, obviously i already mentioned it, you need large amount. 2 choose share which have good liquidity, so no issues of selling. 3 choose discount brokerage, equity cash delivery brokerage zero, for future 20/- only. so no issue of brokerage. 4 bank saving account gives 4% interest only per annum. no need to engage amount for whole month may be you get profit within few days or get opportunity double in a month. so no issues of engagement and cant compare it with bank interest. you will be in profit......
Moose City United (6 months ago)
I dont even speak hindi but ive learned more here than from my terrible lecturer
Versatile Ashutosh (6 months ago)
thanks a lot
Sandeep Berde (7 months ago)
If future price starts to rise, will it invoke a margin call? If yes, what should be done?
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Yes plz reply @asutosh ji
Nagarimadugu Mahesh (7 months ago)
Thank Q Nice strategy but bargaining tactics and fast execution are needed Very badly to achieve good difference between spot and future. Otherwise brokerage will take away complete profit.
Nilima Panda (7 months ago)
Sir current month ka future short position nehileke next month ka short position karne se hoga ki nehi?kyun ki current month see jadda next month ka future price stock ka spot price se jdda difference rehta hai.benifit v hada hoga.
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
+Versatile Ashutosh sir plz make one more video arbitrage...your contact no plz ...sir
Versatile Ashutosh (7 months ago)
yes you can, but it does not converge at current expire
Ajay Shah (7 months ago)
Sir What about brokerage ??? After this exercise you will get 0.7%
Versatile Ashutosh (7 months ago)
if you use discount broker, they charge flat brokerage, this amount is very less
Sounak Kundu (7 months ago)
Sir,Could you please let me know for this trade at the expiry day do i need to close manually both the position or it will be automatically squared off? Thanks, Sounak
Versatile Ashutosh (7 months ago)
futures squareoff automatically if you not close manually, but cash position need to close manually.
sawai rajput (7 months ago)
Delivery charges n brokerage calculate nahi Kiya isme
Lalit Tiwari (8 months ago)
Sir he btanyen ki put or call option me kaise sell or buy ka position rahkte h... as per strike price kaha buy ya sell kare put ya call me kuch btaye plz
Kamalaksh Rao (8 months ago)
tHIS VIDEO IS GOOD.But there are two points on which I have reservations.1.it requires a big capital more than 6 lakhs 2. .Is there a guarantee that such huge no of shares will get sold in a single day. Since I have no experience someone who has traded in this can answer.
Giovanni Marco (4 months ago)
Forex futures Patterns for Price Action Breakout Strategies are two candlestick breakout trade setups I focus on are mostly when i use the *Blended Model strategy* invented by *Dmitry Vladislav* . The inside candle breakout, and The indecision doji breakout. These guys are more of a catalyst rather than a direct price action signal when trading futures mostly That includes it’s high and low price. When looking for forex futures breakouts, make sure they align with your chart analysis to give them the best chance of working out. i advice you learn more how these works by searching for Dmitry's blended model strategy on google and get better review.
Yes my number is 9954567022
vishal kamble (8 months ago)
Hello, Nice explanation. Doing good. Keep it up. Thanks Vishal
Versatile Ashutosh (8 months ago)
dj alsd (8 months ago)
brokarage jayega pura profit leke , not good
Munawar Yusuf (8 months ago)
very informative video..only limitation of Sensibull is that it works only with zerodha kite..for people who have acct with Upstock etc they cannot use it fully..
Meryem Yilmaz (5 months ago)
The Future trading is a medium moving average for 50 MA, with a 20-minute closing price earning profitably .... The higher range is calculated by adding 2 standard deviation in the middle with a good strategy ... For me, I apply *Blended Model Strategy* by Dmitry Vladislav to win at this stage ... the higher the number, the more the sample, the higher the rate of volatility achieved by the currency pair on time. you can learn how to use it if you wish is really profitable.
