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Interviewing a Trend Trader: Take Your Stops or Stop Trading!

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Charlie Burton, Trader and Educator interviews Peter Apolostolou. I have been trading since 2003 although I've always been fascinated by trading and investing. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! At the time I read a Vince Stanzione manual and that got me started; I started leading loads of books, trying different things and stategies as well as trend trading and technicals. I made money and lost some money in the process. I thought that I had found the secret with trend trading and then got beaten up by the markets. My mistake was that I didn't always use stops sometimes. It is very painful seeing profits disappear and turning into losses. My current trading style is discretionary.
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Dimitrios Desmos (1 month ago)
The only book to read is Fibonnacci....then start researching.
Johnny V (3 months ago)
Aerial (4 months ago)
There are certain times you don't trade. That's when they take it all back. Also using stops gives it all back over time. You need big money and no stop to win this game with ease. Otherwise, it's a roller coaster ride.
matthew mark (4 months ago)
American traders tell you to stay away from using stops. However, the British trades say the opposite. Is the American market more rigged and volatile?
Hayden Harris (5 months ago)
The forex graph journey is completely random to the trader wether you win or loose.
Bryce Cox (6 months ago)
Didn't move stop losses up..... . . . . . .
reiwell del (6 months ago)
Also one of the reasons you want to put stops before hand is so that it takes all the emotion away when the price starts moving.
eddyvideostar (9 months ago)
Excellent, enlightening, entertaining and emphatic video. Well done. This is the classic arduous aspect of assiduously applying stops. One must always have the stops not only in mind -- *but programmed on the platform,* pondering trailing stops pursuant to the progress.
David Williams (9 months ago)
Yep...some good lessons: ALWAYS use stops, take part-profits at confluence S and R levels, and trail the stop as the trade unfolds with a dynamic measure such as a 30 or 50 SMA. Good stuff...thanks.
cat (9 months ago)
stops are for pussies! real heros take max losses!
Abade (9 months ago)
Martingale a$$hole :v (why not do both?)
Coringa Vinte (9 months ago)
mitsay (1 year ago)
great interview!
wuka (1 year ago)
good interview. guy's got a good head on his shoulders
jordan g (1 year ago)
Nice video of a home grown trader.
maxx astral (1 year ago)
Very nice interview.. Really feels like watching a movie or something... Really superb quality... Keep up the good work
KARL MOUNT (1 year ago)
Stops and moving the stop is my lesson for today.

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