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Episode 1 of Masterpieces sees Pinbone/10 William St Chef Mike Eggert challenge Giovanni Paradiso from Fratelli Paradiso to a cook off using cuts from the rump. Who will be the master of the masterpiece? New videos will be posted each month with new chefs and new challenges using beef, lamb and goat. Masterpieces - where the cooking is serious but the competition is a little more fun! For more information, recipes and education about beef, lamb, veal and goat - check out http://www.raremedium.com.au/Home or follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raremediumjournal/ and Instagram _raremedium Mike's Recipe: http://www.raremedium.com.au/Find-Recipes/Recipe-detail/Masterpieces-Episode-1-ROASTED-RUMP-CAP-with-Candied-Radicchio-Pickled-Eschalots-Dashi-Potatoes/2181 Giovanni's Recipe: http://www.raremedium.com.au/Find-Recipes/Recipe-detail/Masterpieces-Episode-1-Tri-Tip-Tonnato/2182
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Abigail Ashmore (2 years ago)
You are bad
Sundancer (2 years ago)
As an executive chef with more than 30 years in the game, the simple dish is easily the best (the rump cap). The other one is fussy, overly complicated and doesn't let the full flavour of the main ingredient shine through . I'm not prejudiced, as I'm one of the very few traditional Campagna trained chefs in Australia. Cheers, Simon.

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