Vivek Dixit (8 months ago)
Brokerage, taxes, interest cost aur slippage hatane ke baad 1% bachega.
shailesh lodha (8 months ago)
What about brokerage and taxes
Umesh Chandra Mishra (8 months ago)
Nice strategy sir Thanks
Gd Gaur (8 months ago)
Asutonsh bhai..ek trade ker key dikha do...excel pey sab profitable hota hai.....yeh ek trade hi chodney key leyah kafi hai....
ramesh jain (9 months ago)
Stt , brokerage , etc will eat all profits
BASIR KHAN (9 months ago)
huge money involved ..
Rajesh G (9 months ago)
Sir Is there any chance of selling the cash position on expiry due to low volume in case of scripts which are not bluechips like adani enterprises
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Rajesh G intraday cash short is possible
Chandan Chandra (9 months ago)
Very nice strategy sir...pata nahi kaha kaha se dhunke nikal leta ho aysa strategy.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Chandan Chandra thank you very much.
Bibhuti Bhusan (9 months ago)
Excellent Video. Who are the 14 people and how they disliked the video.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
Bibhuti Bhusan thank you very much
h_a_cube partners (9 months ago)
Isko expiry day bh kar sakte hain kya.. as tv18 me 2 pc basis percentage show ho rha aj.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
h_a_cube partners it can be applied on any day, but there must be difference.
Raju Jain (9 months ago)
What about brokerage and taxes
vishal padekar (9 months ago)
Kya ye statargy intraday mai kar sakte hai kya
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
hits song yes but need accuracy,
chirag gandhi (9 months ago)
thanks sir. very good. but huge amount required. make some video for making profit from small amount.
chirag gandhi (9 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh thank a lot sir and i am waiting for that videos.
Versatile Ashutosh (9 months ago)
chirag gandhi sure
sohail adnan (10 months ago)
bhai could you place/demo live trade on this topic...
Sharath A (10 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
For more options and futures strategy go to channel page Versatile Ashutosh Watch this Options no loss strategy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X48Cvnda0Vs&t=38s
nipendra chauhan (10 months ago)
Is arbitrage se app daily bi point 2 & 3 % profit bhi le sakte ho
Rahul279 Gadakar (10 months ago)
Always learned New things from you You are one of the genuine person of youtube which are very few we can count those on finger tips
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Rahul279 Gadakar thank you very much
Ashraf Sidi (10 months ago)
Sir spot price means CMP ???
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Ashraf Sidi spot means CMP of stock
Subrata Santra (10 months ago)
trading kar ke deskhia
Mariam Kerolos (10 months ago)
Without watching, Finance teaches me there is no such thing as "risk-free". Any way to invest has its own measurement of riskness depends on return of earnings and time of maturity
nipendra chauhan (10 months ago)
Excellent sir NSE & BSE ke same stock ka price bhi converge hota hai kya or kab kyonki NSE main volume bahut jyada hota hai or BSE ka kafi kam phir bhi stock ka price same jaisa hi rahta hai
nipendra chauhan (10 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh sir same day position squre off karne par toh penalty toh nahi hai , mujhe sir yeh bata do ki NSE or BSE ke stock ka price bhi converge hota hai kya or kab?
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
nipendra chauhan you can buy in nse and sell in bse vice versa, but it is only in delivery T+2 when you got the shares, but in intraday you may face penalty. nse bse arbitrage is very difficult for manual trading, big investor/trader do it by auto trade with very high accuracy.
gitesh 46 (10 months ago)
Good one bro 👍so informative
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
gitesh 46 thanks
Rizwan khan Chauhan (10 months ago)
or agar curcit lg gya to kya krenge
Onkar Madav (8 months ago)
FNO main circuit nahi lagta.
Rizwan khan Chauhan (10 months ago)
kbhi kbhi spread zero nhi hota or increase ho jata h expairy ke din. kon se factor h jo ise effect krte h.
Pritam Jewellers (3 months ago)
Bank nifty Mai hota hai aisa Mai dekha but cash and future ka sprade Mai kabhi follow nahi Kiya...aap dekha?
M S (10 months ago)
Not for small traders !!.......need 8-9 lakh investment!!.....
A.PRAFULLA KUMAR (10 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Sanjay S (10 months ago)
Hi Ashutosh Bhai, Good strategy! but an expensive one. I am assuming there could be another way to do, like instead of buying the entire lot size (Number of shares)In cash segment which will require 6+ lacs. Can it be bought in options Call and short in Futures?. I am not sure if it would work but still thought of asking you. Please do share your thoughts on this if it could be done this way. If, yes please do make a new video with this strategy. Thanks.
Giovanni Marco (4 months ago)
Forex futures Patterns for Price Action Breakout Strategies are two candlestick breakout trade setups I focus on are mostly when i use the *Blended Model strategy* invented by *Dmitry Vladislav* . The inside candle breakout, and The indecision doji breakout. These guys are more of a catalyst rather than a direct price action signal when trading futures mostly That includes it’s high and low price. When looking for forex futures breakouts, make sure they align with your chart analysis to give them the best chance of working out. i advice you learn more how these works by searching for Dmitry's blended model strategy on google and get better review.
divineslaughter (8 months ago)
never buy options. it has a time decay. best would be to sell option and buy future of a script. but then youll need locked capital for margin when selling options as well.
Finance Owl (10 months ago)
Nice work on futures....👍
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Sam Finance Concepts thanks
RENUKA PATEL (10 months ago)
Thanks sir
RENUKA PATEL (10 months ago)
How to profit books this strategy please answer sir
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
when futures and stock converge square off the position, or on the expiry they automatically converge, then close the position.
Dhruv Fruitwala (10 months ago)
Sir future Mai sell to karna hai...wo to sahi hai... future ka rate jyada ho aur cash ka down ho...but usko buy kyu karna hai???
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
if you dont buy stock then what is the meaning of strategy, watch this video once again, you will get ans.
MAHESH TELI (10 months ago)
Very tough for retail traders Todo Issues Spread risk Execution speed Sporting issue.. The only way to enjoy arbitrage profit is only by arbitrage funds.
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
MAHESH TELI its not tough, many retail investor do it, this is not a big issue,
Alin Vik (10 months ago)
Kya aisi koi system hai jis se prices converge te hi positions automatically close ho jaye
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Alin Vik it may be possible by algo trading
Gondaliya Manoj (10 months ago)
nice strategy thanks
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Gondaliya Manoj welcome
Versatile classes (10 months ago)
Nice video Sir, Before I loss almost 1 lakh rs. But from strategy of your previous video I really start earning money. Plz guide me I want to learn more in option.can you provide any coaching class.
Versatile classes (10 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Versatile classes thanks , yes i provide classes, you can find details in description
shyam k (10 months ago)
Doing it manually is very difficult and brokerage eats lot of profit
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
shyam k no not at all difficult, it is easy, and brokerage firm like zerodha ,for delivery brokerage is free, and for F&O flat 20/- per transaction,
yash bhatt (10 months ago)
sir can u make one more video on this strategy by any ony share
Rajendra Kumar (10 months ago)
I know this strategy but only problem is we need 10 lakhs to do this risk free strtegy
saurabh kumar gupta (10 months ago)
Arbitrage is not for retail trader..needed huge capital.
sai krishna gaddam (10 months ago)
Looking like ajinkya rahane
Deshmukh Rajendra (10 months ago)
Thanks sir, Option trade for new trader bataiye.
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Deshmukh Rajendra i already uploaded some videos on options, but learn before trade in options, many people lose money due to without having proper knowledge of derivatives.
pooja topwani (10 months ago)
Very nice video sir...sir stock option pe video kab banayenge..??
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
pooja topwani sure next video
Rohan Sharma (10 months ago)
Your videos are very helpful.. learning a lot about stocks..keep it up
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Rohan Sharma thank you very much bro
subrat dey (10 months ago)
Option ki strategic bataye sir
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
subrat dey next video will be on options
Gopal Madhopuria (10 months ago)
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Gopal Madhopuria thanks
Ashwin verma (10 months ago)
Superb knowledge and analysis is excellent.
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Ashwin verma thank you very much bro
Sunil Thakur (10 months ago)
Strategy is nice sir but not practical for retail trader because small trader cant afford 6 lakh rupees to buy share like upl (as shown in example)
ROHIT Kumar (10 months ago)
Wow... It is really risk free strategy💰💲... Thank you very much 🔹
Versatile Ashutosh (10 months ago)
ROHIT Kumar thanks

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